Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm Officially...

Middle age!! Yeap..Mumsie turned 41 yesterday! All together now...41?? really??But you look so young! hahahahahahaaaaaaa...

Anyhoo...i must say, semalam was the first time i really feel glad that we're back in Malaysia..i had the best birthday ever! Mainly, because we had a celebratory lunch that i don't have to cook myself! and cut a cake that i didn't have to bake myself!

We started the morning with our usual hang out place in Sri Serdang...nothing great...then Mumsie and girlies went off to have our hair washed...and soraya had a hair cut ala Victoia Beckham gitew!

Lunch was at Italiannies in Sunway Pyramid! Best giler OK! MakSU joined us with her "friend" who I'm not supposed to talk about in this blog..yet! Am not even supposed to post pictures of them..yet! But here's our food...the cake came first!

Then shopping kat Marks and Spencer...beli b*ra coz my favourite cotton lace bra I bought kat M&S back when I was still a student in UK finally gave up on me last week. It finally koyak beyond repair! Oooppsss...Too much information?? hehe...Don't worry..I won't post the pictures! Not that I took any, mind you!

Malam tadi the girls and MakSU did a little surprise knowlah, lights out then call Mummy downstairs then lampu back on and the girls screaming "Happy Birthday Mummy!!!". And Mumsie must show (fake) Mumsie's best suprised face! This is something they do for me every year...And I hope they will continue to do for many more of Mumsie's birthdays...

By the's Abah's present...tiny little diamonds but enough for me...i so sayang him! hehe....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dedicated to MakSU..My ooonnlyyyy sis!

Somebody's upset she has not seen her pictures in this blog. So, am trying to make it up to her. As I was scrounging for photos with her in it, am reminded of the trips we took together whenever MakSU comes visiting in Geneva (which by the way, is by now a lifetime away....sedih!). So, here goes...

when MakSU came last year, we went to Italy...

Pisa was apparently all about the senget building! We had more fun watching people taking pictures as if trying to straighten our girlies here...

from Pisa we went to Florence...

from Florence to Rome...which I personally thought to be the highlight of the trip...Happy giler to be at the Coliseum!!

from Rome to the Lost City of Pompeii..

from Pompeii to Napoli and Sorrento...possibly the most beautiful part of Italy that we've been to....hajat nak ke Isle of Capri tak lepas due to unforseeable circumstances..(namely fund became unavailable!!)

MakSU and her anak sedara born on the same the Italy/France/Swiss border...

Actually, terlampau banyak pictures we took so I simply pick the ones yang ada MakSU-nya..nantilah kalau rajin i upload a slideshow. Together with pictures of our trip with MakSU to Munich and Salzburg in 2006.

In the meantime, i leave this posting with a picture of a content woman after successfully dragging her sister, brother in law and their 4 whiny kids through Rome so that she can throw coins and make a wish at the Fontana di Trevi!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend in PD

Am back from Bangkok but not much happened. Meeting lasted till 5 everyday so did not get any chance to sightsee and very minimal shopping. And i only managed to get a foot massage! Sangat tak puas hati!!

So, am now going to just post pictures of last weekend when Mumsie and brood went to PD. We stayed at this place called Ancasa - dapat half rate courtesy of Mak De's power in U*DA!

Busu joined us..

The evening we arrived, konon nak just "stroll" along the beach before dinner..but the girls just could not resist the beckoning sea!

First thing the next morning, we're back at the beach..Soraya was still in her jammy!

Kak Long cari harta karun...

Highlight of the trip..the banana boat!!

And whilst all these people were busy looking for shells and getting wet, Mumsie was with the camera, underneath some umbrella, enjoying this...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Golden Lounge

Mumsie am now lounging at MAS Golden Lounge, KLIA International on my way to Bangkok. Best giler tempat ni..macam 5 star hotel! Just been to the loo..its filled with stuff from L'Occitane! Best and Mumsie cam jakun!

