Saturday, October 25, 2008

Correction to earlier ramblings about santiago

Just to add - Mumsie saw 4 movies in the plane heading to Sydney. The other one was Hancock. OK-OK jer cerita nya with a very disappointing ending. Merapu sikit ending nya.

And my plan didn't work. Although I was tired in the plane from Sydney to Santiago, I couldn't sleep dengan aman. As a result, I arrived in Santiago REAAALLLLLLLYYYYY tired!

Anyways, today finally get to jalan2 a bit. We were taken to this bazaar called Santa Lucia yang banyak jual local handicrafts. Tapi mahal laa barang2 kat sini so i only managed to buy some t-shirts and sling bags that KakLong and Sarah asked for. Have not managed to get anything for adik. But there's still tomorrow. My flight home is in the late evening so i'll have the day to roam santiago....

oklah...kalau ada lagi apa-apa interesting to update, i'll write some more then. In the meantime...gambar2 i dah upload kat facebook. Azian, you have FB account?

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zue said...

hi ya muzal, so i heard from your sis that you were in santiago. you take care girl and don't let the office get you down!