Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the last day

2009 dah sampai ke penghujungnya....tapi tak der rasa apa-apa pun. Rasa dah tua ajer. I've said that before, haven't I?

Anyhoo...rajin pulak meng-hap-det dua tiga hari ni. Just nak corat coret about today thus far -

FB kena block today kat office ni. I wonder if its just for today or is it blocked permanently. Boring arrrr kalau permanent. How to start the morning on working days like dat! I'm so used to logging into FB first thing to find out how people and friends they are feeling...what they have been doing the last 24 hours prior....what they plan to do...then barulah aman nak start buat keje! hehe! FOr the record, i don't play the games on FB tau. Not Farmville, not Cafe WOrld, not MAfia World either! Bangga! Memang I use FB purely to kepochi about other people's lives and to brag about my bakings! :-)

Adik pergi "orientation" kat sekolah. Dah nak masuk Darjah 1 dah baby Mumsie! Sigghhhh...She was excited so she was up and ready by 7.30 am. Orientation tu start at 8.30. Abah kata she fell asleep masa taklimat! hahaha!

Was reading Utusan Online. There's a report that Zizie Ezzete and her 50-something politician husband has gone to Europe for their honeymoon and will be back next week. Haiyya...itupun masuk suratkhabar? Ada orang kesah ker? Reporters dah tak der citer sangat ker?

Semalam berita pasal Sultan Kelantan's second wife's revelations. Was thinking: Wow! I baca dalam, the first wife very the garang and very in control within the Istana. Pun boleh terlepas laki kawin lain?! Not good for womankind!

Oklah. I should go and earn my living. DO real work. dah seminggu makan gaji buta!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog vs. Blog

Was reading the blog of a famous designer. I like it. Ada laa unsur-unsur berlagak but he seems to have a nice life...filled with designer handbags!! hehe...

Apparently he has received some nasty comments from a particular reader. A reader who did not appreciate the way he conducts himself in the TV programme he hosted. So the reader kutuk dia and dia kutuk the reader back! Then semalam I discovered that the reader has set up her/his own blog! It seems to me that blog was specifically set up to kutuk this designer!! waahhh! kacau! Ini macam punya orang pun ada! I bukanlah nak defend the designer...tapi to me, kalau dah you tak suka orang tu, janganlah baca blog dia, ye dak!?

Which reminds me of a "situation" i put myself in some time ago. I wrote in this blog about not appreciating this particular woman's blog coz she wrote as if she's perpetually having the bestest life and times! let me tell you now...i didn't know this woman personally. And i didn't think she knows me either. I found her blog through a friend's blog. I was a silent reader. Never did i post any comment on any of her entries. Yes, initially i put her on the reading list of my blog but that was done without her permission so i assumed that since she doesn't know me, she wouldn't know that. When i wrote that i was deleting her blog from my reading list, i NEVER mentioned the name...neither her name nor her blog's name. If you don't know me, then it could have been ANYONE as far as you're concerned, right?! This is what i wrote:

"But not all blogs are enjoyable to read. Some concentrates too much on our oh-so-happening political blogger wrote only about the good stuff in her life. She's too ceria to the point of annoyance!! I cannot tahan so i've deleted her from my reading list! Life can't be that good alllllll the time, okeyyyyy..."

BUT...apparently she does know. She was allllll upset about what i wrote. After that posting i never went back to her blog but somehow, someone told me that the lady rant and rave in her blog trying to justify her writings and how upset she was with me!!

And I was like....whadddahelllllll????? HOW did she know i was writing about her??? I never told anyone. HOWWWW did she know?? Sampai hari ni i pelik.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


well...well...well! long time no blog, eh. For many reasons. Malas. Malu (malu?? yes, malu bila baca blog orang lain yang sangat articulate and leading interesting life and very tidak takut untuk menyuarakan pendapat dengan menggunakan bahasa bahasa kesat tetapi menghiburkan!). No time. No idea. Too entertained by Facebook.

hari ni terpanggil pulak untuk menulis. About what?

1. anak-anak - my favourite topic. My girls are ok. Excited about school reopening soon. Adik dah nak masuk Darjah 1. Which means all of my children dah sekolah. I feel old. You think I should another one?

2. the new year - what about the new year? will it bring good things? I sure hope so. Seperti tahun-tahun lepas, I'm not bothered about resolutions. Never have and Insya ALLAH never will. Tapi i nak lebihkan usaha to become a good Muslim. Have not been a good one thus far. siggghhhhhh...

3. the year 2009 - for me, it has been an OK year. Picked up a hobby - photography - when I bought a DSLR. KakLong went through her first of many major exam - UPSR. She survived with a 4A and a B for Science. OKlah but i had secretly thought she could score straight As but somehow I redha because i rasa dia tak rajin study. Things at the office is improving. Bosses are still the bosses so there are still shitty days but I'm learning to cope better. Maybe because we have moved into a new building and I now have my own room where I can just not care.

4. cooking and baking - yeap, i've gone into some kind of baking frenzy. Bought me-self a breadmaker. So, have started baking breads as well. Syok coz my children enjoys my cookings and bakings. Then again, they enjoy most food anyway - home cooked or otherwise! :-)

5. health - OK but not perfect. Am seriously getting old!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cuci The Musical

Again, copied from my FB notes :

After reading my FB status a couple of times, a friend remarked: "everything is the best with you. Betul ker?". well, i suppose it just so happened that i enjoyed most of the movies/shows i've been to. perhaps because my expectations are not all that high...or perhaps because i'm easily amused. hehe. Whatever it is, memang pun i enjoyed most of the movies/shows i went to and its my rating. Everyone is most welcome to judge for themselves. Tapi kalau belum apa apa dah declare "I don't watch malay movies, they are stupid" nothing i can do/help laa, kan?

Anyhoo...this time i want to give my review of CUCI the Musical - which I enjoyed SO Much that i went to see it twice!! In all the musicals i've been to, this tops them all. Tersangat menghiburkan is an understatement!The story is simple enough..adopted from CUCI the movie. ABout 4 brothers (Hans, Awie, Afdhlin and ACMIzal) working as building cleaners, trying to make it big in KL. They took part in a competition - Window Washing Olympics. up against this giant company headed by a mean man. OF course they lost but simply because the mean man paid the eldest brother money to make sure they lose! then its about them breaking and making up and love stories in between.

