Saturday, October 25, 2008

Correction to earlier ramblings about santiago

Just to add - Mumsie saw 4 movies in the plane heading to Sydney. The other one was Hancock. OK-OK jer cerita nya with a very disappointing ending. Merapu sikit ending nya.

And my plan didn't work. Although I was tired in the plane from Sydney to Santiago, I couldn't sleep dengan aman. As a result, I arrived in Santiago REAAALLLLLLLYYYYY tired!

Anyways, today finally get to jalan2 a bit. We were taken to this bazaar called Santa Lucia yang banyak jual local handicrafts. Tapi mahal laa barang2 kat sini so i only managed to buy some t-shirts and sling bags that KakLong and Sarah asked for. Have not managed to get anything for adik. But there's still tomorrow. My flight home is in the late evening so i'll have the day to roam santiago....

oklah...kalau ada lagi apa-apa interesting to update, i'll write some more then. In the meantime...gambar2 i dah upload kat facebook. Azian, you have FB account?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mumsie in Santiago, Chile read that right!! Mumsie is in Santiago, as we speak! Tapi tak yah lah nak kata wow, glam nyer...

Let me tell you there is nothing glamorous about my travels of late...its all about meetings and reports! Boring babes!! Coming to Santiago took 26 hours! First leg - from KL to Sydney was OK. Ye lah...dapat naik MAS, Biz Class pulak tu! I had a plan.. i wasn't going to sleep that whole 8 hours so as to make myself tired for the 2nd leg. So, i stayed up and watched 3 movies! I saw Get Smart (hilarious!), Sumthing, sumthing the American Girl (OK OK jer), and this i think a Latin American English speaking movie called Sea of Dreams (damn interesting - about a girl whose soul belongs to the sea! So sapa-sapa fall in love with her will die coz the sea will get jealous! Pelakon-pelakon seme lawa-lawa and hensem-hensem! Unfortunately, i didnt get to see the end coz we arrived in Sydney by then! Altogether now..laaaaaaaaa).

Sydney singgah jap jer then the travelling began! We naik Chilean Airline called LAN. Its a teeny weeny plane and we had to travel economy for the next 15 hours!!!!! Sakit pinggang....sakit tengkuk...dah lah makanan tak halal!! Menderita babes!!!

Tapi alhamdulillah sampai Santiago dengan selamat...bag pun selamat! So far belum sempat explore Santiago coz sibuk ngan meeting. But insyaALLAH meeting is scheduled only for half a day tomorrow, so lepas tu boleh la jalan-jalan!! Weather kat sini panas. Its spring but its been very warm and sunny spring days since I arrive. I dunno...i tengok cam Mesia jer tempat ni! Very dry and Langkawi pun ada! Tadi sempat amik gambar kat depan the Presindential Palace which is in front of the place where we have the meetings. Nanti bila2 i will paste the pixes K...

so...what have you guys been up to??

Thursday, October 16, 2008

of internet and blogs

Mumsie ni selalu ketinggalan zaman...i only became interested with internet and e mailing about 5 years ago...when i was transferred to this current place of work, where emails are the main form of communication. From then on i was hooked! Tapi itupun limited to emailing and googling...

Until i discovered! that opened a whole new window for me!! Seronoknya baca the writings of others...i can't really recall how i found out about these blogs but find them I did. I started reading blogs of people I don't know...then link here link there, i found family and friends! I found Teeny..Ika...Haq...Shila...Ina's and Yati's fotopages..i felt connected with them...knowing what they are up to in their day to day lives...then link some more, i found their friends. And of late I've made some new friends through their comment boxes. I don't comment much but i would whenever i rasa "terpanggil" to do so, especially when the writer seems particularly friendly, even in their writings. People like Zetty ..Mrs Goodthings@home...

But not all blogs are enjoyable to read. Some concentrates too much on our oh-so-happening political blogger wrote only about the good stuff in her life. She's too ceria to the point of annoyance!! I cannot tahan so i've deleted her from my reading list! Life can't be that good alllllll the time, okeyyyyy...

