Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Garfield calls it DIE with a T.

For the umpteenth (how to spell this word arr?) time, Mumsie is on a diet. As of yesterday i started taking this thing called Juvanex which is supposed to detox your body. So far so OK. No extreme side effect. Pening-pening lalat jer sikit. Hopefully it means that there is not much toxin in my body to be rid of. hehe. fat chance ... pun intended!

Kejap tadi i had my dinner - salad! But, i ngelat coz i made the salad from lettuce, feta cheese, croutons and thousand island sauce!!! Tapi, justification nye- its a damn good start for someone who doesn't like vege to begin with! Once done with Juvanex (its a 7-day thingy), i will re-start on Herbalife. I bought the set already so that i cannot change my mind or dilly dally for much longer!

i have to lose some weight. For the last couple of months I've been feeling fat...bloated...sluggish..slow...malas... Some say its a sign of ageing...some say its pre-pre menopausal...whatever it is, its scary!

I must lose weight! Baju banyak dah ketat. Suits banyak dah tak muat. My watches are getting tight around the wrist!

Wish me luck!!

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