I first went in the first week of the showing. It was hilarious then. Even the actors were laughing as they go along. Yesterday, i went again - to their very last show - and this time with all my girls and their Abah. Yesterday's show was outrageously funny. the actors were no longer following the script! the impromptu ad-lib was out-of- this- world- funny!! kelakar mau mampus, bak kata orang Sabah! the actors themselves were laughing so much that they keep forgetting their lines and then had to keep on making up their own lines!

AC Mizal was of course the funniest of them all. he was so natural. the kids loved him. Awie was my favourite. Not at all the rocker we know. Sooo the cutest dengan lagak lemah lembut dia! Afdhlin, of course is in a class of his own. His singing...his acting...first class! Hans...siggghhhhh...Hans was sooo handsome!! 4 great actors who got along so well and had that much chemistry between them.

We sat in the very front row during that last show. Our highlight was when Awie sang solo and sat at the edge of the stage right in fornt of our faces!! he even said to KakNgah: "apa gelak2?"

:-). Thennnn...he jumped down and sat in between KLong and KNgah!!! we were screaming!!! excited nyerrrrr....hahaha!

Too bad CUCI has ended its run ... Otherwise, i would go back again...again....and again!!

Mumsie suker gilerrr gambar nih!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I wrote this review in facebook:

I love the movies. Who doesn't, eh. People who knows me would know my entire family is a fan of malay movies and dramas. I proclaim to be a penyokong industri filem melayu. hehe...tapi i pick and choose laaa...tak der lah i nak menyokong citer-citer like Jin Notti or Sifu dan Tongga yang sah-sah akan memperbodohkan minda kita.

Anyhoo. when i heard that my dear friend Man actually produces a movie. I was all excited. And he (and Gina the wife) has been promoting this movie - Lembing Awang Pulang ke Dayang - for the longest time. We were enticed with beautiful posters and barisan pelakon yang menarik - the likes of Farid Kamil, Zulhuzaimy, Kuswadinata, Mustafa Maarof, Rosnani Jamil, Uji Rashid and Hattan. For those yang tak minat citer melayu other than P.Ramlee movies may not agree with me but i consider them good Malaysian actors.

JAlan cerita - simple enough - Awang and Dayang are in love. Awang pinang Dayang but Dayang's dad imposed conditions - hantaran of considerable amount, kain apa entah yang masa tu susah nak dapat serba sepersalinan plus selendang and he has to merantau for 3 purnama to supposedly educate himself. So, off he went and whilst he was gone, bad guy Bachok kacau daun. The movie was basically about Awang's adventures and BAchok's attempts to win over Dayang. After almost 3 years, Dayang's dad decided he couldn't wait for Awang anymore and married Dayang off to Bachok. On their wedding day, Awang came home with some magic lembing he won at a chess game with a King somewhere. Ending...ha you go lah see the movie! hehe...
Man and Gina invited me last Saturday to a special screening of the movie. So, i dengan excitednya pergi-lah. I brought KakLong, my cousin KTam and her daughter Ika with me. Excited coz first time i know a film producer personally and sangat teruja to show him support. And excited coz i thought i'll get to meet some of the pelakon! Nope. None turned up. Only Man and GIna was there! haha.My take on the film? OK laaaa...tapi ok-ok jer laaa. My main complaint is the heroine. An actress called Siti Elizad. Sorry folks but the girl CANNOT act and she's not pretty enough! There's just no chemistry between her and the men who wooed her! and no connection to me as an audience. I just don't feel sad when she's sad and am not happy when she supposedly is. Know what i mean? Banyak adengan sedih for her - among others when Awang left on his adventure and when she was forced to marry Bachok - tapi she did not shed any tears!!! (which reminds me of Erra Fazira in Kabhi Kushry Kabil Igam - she was sooo good that i cried with her sampai bengkak mata, okeyyy!!).

Flow cerita pun kurengg lah sikit. Ada parts are lost on when orang kampung thought Awang was dead. Why they thought that, i'm not sure. Also, what happened to the characters of ORang KAya and that Ketua Kampung?

But i love the costumes!! they were glorious! Although a bit over the top laa when the actors are immaculately dressed ALLLLL the time! hehe...

I may not rasa that i should rush back to GSC for another round of the movie (like i feel after i watched PAPADOM) but i would like to recommend those yang belum tengok to give this movie a chance. You may like it, you may not but hey, it can be the case with hollywood movies too, kan? SO..pergilah tengok. Sokonglah industri filem melayu!!

mumsie with mr and mrs producer

Friday, September 25, 2009

Seminggu Ber Hari Raya

Mumsie and brood is finally home in Putrajaya after a week of ber-hari raya sakan! Mumsie sangat seronok this Syawal because setelah sekian lama we beraya in Lipis/Raub first! Since balik from Geneva we have gone through 1 Raya Puasa and 2 Raya Haji before this and alllll of them was spent and celebrated in Melaka!! Tak aci, kan?!

Anyways, this time we balik beraya ke kampung Mumsie. Pagi Sabtu we balik Lipis. Silly us thinking by that time everyone would have gone back to their kampung so leaving the highway to us! Boy we were mistaken!! A trip that usually takes 2 and a half hours took us 6 hours!! Crazy, kan?! I blame it on the Kelantanese. Bukan apa...its like they are the only ones nak cepat balik kampung. they were cutting queue nak masuk bandar Bentong and Raub tu kiri dan kanan! Jalan 1 lane boleh jadik 3! And i bukan tuduh melulu...the jam only occured for as long as we were sharing the route with them. Lepas bandar Raub towards Lipis there was no more jam coz they had their own route terus ke Kelantan! Shissshhhh!! After that day it was difficult for me to feel sympathy for victims of road accidents coz after that day i kinda believed 90% of those victims deserved what was coming to them! When they cut queue, they not only put themselves in danger, they put the rest of us too at risk! Betul2 they didn't think that! And police also did not do their part....they did NOT do ANYTHING to ease the traffic! kira dah lari topic dah ni! Rest assured that was the only downside to my raya celebration! After that I had good plain fun catching up with cousins and aunts and uncles yang i tersangat jarang jumpa. Here...let the pixes tell the story...

Petang Raya, among others, we made these..

Orang Melaka took charge of the ketupat

Kanak-kanak riang

Anak2 IT di petang raya!!