Of late i've discovered story Mr Bangkai, Puteri Kamaliah and Kak Teh Choc-a-Bloc. They write with such eloquence sampai i macam shy pulak. Shy sorang-sorang jer laaa...I feel my own writings are soooo boring and tak creative langsung! Tapi i don't know how else to i suppose i should just be me..this is my own blog kan?!

I just want to mention the blog of Superwoman's friend who calls herself MrsNordin. I really admire her writings coz she bares all...she writes to her heart's content. Tak kira sapa baca and tak kira if orang yang baca will get upset by what she writes...Mind you, she doesn't write bad things about people...she just writes exactly what she thinks of people and things happening around her!

Me...i started this blog last year...konon nak tulis pasal kitorang gi jalan-jalan kat europe dulu tapi dah banyak melencong ni! but still i dare not write too much! i dare not take the risk of "upsetting" people! So i write about "safe" things...can arr? can lah ooh! My blog waaattttt... maybe one day..i'll write about how i really feel about things and about people around me (would love to bitch about bosses!!).

Now Mumsie dah jumpa facebook pulak! Don't you just luurrveee all these internet thingies!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ramadhan Rendezvous

Been meaning to write about our experience berpuasa kat malaysia after spending the last 3 Ramadhans in Geneva. Let me say on the outset ( nak buat statement kat WTO jer!) that I missed fasting in Geneva. I missed the "pasar ramadhan" that we used to have...

But Ramadhan in Malaysia ... good, of course. Berpuasa di samping sanak saudara... and Mumsie did not have to cook alll the time. Penting's a list of ways we berbuka this time (in no particular order):

1. Mumsie masak some lauk, Abah top up with lauk and kueh from Pasar Ramadhan

2. Mumsie masak nasi jer, Abah buy loads of lauk from Pasar Ramadhan.

3. Mumsie tak masak apa-apa, Abah beli nasi kerabu/nasi beryani/nasi tomato/nasi lemak/ kuetiaw goreng/mee sup and loads of kueh from Pasar Ramadhan.

4. Abah gi kedai dekat-dekat rumah, tempah food and come home to fetch the rest of us. We will go back to the shop in time for buka. Makan and quickly balik rumah for prayers. This is Mumsie's favourite way of buka coz I don't have to kemas and basuh any pinggan mangkuk! We did this about 3 times. Anak-anak pun suka coz they get to order the food they want to eat...e.g nasi goreng ikan masin laaa...ikan sweet sour laaa...all freshly cooked! Not like the lauk from the Pasar Ramadhan. Once gi Secret Recipe, tapi food tak best and service was bad so we never went back...

5. Go for buffet buka puasa..once kat Penang Village tu and once kat Ancasa Hotel, Mak De belanja. Must say that I really enjoyed the one at Ancasa, not merely because Mak De belanja but also tempat tu very nice. Food was VERY good (we get fresh apam balik which was da bomb! teringak lak zaman buat apam balik sendiri dulu....) and tak ramai sangat orang. So tak de lah berebut2. Company was of course laaaaa VERY gooodddd... here's some pixes:

6. Balik weekend tu we went back to Melaka, where Mumsie did absolute bugger all in terms of preparing food. Mumsie biar jer all the in-laws masak. They are good cooks anyway! Mumsie took the job of going to the Pasar Ramadhan to buy drinks and kueh-mueh. The badak berendam kat Pasar Ramadhan Duyung was out of this world punya sedap!!
Other weekends, Mak Su will join us kat Putrajaya. Dialah yang melayan budak-budak gi Alamanda before buka...beli Starbucks frapuccino laaa...Baskin Robbins laaa...yum yum!

7. For sahur 90% of the time Mumsie will bangun and cook. The rest I would just panaskan lauk lebih from buka time and once we went to McDonalds! Best jugak tu. Ingatkan tak ramai orang at 4 a.m tu tapi rupanya ramai yang beratur dah! and then ingatkan we all jer bawak bebudak at that godforsaken time tapi ramai families bersahur kat situ! Tu lah ..orang Mesia dah senang sekarang ni...

