Sunday, February 3, 2008

Down Memory Lane Part 2 - Nice and Cannes

Dedicated to Yatiseman

Just pixes of Sarah in school uniform..these were taken on her first day. I think we mistakenly dressed her in Kak Ngah's uniform coz the baju is a bit big, ain't it?
She has since refused to wear the pinafore coz apparently no one in her class does!! Just an update - she's doing better tapi still not entirely happy...and we realized, she has lost a lot of weight!! So, I still worry...

Trip Down Memory Lane - Monaco

Old Friends...

I met a bunch of them last night. Friends I've known like forever!! hehe...23-24 years to be exact! Haida (my BFF since Uni days and the woman responsible for my union with Abah!) and Monag (apparently I'm responsible for Haida's meeting with him coz he was my friend first! OK..whatever..) just came back from Hajj recently and called some friends over for dinner. The invitation was for friends plus spouse but I managed to get Haida to extend the invitation to my girls! hehe..sajer jer nak show off my girls to people!

You know..when I was in Geneva, the thing I miss most other than Malaysian food was my friends...we may not see each other all the time but at least in Malaysia, we can do so at regular intervals...Raya open houses or at dinners like last night.

It was simply great to see everybody again...and I daresay we've all aged gracefully...kehkehkeh..I took pictures with Haida and Shila a.k.a Superwomanwannabe but I don't look nice in them so I've decided against posting them here!! Next time la ek..bila Mumsie pakai lipstick when I take pictures...


just want to congratulate hansem Hans...

Me and the girls went to see Cuci last weekend and it was hilarious!! Kudos to the Malaysian film industry! Seems Malaysians are getting to be more and more talented. Bagus laaa..they can count on my (and the girls') support. Thats for sure!

See folks...Mumsie been buzzy...

Invasion of the cat lovers!

Meet Koko Vanilla...I've resigned to the fact that she's (yeap..its a she!) here to stay...The girls are too attached to her by now. Sarah and Soraya carry her around like she's a Barbie doll!!

And we have people coming to the house and actually spent time playing with her! In fact, most are making suggestions on her welfare...cut her nails.. take her to the vet..feed her this and that..and I have to remind each and every one of them: I'm not the one who brought her home!!! So, I'm not responsible for her welfare!!

But ... nowadays I do talk to Koko V...coz she's the only one who listens to me and she doesn't answer back!!

Sheila Majid

Yeap! Mumsie was at her concert!!!! And she was great! The music was the best, Sheila sounded as she always has...Best thing was, she sang her all time greatests..Warna..Pengemis Muda...Emosi...Dia...Antara Anyir dan Jakarta..the works! Tersangat2 best! I had such a great time! Mak Su and I even thought of going back the 2nd night!!!

I've always been a fan of hers..dari zaman Pengemis Muda. And I was not the only one. I looked around before we entered the hall. There were allll kinds of people...from the young ones to the old ones...seriously, old as in our mother kinda old! Majority I think, though was middle age, like yours truly. hehehe..And there were Chinese and Indians too, I saw. And for that, my respect for Sheila grew..coz obviously her music appeal to everyone.

Sheila was funny, witty and looked great..childbirths has given her some curves...but i thought the black dress she wore made her look a wee bit pregnant. Acis the husband and her music director was cute too, come to think of it! hehehe...had always liked him as well...since his whatever-his-band-was days..

All in was feast to the ears and eyes...I actually recorded her singing Pengemis Muda but I donno how to upload it arrrr?

Hmmm....Wonder if Anuar Zain is planning a concert!?