Mumsie's complete family

The lovely ladies in my extended family!

Our gracious hosts...terima kasih laa bebanyak!

OK..dah malas nak upload more. Must Raya is still not complete. I have not visited Bapak!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sembang Mak Ngan Anak

Alkisahnya...anak ikut mom and dad pegi fetch kueh raya then for teh tarik session malam semalam. Anak tanya mak: "Miii...betul ker dolphins tu baik?"

Mak (wants to concentrate on her roti telor+bawang): "yeap"

Anak: Like how?

Mak (wants the sembang to end coz she'd rather sembang with Abah): Like if there is a shark coming after you, the dolphins will come and save you.

Anak: Like how?

Mak (OMG..this is not gonna end now, is it??): They'll carry you on their back and run away.

Anak: then what will the shark do?

Mak (siggghhh...): It depends. If it's not hungry, it'll just let you go. If the shark is'll come after you and eat the dolphins and you!

Anak pause with mata widening and narrowing. Then : Miiii...what about crocodile??

Mak (allaaaa apa lagi ni??): what about crocodile?

Anak: what should we do if they are near us?

Mak (seriously??): you should be very still so that dia tak perasan you are near.

Anak: what happens if i move?

Mak (this is never gonna end, is it?): It'll nggggaaaappppp you!!

Anak: Miiiiiii!!!! Adik, Jom gi tido ngan Wan. I'm scared!


My kids need to watch more Discovery Channel and Animal Planet rather than Astro Ceria!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sembang Suami Isteri

Adalah sepasang suami isteri nie...pada suatu hari (OK...Monday baru ni!)..selepas selesai mengerjakan solat Maghrib bersama dan lepak2 kat sejadah sambil menunggu Isya' (almaklum makan-makan lepas buka puasa..Maghrib pun lanjutlah sikit!), sang suami telah berpaling ke arah isteri seraya berkata:

"Jom kita ada anak sorang lagi nak?"

Isteri: "Kenapa? Yang 4 tu dah cukup laaa"

Suami: "Alaa..diorang tu dah besar laaa..tak best! (isteri starts frowning!) kalau ada baby best boleh golek golek, main main..."

Isteri: "Alaaa...nanti i gemuk arrr..i baru buat banyak baju.."

Suami: " Alaaa..sekarang pun you memang dah gemuk!!"

Isteri dalam hati: "hellooooo...that is soooo NOT the thing to say to get what you want!!!"

Isteri: " I think we should concentrate on the ones we have. KakLong and KakNgah demands more of our attention sekarang ni..."

Suami: "We need to try for a son...otherwise nanti hilang nama kita...coz their children akan ber-bin-kan bapa yang ber-bin kan bapanya, etc, etc"

Isteri: "Alaaa..bila mati nanti, talkin kita kena bin-kan mak juga...tak der ke mananya nama bapak tu...Also what if we have another one, keluar perempuan juga? Plus, kalau dapat anak lelaki macam abang i tu pun lagi tak guna!!"

Suami: "Well...kalau macam tu kira rezeki kita lar...tapi i can imagine in years to come i will be one to share stuffs with."

Isteri: "Why not? The girls are more than happy to share stuff with you! Or just get a hobby to keep you occupied!"

Suami: "But i cannot take them to watch football games ... kat mesia ni bukan boleh orang pompuan pegi. bahaya!!"

Pause coz azan Isya' berkumandang kat TV. Tunjuk gambar Mekah.

Isteri: "I have another reason - i betul betul nak pegi umrah hujung tahun ni. I cannot go laa kalau mengandung!"

Suami : "okeyyy laaaa...taknak sudah.."

demikianlah sikit lebih kurang sembang suami isteri itu...konklusi-nya si isteri saspek, with that conversation si isteri no longer can tell whoever yang suruh we try for a boy : "I tak kisah..dia (pointing to suami) yang taknak!!". So now..suami can use that answer laaa...very crever my husband, kan?! ooopss!!! Ne-mind...asal dia bukan nak cari sebab!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cucu Tok Mummy

This is my cucu...cucu sedara laaa...nama dia Fakrul Radzi (am not quite sure how it is spelt). Am not quite sure as to how old he is tapi dia dah ada adik. This little guy is interesting coz he has a baby squeeky voice and is afraid of a LOT of things! Dia takut orang gemuk...takut belon ...takut Barbie dolls...he's even afraid of gambar Cookie Monster on his aunt's T-shirt!
Couple of months ago I taught him to say "mangkuk hayun"! I swear it is soooooo cute when he says it!! Later i taught him to point to his dad whenever we ask him "siapa mangkuk hayun?". dia dah pandai. He doesn't need to point anymore. He'll just say in his cute squeeky little boy voice "Abah!" whenever anyone ask him about the mangkuk hayun!
One of his uncle taught him to say "pergi jahanam" (we're talking Melaka people here...these words mean nothing to them okeyyy). So, whenever we ask him "Radzi nak pergi mana?. He'll say "pegi Nyahanamm.." Cute giler, okey! We will ketawa tergolek golek with the free entertainment!
Yeap...right now Radzi is our entertainment. He is adorable...and the adults around him are terrible teachers!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Sarah!

For the second time, Sarah's birthday falls in Ramadhan. So, once again, it was a low key celebration. Mumsie made her favourite dish - ketam masak lemak and baked her cupcakes - black bottom cupcakes with cream cheese topping.

Wan made pulut kuning and rendang dendeng (yang ni terlupa nak amik gambarnya!). After makan nasi, we nyanyi lah happy birthday for her...

Friday, August 28, 2009


Was reading Mrs GoodThings@Home blog and was reminded that she tagged me a while ago on basically how well in know my husband! Lets have a go, shall we....

1) He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
Football, mainly...or anything sports...Prison Break and NurKasih on friday nights!!

2) You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Any dressing thats already on the salad...if he can choose, it would probably be Thousand Island.

3) What’s one food he doesn’t like?
Buah-buahan tempatan, except durian! Apparently he perasan omputih!

4) You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
Teh tarik and tosei/roti telur with bawang and cili or mee goreng mamak...depending on which mamak stall we're at!

5) Where did he go to high school?
SMS Sultan Muzaffar, Melaka. Apparently the only boy from his primary school who made it to a boarding school that year! member memang bangga pasal ni!