Despite having to leave the gang behind, Mumsie is actually looking forward to this trip. Minus the scheduled meetings laa...last time i was in Bangkok was wayyyyy back when I was a student...balik for summer holidays naik Thai Airways. I remember stopping over kat Bangkok for half a day so we could actually take a trip into the city. But thats all i remember...ooh yess..i also remember the blasting heat!! hope it won't be that hot this time around!

Anyhoo, was reading the papers...found this bit of news about this 10 year old boy who has been home alone for almost 2 years!! He doesn't know his dad and his Mom left him almost 2 years ago to fend for himself in an apartment full of rubbish! What the F**ish laaaaa??? The mother got no brains, issit??? Actually this story came out in yesterday's paper and today some long distance aunt has come forward and said that she will take the boy to live with her and she will care for the boy. Pheww!

Funny though how the neighbours doesn't seem to know about the boy being on his own. He lives in an apartment so neigbours should be in close proximity, kan! Poor boy!....But its reported that he goes to school and completes his homework before going out to play. His friends doesn't know of his living condition. I suppose his teachers don't as well. But i'm amazed...amazed that he lasted this long. Dia tak pernah sakit ker? What happens if he was? He goes out and buy his own Panadol?? He said his mom left him a ATM card and would bank in RM20-30 per month! Sadist giler mak dia!! I hope they arrest her and put her away for the longest time for her irresposibility ni! Bodo punyer pompuan!

OKlah...all this ranting is making me hungry! am off to check out the food...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Missing the Gang

Mumsie has 2 hours to kill before lepak baca blogs...looked outside - its sunset and the beach is beautiful! Make me miss Abah and my girls even more! So was going through pictures and am reminded of recent event - Kak Long won second place in interschool badminton girls' doubles! How about that, huh!

The girls are doing really well at school...all 4 of them. Academically as well as in their co-curriculum activities. Kak Ngah is chosen to enter story telling competition. Don't know when as yet. Even Sarah has settled down. Last month's tests, Sarah got all As. Chewah...macam lah anak i sorang jer score As...but paham-paham ajerlaa...after what Sarah went through in the beginning and after what she put me through, Mumsie damn lega and damn proud, okeyyy! Next get her to attend sekolah ugama again!

Ok..i want to go call them lah!

p.s. Kak Dor, K.Tam and Mootz...i've been good tau! eat fruits before meals...small portions of main course..and loads of mineral water!! It helps that Secretariat put my room very near the conference room so very the senang to ulang alik to p?ee!! And it certainly helps that the fruits are alllready cut and ready to be eaten!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mumsie in Kuching

Am here at the moment...a place called Damai Puri Resort and Spa...for our annual Division Conference. Its beautiful! And newly refurbished! Wish Abah and the girls are here...they would enjoy the beach and the swimming pools!

For Mumsie, the trip didn't start too good. I had to present a paper on ASEAN Charter this morning so had spent the first 24 hours here preparing for it! Tension betul! and you know what..they spend so much time questioning the first 2 speakers that i was left only 7 minutes to speak!! To a certain extent i feel lucky coz by then no one had any questions for me but then alll that tension for what laaa...rugi jer! tak per..think i know about ASEAN Charter and the Economic Blueprint! I so clever!

So, petang tadi Mumsie start enjoy...pergi Bali massage at their spa!!! Alahai syok the very relaxing! and i've appointment for tomorrow for a 'natural facial treatment'! Can't wait to see what they'll do to me face then!

Must tell you that agaknya we are the first group yang buat conference at this place since its refurbishment coz they are going all out for us. there was a huge kain rentang welcoming us at the airport, then kompang greeted us at the hotel! Even the tea breaks are fancy with themes! Pagi was chinese and petang tadi was indian. Even the corridor where we have the break was decorated according to the themes! Very fancy tapi tadi my camera da habis bateri so cannot show how fancy laa...will see tomorrow, ok!

So, here's us when we first arrive...disambut kompang macam pengantin!