So, all in all, Mumsie had a good Ramadhan. I even managed to ikut Abah for terawih kat Masjid Putrajaya for at least half of Ramadhan. Good, eh? time i citer pasal raya plak!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Am sooooo dreading tomorrow!!

Mumsie starts work again tomorrow and am sooooooo not looking forward to it! Boring betul nak mengadap kerja yang tak pernah habis and bitchy bosses yang tersangatlaaa insecure nye itu!

But i had a good day today...hari yang aman. I spent most of it on my own since the girls were at school and Abah went to work. First I go tabung haji...simpan duit bonus Pak Lah kasik and yang i tersangatlah deserve nya itu. I got cita-cita to go Mekah, you see...Punyalah ramai orang but good to note most people were depositing money. i.e. signs that orang tengah berjimat cermat sekarang ni.

Then Mumsie decide nak gi tempat yang Abah tak suka pergi so I better grab the chance to go on my own so I went to Midvalley. Nak gi IKEA jauh sangat. Nanti tak sempat balik to fetch the children from school. Had breakfast at Toast Box then jalan2 kat The Gardens. Vaaahhhh..posh nyer that place. Tak de maknanya nak spend too much time kat situ but i bought what i set out to buy from there (i don't believe in window shopping!). i.e. a couple of M&S jeans yang tersangatlaaa sesuwei dengan tubuh badan Mumsie yang cun melecun ni! hahahaha....

On the way back i singgah Carls Jr to buy the children's lunch. Kononnya nak kan kelainan coz we haven't had Carls Jr since balik but then Mumsie tersangatlah terkezut when i had to pay RM52 for 3 burgers!!! waliao!! mahal nya!! cekik darah bebs!! I think we'll stick to Burger King and McD from now on!

Sambung citer...after hantar anak2 ke sekolah ugama (budak-budak tu tension nak explain their 1 month absence during Ramadhan but turns out the ustazahs don't really care...oh well!) I went to lepak kat Alamanda pulak. Tapi kejap jer sebab tak der aper nak cari. Then balik and watched drama Pondok Buruk with Sarah. This is a repeat. The first time I saw this when it first came out a couple of years ago i cried like a baby throughout the movie! Tapi hari ni cam tak sedih lah pulak. I think I dah overdose on Rashid Sibir's dramas this past couple of days. Aiyooo..he makes depressing dramas okeyyyy...allll about anak derhaka and dying parents!! and balik-balik pakai lagu Sudirman about ayah ibu tu. You know..the one that goes..ayah dan ibuuu...ayah dan ibuuu..itulah permulaaan kitaaaa....Sampai Sarah pun dah asyik hum that tune jer!

My day pretty much ended with me cooking Abah's buka puasa meal. Sedap Mumsie masak hari ni! about angkat bakul sendiri!! I cooked udang masak lemak (Abah's request. ada masuk tempoyak sikit so ada rasa terangkatlah!)...udang goreng sambal (Sarah's request! tak sampai hati nak say NO so i bahagi dua supply udang so dapatlah sikit-sikit between masak lemak and the sambal). Kangkung goreng tauchu which was nice enough to prompt Kak Long to makan sayur tonite! yeay! and ayam goreng tersangat garing!

Okeyla peeps. Penat arr puji-puji diri off to gosok baju pulak. Have i told you i'm dreading tomorrow???

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I know...i'm a bit late...but not too late kannnn...

So friends..Mumsie nak ucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN...I hope everybody had a good break. One that is well earned, I'm sure.

Mumsie and brood sure had a good Raya. Mumsie enjoyed the makan-makan and alllll the drama Melayu..Abah enjoyed the reunions and anak-anak....enjoyed the duit raya!! Kami balik Melaka and Pahang. Anak2 finally knows Mummy also has a lot of sedara mara...more than just Mak Tam, Mak De and Mak Ngah!! haha!

OK....details later. Dah malam ni...but here's us on pagi raya this year...