6) What size shoes does he wear?
Ok...i don't know the answer to this one. Would this render me a bad wife???

7) If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
He collected caps when we were travelling in Europe but right now all those caps are still in a box!

8) What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Any type. this is one guy who would eat anything, janji halal.

9) What would this person eat every day if he could?
Whatever his eldest sister cooks!

10) What is his favorite cereal?
He'll eat whichever cereal we bought for the kids.

11) What would he never wear?
Baju orang pompuan

12) What is his favorite sports team?

13) Who did he vote for?
I suspect it is for the Opposition coz he kept saying, "My heart is with UMNO but they need to be taught a lesson!"

14) Who is his best friend?

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Main spider solitaire

16. What is his heritage?
He's orang melaka through and through!

17. What is his favourite colour?
I don't think he has any particular favourite. He wears all colours, including pink. and he looks good in all colours, if i may say so myself!

18. What is his habit?
Balik kerja, tidur!

19. What is he proud of?
His family and himself.

20. Lastly, do you think he will read this?
Only if he happens to pass by the computer and my blog happens to be on the screen!

Hmm...i do believe i know my husband quite well!! hahahaha.... supposed to tag others so i tag....

Teeny, the not-so-new bride,
Jah (haha..this should force you to revisit your blog!)
and MrsNordin (simply bcoz i would like to read her way of describing MrNordin!!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Semangat Kejiranan (or not!)

Mumsie baru balik from our neighbours' house for iftar. The family who lives directly behind our house memang friendly giler. The husband is a Chinese convert. A doctor. The wife was also some kind of doctor but is no longer working full time, i think. I memang respect kat this couple. I believe that they live a wholesome life.

When the invitation came yesterday i thought they've invited a whole house of anak2 yatim for buka puasa. Rupanya, they and a bunch of their friends (consisting of their current and old neighbours) has adopted, or rather sponsored, a few boys from a rumah anak yatim in Perak. The boys has been spending the school holidays with their respective foster families and due to go back to Perak tomorrow.

I ni sebenarnya nak cerita that I am not and has never been a good neighbour. Another trait I got from Bapak, i think. I'm the kind of person yang balik rumah terus masuk and never come out to lepak2 outside. I don't do any gardening, to begin with and I'm not interested in the so-called fresh air...So...i hardly know my neighbours...Actually many of them pun macam i jugak. Hardly can be seen outside their houses except when they were getting groceries out of the car! But I'm lucky, I suppose. I have very good and friendly immediate neighbours. Sesekali they come over simply to say hello...I ni, tunggu depa jemput for khenduri barulah i pegi rumah diorang! hehe..tak perlah, i think. As long as hubungan silaturrahim tu dah wujud..betul tak?

Abah, on the other a very good neighbour! Tu lah...Tuhan tu Maha Kaya..pasang-pasang kan kita dengan orang yang boleh balancekan our lives....Alhamdulillaaaaahhhhh....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hobi: Tangkap Gambar

Just want to share with you, since I'm in the mood, the products of my latest no particular order...

like bapak...i love taking pictures for as long as i can remember...bapak bought me my first camera - a Yashica - when i went to UK for my studies and i've not looked back. Late last year, i bought a DSLR - and i enjoy taking pictures even more!

Unfortunately, unlike bapak..i don't have the patience of sending the pictures for printing so all of the pictures i've taken are kept in various files in all of my laptops and computers!! (chewah...macam lah i ada banyak computer!).

Of course, zaman bapak dulu, we were still using kenalah print kalau nak tengok gambar-gambar tu...but the thing about bapak was that he will take time to susun alll the photos in nice albums...he'll date the albums and categorize them...

Zaman sekarang kan kita dah pakai memory card....and anak bapak sorang ni tak de kosa nak print gambar and susun susun...i just love to take pictures and then syok sendiri depan computer!

Selamat Berpuasa...

Not too late to wish all my friends and family a good Ramadhan, kan?! Baru 5 Ramadhan hari ni...

Hope you guys are having a good Ramadhan thus far...moga semua sihat dalam menjalani ibadah puasa and all the extra ibadah of sembahyang terawih and mengaji Quran...and preparing lovely dishes for the family (ni pun I'm sure di kira ibadah juga!)

Mumsie is having a relatively easier time this year...mungkin sebab anak2 dah biasa berpuasa and more importantly, I have a maid. A reliable one, so far. Plus, Ramadhan has not really started for me, yet. hehe...

What have i been feeding the family? Macam-macam! hehe...first 2 days of Ramadhan, since it was a weekend...i masak lah...masak nasi with all the favourite lauks of orang-orang yang berpuasa - Abah, KakNgah and Sarah as well as MakSU. We even did some baking. Chocolate chip cookies and a butter cake! I realized whilst baking that anak-anak I dah besar...dah boleh harap kat dapur! I only needed to put the ingredients together...they did everything else!! Alhamdulillaaahhh ...

But since Monday Abah ordered me to get food from the Putrajaya Bazaar Ramadhan...dia nak nasi kerabu laaa...nasi beryani laaa...anak2 nak nasi ayam laaa...roti john since Mumsie tak puasa, he said i should make the trips to the Bazaar...okeylaaa...bagi chan. Tapi i told them that once i start puasa i am not willing to go through the jam and heat and ramai orang to go get food!! I would rather cook at home!

Esok our neighbour ajak berbuka and terawih kat rumah dia. Apparently they are inviting some anak yatim to their house and they want us to join them. So sweet, kan?! So, I'm looking forward to that...

Well...i hope you're having a good time as we are!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

what have we been up to?

Quite a bit, actually.

1) Hi-Tea @ KL Tower

last-laassstt weekend, we went to KL Tower. My cousin - Abang Long Mahmud - celebrated his 60th birthday. So, he belanja seme orang up to 60%. Cool, eh! So, off we went, and for many of us, Mumsie included, it was for the first time! Happening rupanya tempat tu! There's a lot of activities around there. Animal Zone laaa...flying fox and tempat makan, of course. Itu baru on ground floor. You can go alllll the way up to the observation deck (but only after paying mega bucks laaa) OR you can go up, like we did, to the Seri Angkasa Restaurant. Its a revolving one. Truth be told, for Mumsie yang not all that fond of heights, it was not all that exciting. Its hard to enjoy food when you keep thinking that you're at the brink of death!! Me exaggerating?? Yes, of course! :-)

The view from up there of course la cantik. We can see all of KL, jerebu or not. Food was so-so. MakSu reminded me that Puteri Kama the blogger had once wrote that the best bread and butter pudding is found up there. Can't say i agree with her but of course, to each their own, eh!

