Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dedicated to Yatiseman

Just pixes of Sarah in school uniform..these were taken on her first day. I think we mistakenly dressed her in Kak Ngah's uniform coz the baju is a bit big, ain't it?
She has since refused to wear the pinafore coz apparently no one in her class does!! Just an update - she's doing better tapi still not entirely happy...and we realized, she has lost a lot of weight!! So, I still worry...


Harteeny said...

Banyaknyer entry! Cute je sarah in uniform.

Sheila majid - mak was with you kan? Mak is paying back her debt. You babysat me for KRU, Awas da' Concert. She finally pay it back. Hehehe... :)

Jumpa in Sehati berdansa at Ancasa hotel! :)

mumsie said...

hey you! Today mumsie dapat mood, hence the many entries!

yer ma and me and mak su was sooo prim and proper masa tengok sheila M - tak de bangun joget2 pun! Or..we were too old!

Sehati Berdansa..we will be represented by Fatin and Farah!!

yatiseman said...

MUZ... thanks for the photo... so cute.. tapi pinafre lg cute but then zaman pinafore almost lupus already, ppl even other races pakai baju kurung aje.. imagine the horror of baju kurung putih :( at least pinafore tu darker... by the way, ppl here tak sabar tunggu u dtg again meeting.. I think u don't hv bring food coz ppl will be feeding u everyday kut hahahaha