Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ayat-Ayat Cinta...

I read Dad-of-Four + 1's review on the book a while back and I actually went to MPH to get it for myself. After reading it, i thought that it was the "softest" love story that i've ever read! I don't know how else to explain it. It was an "Islamic" love story book. Every story told was based on some Islamic principles and teachings...right down to how the hero met his he saw her face for the first time (naturally, in public she pakai purdah!) he married her...their first was alll so sweet and errrmmmm...soft!

So, when they turn the book into a movie and its showing in Alamanda, naturally I would want to see it, right! and i did. Just now. and no...abah did not watch it with me! Me and Jue went for Ayat-ayat Cinta, while Abah and Khairul, Jue's boyfriend went to see Incredible Hulk! All's fair in love and movie preference, is all i can say!

Now, about the movie...macam ok-ok jer although the last 1 hour was good! an exaggeration of the book itself but powerful! Wished the hero was handsomer and macho-er. The guy was potrayed like a real kampung boy! Kinda make you wonder why the girls (about 4 of them) were falling all over themselves over him!

Shall i tell you about the end? In the book, the end was about his second wife. She's a Christian who fell in love with him. She learned and knew all about Islam, most probably because of him but they didn't outrightly say so must be politically correct jugak kan...Anyways, she was dying of broken heart coz hero married someone else but she also turned out to be key witness in the case of hero was charged for raping a woman (another angle to the book..lets not go there). So, to save her and himself, hero converted her and married her. She saved him from death sentence and eventually she died but not before having this dream of trying to get into syurga tapi tak boleh. The doors wouldn't open for her. So, hero and first wife get her to pray with them and mengucap and finally the last door opened and she dies peacefully.....

Dalam movie..pretty much the same tapi they also showed that the three of them shared good and bad times before the second wife hits the dust. First wife was having a hard time to accept the second one although she's the one yang insist the hero marry the second one tu. hero pulak terlebih suka kat the second wife sampai lupa nak berlaku adil. But all things being Islamic, they worked things out and managed to share good times. The part the second wife meninggal tu simple jer...she asked for forgiveness and minat nak sembahyang together...then she died whilst mention of the dream...tapi sedih gak laaa...

Mumsie tetap nangis.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I so need to Diet

I always ingat kata-kata Garfield...DIET is die with T! How true...

Mumsie's been trying to go on a diet. I need to lose some weight..nothing fits anymore! On good days, i succeed but more often than not, I succumb to the calling of carbs and fried food!! how laaaaa?

Reminds me of a conversation I had with the girls after i met a lady who used to go to school with me wayyyyyyy back in 1970s.

Girls: Sapa tu Mummy?
Mumsie: believe it or not, that lady and I used to go to sekolah rendah together!
Girls (not sure which one): and she still can recognize you?
Mumsie: yeap! goes to show I haven't changed much!
Kak Ngah: you were fat then as well??????

end of, can you see the dilemma i'm in? i so need to diet...i so need to diet...i so need to diet............

Story for Auntie di Geneva

We went to see Kung Fu Panda last Sunday. Best! The girls really enjoyed it. After the movie Abah said : Doesn't the Panda remind you of Abang Amir in geneva? he's called Panda too!

All the girls said ...yeeeaaaaahhhhhh...ho hum!
Mumsie asked Soraya : Adik ingat ker sapa Abang Amir tu?
Soraya : Ingat laaaa...anak Ustazah and Atok Berahim!!

Her exact words tau! You see Auntie...i hope you're reading this coz it means to tell you that you, Atuk and Abg Amir are very much remembered by us here...
You don't miss us meh??

Monday, June 16, 2008

More pixes at PRTM

Rombongan Cik Kiah at the show! Pats on my back for successfully bringing 13 people together! Helped by the fact they are family!
Slight scare when Abah confidently drove to Jalan Ampang, thinking Istana Budaya is there. Nasib baik we were early, so after Mootz said in her most innocent voice possible - "I think IB is in Jalan TAR..." she called Kak Dor and confirmed, so Abah drove like mad and we arrived in time to collect the tickets! Mujur tak der traffic jam along the way! We told the others what happened, and Abang Mat dengan seposen nya said: "You wanted to meet the real P.Ramlee izzit....? Haha..very funny! the late P.Ramlee was buried in Jalan Ampang cemetery!

Mumsie and Teeny with Mr Director...

Mizan and Myra with Datin Seri Producer

Post Mortem...

Quote of the Day

In yesterday's The Star, the Selangor MB was justifying his decision to terminate the service of the State Museum's 60 year old director:

"We do not want the officers to be an artifact in their own museum."



Sorrylah lambat sehari but....Happy fathers day...
To the best dad in the whole wide world!! To quote Sarah..."I love you from the bottom of my heart!" And to quote K.Ngah..hooray for:

S - so slim
O - only 40 years old
F - fun forever
I - In love with Mommy
A - A finance Manager
N - Never mad (sometimes!)

But the one done in Geneva was better:

S - sweet to his children
O - Of course bald
F - Funny all the time
I - Incredible father
A - A great husband
N - Need for a shave!!

So, Abah...we thank you for you...for all your patience and kindness..for taking care of alllllll of us...May ALLAH swt bless you always! Mumsie luurrrrvvveeees you!
And Bapak...I miss you...always!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

P Ramlee The Musical

Yeap...we were among the hip people who managed to go see this oh-so-awesome show!!! Malangnya my camera's batteries decided to die as soon as we got there so, I have only the above picture to share with y'all. Thats me sis with none other than Datuk Zahim Albakri! After i took the photo, i went to shake his hand and told him : "Congratulations, Datuk. We haven't seen it but I'm sure its great! Well done!" He said : "Errr..thanks! Enjoy the show!" Then Mootz the sis said: "He didn't direct it this time lah!!" Laaaaa....patutla the blur on his face! Or rather the 'what-the-fish-is-this-woman-blabbering-about' on his face!!

Anyways, the show....where do i start?? Tersangat-sangat menghiburkan! Make me want to jump on stage and join the dance! Make me want to know P.Ramlee!! Musly Ramlee was so real! I love the way he sang and dance. Sebijik macam P.Ramlee! Everyone said Musly did great in the show but I wonder...will he only be great as P.Ramlee?

The wives...they were beautiful! But honestly, Liza Hanim at some point looked like a bapuk! badan dia cam muscular sikit and rambut dia tak cantik! But her singing...woww! Melissa Saila, her part I thought cam over acting but i love the dresses she wore!

The set...i was totally gobsmacked impressed!! The train...the double decker so impressed! After the show, we hung around and saw Datin Seri Tiara and her husband so, we joined the line to congratulate them. Must say, the Datuk Seri very the charming! very the soft spoken one!

Ohkeyy with all that is said and done..let me confess - I've always thought P.Ramlee is overrated!! Alamak, don't laa marah me..everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right? So, I've always thought his movies wasn't all that great. its no longer funny, except for some scenes in some of the movies. I've never understood why my Bapak and now my Abah are so gung-ho over his movies. I can understand the love for his songs, those are good but his movies?? Abah and his side of the family loves those movies. they would recite the dialogue with the characters and roll around laughing everytime. EVERY time!!

But after watching PRTM, i'm now curious about this man. This so-called Malay genius of all time. perhaps i'll start watching his movies now...i certainly want to watch Penarik Beca!