It was good fun, as always, to makan-makan with my cousins and anak-anak buah.

2) Movies

We've been going to the movies quite a bit as well. We've seen:

  • Transformers (good fun although jalan cerita ntah apa-apa),
  • 17 Again (Zac Ephron was simmply yuummy..who cares about the jalan cerita!),
  • Jangan Pandang Belakang COngkak (a natural choice since we are hard core supporters of industry filem melayu...this one was hilariously funny, almost from beginning to end...jalan cerita? what jalan cerita? Filem Melayu mana ada jalan cerita! But it was good fun. The girls and I are still laughing over it. We can't wait for the DVD to come out!)

  • On Sunday, like millions of others, we went to see Harry Porter, and the Half Blood Prince. Mula-mula tu bimbang jugak coz Shafrina said it was boring. I am not a hard core Potter fan so kalau tak best i would not want to watch it. Tapi tiket dah beli wayyyy before reading Shafrina's review so kena laa pergi jugak. Turned out, we liked it. It was...cute! Because half the story was about the kids mengorat each other!! hehe...Wished Potter did not look so nerdy, though!

3) Cats

yes, the house is once again graced with the presence of cats. 2 to be exact. Caramella a.k.a Caramel and Mansor a.k.a Monty. siggghhhh...i'm resigned to the fact that they are here to stay and that they are not the last of them!

Caramel was picked up from the place where we ate Ikan Bakar alllll the way in Melaka. KakNgah convinced Abah that the cat was male. I don't know why Abah believed her. He should have known better to check for himself!!

Mansor (the name i insisted on giving him - simply - just to irritate the girls) was picked up by Abah at the Pasar Borong Serdang. Abah and I was eating breakfast and he came by and buat manja-manja kat Abah. It worked.

So, there you go. The children's lives are complete, as far as they are concerned. Although, of course a rabbit or 2 or a hamster would make them muuuccchhhhh happier and would probably make them pledge their lives to me for eternity!!

Oklah...ada lagi nak cerita..tapi i dah ngantuk arrrrr.....nite-nite, y'all...zzzzzzz

Monday, July 13, 2009

BM? English? BM? English?

The policy maker keep changing their minds! Why is that? I do seriously believe its simply because their mouth works muccchhhh faster than their brains! The policy makers being politicians, i suppose you cannot expect much more.

I remember the kids headmistress had asked the parents to continue supporting the subjects to be taught in English because in all her teaching experience she can see that the students have improved much in their development. They may not be smart and scoring but she can see the students gain self confidence and are not shy to make mistakes. FOr maths and science, unlike English, teachers do not look for perfect grammar. It is sufficient that they answer correctly. E.g. water boiling can also be described as water is very hot. Something along that line laa..

So, am wondering, who did the policy makers consulted when they were mulling over this issue? Did they even mull over it? Kononnya, grades were dropping. Really? Then how come many many kids are scoring gazillion As for PMR, SPM, et al? will this affect our children? Mine, in particular. Truth be told, I'm not particularly worried. Not because my children are smart. But because it don't make much difference. Although sekarang ni maths and science are supposedly taught in English, my children tells me their teachers ala-ala mengelat and teach in Malay from time to time. I tengok kertas soalan pun, ada both languages. So, as long as the kids understand the question, they should be OK. For maths in particular coz the answers will be in numbers. Science will be a bit tricky, I guess.

Am hearing radical reactions from friends who are parents. Less so from those with kids in private schools. I suppose they don't intend to send their kids to national varsities anyway. Ada cerita that some parents have taken their kids from public schools and put them into private ones as soon as the annoucement was made. Wow, i remember thinking. Radical nya! But i was also thinking...korang kaya, tak perlaaa...anak sorang dua boleh laaa...

I learned English from my Bapak who spoke English to us at home, who introduced us to the world of ENid Blyton since the day we learn how to read and who allowed us to watch American sitcoms through Singapore channels! I try to do the same to my kids. In the beginning, they were reluctant. They refused to converse in ENglish although they could perfectly understand what I was saying. Alhamdulillah, the sojourn to Geneva helped tremendously. The kids were put in the International school whilst there, and they "embraced" English whole heartedly. So, for us, masa kat Geneva we speak Malay at home. Now dah kat Malaysia, tukar cakap omputih pulak kat rumah. So, alhamdulillah my girls are bi-lingual.

I do hope the policy makers are thinking of a long transitional period. Hopefully, at least for a couple of years beginning 2012, they'll allow some flexibility. Perhaps they can let the students choose whether they want to answer question in BM or ENglish. And in the meantime, they can spend more money training the teachers coz i i actually believe, deep down, its the teachers who are finding it difficult to cope!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


ni malam-malam jumaat macam ni Mumsie nak citer pasaal Surah Yaasin and how it has changed my life. Ini kisah benar tau!

For most of 2008 I had a very hard time at work. There was frustration and pent up anger. I had bosses who were (some still are!) very demanding. Very meticulous. Every comma, every full stop must be in place. Nothing i did was good enough. It was very tiring. Many mornings i woke up thinking of excuses not to go to work. I'll take leave just to be away from the office and i will cancel those leave if i find out the boss is away from office too! It was bad. Morale was low. Motivation was almost zilch.

Then, early this year, entah macam mana, lepas sembahyang maghrib one day tu I switched on Astro Oasis. There were showing orang mengaji and that prompted me to mengaji as well. I found a Yaasin booklet given by Bank Islam. Dalam tu it was written that whoever reads Yaasin first thing in the morning, all their wishes will come true. Insya ALLAH.

So I started. Everyday lepas tu I baca Yaasin EVERY morning. In the beginning, I baca and thought of the bosses at the same time. At the end, I baca doa minta ALLAH swt grant me a good day at work. Dalam booklet Bank Islam tu pun ada doa to be read after one recite the Yaasin. Among others, kita doa minta ALLAH swt "jangan jadikan kami berhajat kepada seseorang pun daripada kalangan makhluk-Mu dalam soal rezeki kami" and kita minta ALLAH swt "ikatkanlah lidah-lidah orang yang mempertuturkan keburukan kami..."

So, whenever I come to these portion of the doa, i will think of the bosses. It convinces me that rezeki i only comes from ALLAH swt. The bosses do not decide on my fate!

Alhamdulillah, it works almost immediately! My days at the office improved tremendously!! The bosses no longer screams at me. My drafts are approved almost immediately. Waking up and going to work is no longer a chore! Alhamdulillah! I told some colleagues about it and one of them started reading as well. She too claimed that she feels soooo much better at work (I wasn't the only one suffering, you know....)

I still read the Yaasin every morning. And i would like for you all to do so too! Insya ALLAH, berkat hari hari kita....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


when i first heard of Putrajaya, it was being built...and there were only criticisms. Biasalah, when something is made political. Tun Mahathir had then stuck to his gun and went on building. I never saw Putrajaya until we had to move here in 2003. Masa tu only a few Precints (i love that the areas are divided into "precints") existed. There were hardly any shops or restaurants. Quite dead, really.

But i loved living in Putrajaya even then. It is beautiful and more importantly, convenient. Everything is 5, 10 minutes from each other. So what there was hardly any entertainment then. KL is not all that far away. Traffic jams are almost unheard of for there are big roads leading to just about everywhere. I particularly love the fact that it takes me not more than 20 minutes to get to work each day! Malam-malam the city dimandikan cahaya. My mom kata it reminds her of Mekah!

We lived in government quarters. The grade I'm in allows us to stay in a semi-D. I love the fact it is gateless. It gives out a sense of space and freedom. In the beginning it was even grill-less but with development came crime - house breakings started and eventually Government puts up the grills. Although i must say that didn't deter the criminals. We still hear horror stories of break-ins.

When we came back from Geneva, we managed to secure another government quarters. This time in a newly developed precint. This time Putrajaya has changed much. There is now a shopping complex - Alamanda - complete with GSC movie theater, bowling alleys and karaoke rooms! And our house is a mere 10 minutes away (i don't how far in km). Kedai mamak tak payah cerita laaa....its everywhere!!

A couple of weeks ago my office shifted to our own building in Precint 4. I was worried that it would take a long time to get to work since i have to pass some 13 sets of traffic lights to get there! But being in Putrajaya, it means that there 3-4 alternative roads and I chose the the 3-lane hi-way that leads me direct to the office within 20 minutes tops without passing any traffic lights!!!

I love i only need to find RM .5 million to enable me to buy a house around here!!!

Ina pun suka Putrajaya, kan?!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I don't know about others, but for Mumsie weekends are often the busiest time for me! Dulu, masa kat Geneva weekends were all about spending time together. Yelah, mana ada orang lain lagi. And it was all about what we want to do...nak gi jalan2 ker...nak gi golek-golek dalam snow ker...nak gi bakar-bakar ayam and kambing kat park ker...or to just chill with friends. Whatever, its personal...semuanya plan dan execute sendiri.

Back here in Malaysia...banyak social obligations. More often, your weekends are not your own. Its all about, kenduri here kenduri there...get together here, get together there...its double when you are married, I suppose. Then there are the in-laws' kenduris and get togethers as well!

I don't suppose I'm complaining, really. What would life be without siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and in-laws? Sure lonely giler.

So, yes, I'm not complaining. I rather enjoy having my weekends booked until well after Raya! haha! Even it means that half the days after is spent recovering from the weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mumsie is in Love

With Anuar Zain.

Mumsie + MakSu +MakTam + Shelly + Shafrina had a girls' nite out to watch Anuar perform last nite at Istana Budaya.

Anuar was simply awesome. He sang effortlessly, sounding exactly like he does in the CDs, backed by a 55 piece orchestra. There was even a harp!

And Anuar was simply gorgeous! In well tailored suits, highly suspected to be that of Armani, dengan budak baik's haircut...he was the kind of boy you want to bring home to meet your parents if you are young free and single OR to play with if you are not so young but free and single OR to buat menantu if you're me ! And whats with allll that story about him being gay anyway? He looked perfectly metroseksual to me :-)

Lets not get started on his moves...he didn't have any silly dancers prancing around him. It was just him. He danced just a little but whatever it is, he made it soooooo sexy! siggghhhh...
I just wished he had sang more. He spent quite a bit of time bantering with the audience. The ladies were screaming and throwing marriage proposals at him. Understandable, actually but wished he hadn't reacted to each and every one of them!

Still... thank you, Anuar. For making me feel young again...
I had a really good time last nite...but despite falling in love with Anuar and all, I must say that I actually enjoyed Sheila Majid's performance more!
p.s. Pixes courtesy of MStar.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Garfield calls it DIE with a T.

For the umpteenth (how to spell this word arr?) time, Mumsie is on a diet. As of yesterday i started taking this thing called Juvanex which is supposed to detox your body. So far so OK. No extreme side effect. Pening-pening lalat jer sikit. Hopefully it means that there is not much toxin in my body to be rid of. hehe. fat chance ... pun intended!

Kejap tadi i had my dinner - salad! But, i ngelat coz i made the salad from lettuce, feta cheese, croutons and thousand island sauce!!! Tapi, justification nye- its a damn good start for someone who doesn't like vege to begin with! Once done with Juvanex (its a 7-day thingy), i will re-start on Herbalife. I bought the set already so that i cannot change my mind or dilly dally for much longer!

i have to lose some weight. For the last couple of months I've been feeling fat...bloated...sluggish..slow...malas... Some say its a sign of ageing...some say its pre-pre menopausal...whatever it is, its scary!

I must lose weight! Baju banyak dah ketat. Suits banyak dah tak muat. My watches are getting tight around the wrist!

Wish me luck!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hobi: Membaca

Am sure for most girls this is what they would write in forms that ask what their hobbies are. Mumsie semestinya. I've been reading for as long as i can remember! And there was a time that i read alllllll the time..tak kira masa and tak kira tempat! Ahhhh..those were the days!!

I read, still although not as much i want to. Al-maklum sibuk sekarang kaannn...hehe. No lah, like blogging, i now read bila ada mood. and i now read what i'm in the mood for. As a result, i have many unfinished books!! Oh, perhaps i should also tell that i also love buying books!! Currently i have a boxful of books, half of which belum baca and the other half is the half reads. This past week i've been in the mood to read romantic malay novels! hehe..some malay authors are quite good. Reading malay novels, i can imagine hero dan heroinnya! hehehe...usually they are the likes of fahrin ahmad....elly mazlein...hehehe!!

Alhamdulillah, anak-anak pun dah mula menunjukkan minat membaca. Especially KLong and KNgah. Sarah, not so. That one prefers the TV anytime. Soraya, currently is obsessed with Facebook, otherwise she would read too. From time to time, Abah would pick up a book but i doubt he ever finishes any!

Having said all that, i somehow feel the need to further explain that the one thing i don't read is those self help books. Never could hold any interest on those - the cynical pessimist that i am. And i read simply, which means i don't read those intellectual books, created by authors using big words. I don't enjoy reading and having to refer to the dictionary at the same time!!!

Anyhoo...nuf said. here's some pixes i took of us shopping for books and reading them!

in the last pix the girls were reading in the flight to Phuket recently. They read throughout the flite, prompting the stewardess to comment: "I'm impressed to see that your girls read so much. Did you read a lot when you were pregnant?"

Can arr like that?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heellllooooooo...anybody there??

Hehe...helloooo...masih ada lagi ker orang nak baca blog Mumsie nih? Dah lama Mumsie tak hapdet..bukan tak der idea tapi tak der mood! Can't really explain it but i didn't feel like writing for the past couple of months...didn't think anyone would miss me and sure enough, no one did, actually. Ohh..except Zetty! Hi Zetty!!!

Anyways, am planning to resume writing in this blog. A lot has been happening tapi i mostly update my going-ons in Facebook. So, friends and family tend to know what i have been up to. Basically, Mumsie has been buzzy, buzzy, work and at home!! Yelah, semua orang pun buzzy jugak ye tak?! I suppose dunia sekarang memang macam tu...its as if, if you're buzzy you're OK. It means you're doing good. Is it really? I wonder sometimes...Mak ayah, tok nenek kita dulu tak derlah buzzy macam ni rasanya. I remember, my mom and dad always..and i mean always come home for lunch on a working day. and we always makan sama-sama. Now ni...we're perpetually pressed for time. So sapa nak, pegi makan dulu...sapa tak nak miss the TV, go makan depan TV (although this is prohibited -although not strictly-now if Mummy and Abah are eating with you!) This is why I don't really mind eating out more often. At least when we are at the restaurant we have no choice but eat together until the end of the meal! Betul tak??

But i digress...i just wanted to say hello again!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Girlie trip down memory lane...

If you haunt Facebook on regular basis as I do, then you would also be busy re-visiting your past! Thats what i've been up to of late - catching up with friends from yonder years!!

Through FB, I found friends masa sekolah menengah dulu...those from Sultan Ibrahim Girls' School (famously known as SIGS-JB) and those from SMS Muar.

I was in SIGS in 1981-1983. then halfway through Form 4, i succumbed to social pressure to attend boarding school..hence the move to SMS Muar.

Bapak was a civil servant who gets moved around the country every 5 years or so...hence i grew up in Taiping..Kota Bharu...JB...and Kuantan and so i attended banyak sekolah - i went to 2 sekolah rendah and 3 sekolah menengah!!

But somehow, the best memories are of my days in SIGS. Perhaps thats why i can remember more of my SIGS-friends. SIGS was a happening school back then. It had the best school band which won competitions around the country! Ahhhh...i can still recall the girls twirling in their mini skirts...In Form 2, my classroom was next to the field where the band would practice...needless to say i spent considerable time being told to stand whilst lessons was going on - as punishment for being more interested in the band's moves than the teacher kat depan tu! ahhh...and the crush we used to have on the drum major...i remember Wan Jay...hehe!

Anyway...after months of getting re-acquainted via FB...these friends and I have been "reuniting". I went to JB a couple of weeks back and met up with some of them - Sha, Orr, Nurul and Wan. We even took time to visit the old school...

But the meeting was too short..and there were too few of us...and so another one took place last weekend. Gempaq punya cerita! About 16 of us turned up and most have not seen each other since we left school some 25-26 years ago!! Some brought old photos and Prema brought the old school magazines. Bergolek-golek seme orang ketawa tengok gambar zaman dulu-dulu!! We were all so nerdy and the 80s!!

Of course now most of us are a bunch of 42 year-old mums. Not so nerdy but definitely most of us has grown sideways! hahaha...Some had hardly change at all...some even wears the same hairstyle they've had since schooldays!! Like...OMG!!

Anyway..i'm ever so glad i found these girls again...and i hope this time we'll always be in touch..thank you FB!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


A colleague of mine died last the young age of 26. He had heart problems..which i think was taken lightly coz he's young and seemingly healthy. He collapsed after a badminton game and died...senang jer. Macam tu lah kita selalu kata...orang yang baik-baik ni senang mati nya. Arwah memang budak baik.

But my posting ni is not a tribute to him. Mumsie sebenarnya tak kenal sangat arwah. So, beyond knowing that dia budak yang baik, i don't know much else about him. Kami tak pernah chit chat pun.

I just want to reflect on mortality and what it means to the people left behind. Like i said, arwah budak baik. So, when he died, those yang pergi melawat cried buckets katanya (I tak pergi melawat coz my handphone was not on that time...another story!). Bosses pun nangis lah, of course. I know Boss No 1 must be broken hearted coz dia memang sayang anak2 buah dia (i would like to believe lah).

Then i heard his desk at the office was cleared by Monday (he died the Saturday before). I was not in office then but i remembered thinking - cepatnya! but i also thought maybe his close friends tak nak tengok tempat dia in the condition as if he is still around. Plus katanya his brother was coming to get his personal stuff. So, OKlah i thought.

then, when i got back to the office, on friday i heard his cubicle is already occupied by a new officer!! Since Tuesday!! and i'm thinking...OOHHH MY GOD!! that fast?? that fast that management cari ganti and moved on???

I think i've said before that i love my job...but bosses is making it so damn difficult to see why it should matter and why i should bother! We are, obviously dispensible...

Monday, February 23, 2009

blast from the past!

thanks to FB, Mumsie is now in touch with kawan-kawan masa sekolah dulu...mostly kawan-kawan sekolah menengah...especially kengkawan masa i kat SIGS JB and SMS Muar. It is great..this FB thing! this is some of us...last week...25 years after we left school!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Puteri Gunung Ledang

ni review yang dah lambat...mumsie + Abah + MakSu + kawan-kawan zaman sekolah dulu went to see PGL Season III last Friday 13th Feb hari tu. Donno about the others but Mumsie pergi dalam keadaan berkobar-kobar coz one: i heard and read all the raving reviews and two: i trusted the reviews coz its the work of enfiniti production and three: i really enjoyed P.Ramlee The Musical and I thought PGL would be as good, if not better.

here's what i think of PGL Season III - without having the benefit of comparing it with PGL Season I and II:

Overall impressive laaa...the stage..the costumes...the dance routines...Mootz bought the tickets way back in December last year so we got great seats...thanks mootz!

tapi....Mumsie is thinking:

Hang Tuah should be M.Nasir. Stephen Rahman tu harap hensem jer tapi tak macho in the Melaka man kinda way, if you can catch my drift. cakap melayu ada pelat sikit and the pelat is detectable. and Boroi lah dia....nampak baju dia ngam-ngam jer boleh button!

Datin Seri good, of course but she looks her a good kinda way...cuma i rasa dah tak sesuwei lah dah nak jadi PGL yang sepatutnya be a sweet young thing...

language dia all funny (I knowlah they want to speak in that malay-javanese dialect coz they are supposedly in majapahit and stuff) and not helped by the not all that perfect sound system. so i find myself wasting time looking at the translation board at the side.

lagu-lagu banyak sangat yang jiwang...again, yes i know this is the love story yang jenis cinta tak kesampaian...tapi takkanlah masa Sultan Melaka and Adipati nyanyi duet pun dalam keadaan tak matching dengan lagak macho diorang and at some point, they look like a gay couple memadu kasih lah pulak!!

having said allll of the above, i must say i loved sultan melaka and adipati!! AC Mizal was scary enough although i truly believed he would be scarier if he had not sung the slow-with-a-touch-of-jiwangness kind of songs! Adlin Ramli was simply adorable! To Mumsie, the highlight of the entire play was when he did his little jingle of happiness when sultan melaka decided to send men to pinang PGL!!!

Malangnya, at the end, the meet-the-fans session, these two did not make an appearance. Apparently they have a family emergency. Adlin's girlfriend and AC's wife kan sisters....

oh ye...that nite, Mumsie also met up with kawan kawan sekolah masa kat JB dulu. Jumpa balik after more than 20 years! but lets leave that story for another day...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Despite my regular complaints and bi*chin about the bosses, i actually love my job...the substance of gives me great satisfaction when i do it right (right di mata siapa is another story for another day laaaa).

but...with the deadlines and meetings and the travellings...sometimes anak-anak has to take a back seat... hefty sum to pay, i know. Although i try hard to pick them up from school every chance i get...spend any free time in the day with them, its not enough. those times are often spent in rush mode...buat apa yang wajib...cakap apa yang perlu..."dah buat homework?"..."dah mandi?"..."dah gosok gigi?"...

So, from time to time i find myself taking a step backwards...actually look at the girls...actually have conversations with them...about school..about best friends...about our favourite episode of Friends...

today i discovered kak long and kak ngah has been appointed Pengawas Pusat Sumber (kak long proudly told me that she actually lobbied for the appointment...tunjuk rajin depan cikgu and outrightly asked the teacher to consider her when she heard teacher was looking to appoint students!! shameless, i tell you! hehe). They are not school prefects but they get to wear uniform much like the prefects. So, it means buying new uniforms allllll over again but bila pikir pasal kak long's lobbying and that it would help their CV...oklah!

Kak Ngah also got a nomination to join a students exchange programme. Kalau terpilih, she gets to spend 3 weeks in japan in july!!! Mumsie filled up the necessary forms for her tapi hati ni tak sure whether i can let her go...she's soooo tiny and japan is soooooo far!!!

Sarah is also doing well...she seems happy in school but somehow selalu tertinggal homework Bahasa Arab kat sekolah! i have a feeling its ter-sengaja tinggal!

Soraya...i really have no idea what she does with her days!!! But i do know she reads A LOT! of just about anything she can lay her hands on...just as well i don't send her to any of those cekik darah kindies!! grandma is doing a good job in "educating" her via snake and ladder and Harian Metro! we tell people we are home schooling her! can??

I have good girls...despite their unruliness and messiness and no sense of disciplines...i'm blessed and ever so proud of them...they are good long as we feed them well!! hehehe

Monday, February 9, 2009


Mumsie has a couple of things to be thankful for....

1. Kak Long nampaknya dah mula take her studies seriously...alhamdulillah...

2. that i didn't follow the rombongan cikkiah to jakarta...judging by mootz' phonecalls from there, i would have come home flat broke and/or knee deep in credit card bills!

3. i never registered as a i tak derlah terasa sangat kena tipu dek our disillusioned and selfish politicians!

4. that we spent this weekend at home...its been peaceful...alhamdulillaaaahhhhh...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mumsie in Wellington....

  1. tapi tak leh nak enjoy sangat coz meeting dari pagi sampai petang...kedai tutup kul 5.00!!

  2. tapi sempat enjoy minum kopi di cafe-cafe berdekatan

  3. and sempat take walks dekat-dekat hotel. dah lama Mumsie tak jalan kaki ke mana-mana. Its nice to walk here. Angin kuat so temperature is cool

  4. and discovering banyak nya restoran mesia kat sini! so far, i've seen about 8 of them tapi Mumsie tak masuk pun. Tak bestlah jalan jauh-jauh tapi makan kat restoren mesia kann...

  5. tak shopping. cuma beli t-shirts for people back home and stephanie meyers' new moon for moi. barang-barang kat sini mahal! kasut paling bodoh pun about 99NZD. about RM200 lebih tu! tapi abah dapat laa dia punya ALL BLACK's ori shirt...

  6. suka orang2 kat sini. Very friendly dan tersangat helpful. Service di mana-mana pun very good.

  7. Malangnya airport kat Auckland macam hampessss!! kena check out bag...go through immigration and custom...then heret bag(s) to the domestic terminal and check in allllll over again untuk ke wellington! so, note to self: kalau kena datang lagi, go via sydney!

  8. wishing i can see the beautiful part of NZ that people has been telling me about...tapi tak der chan la nampaknya kali ni. tak sempat!! yang sempat cuma ini...