Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend in PD

Am back from Bangkok but not much happened. Meeting lasted till 5 everyday so did not get any chance to sightsee and very minimal shopping. And i only managed to get a foot massage! Sangat tak puas hati!!

So, am now going to just post pictures of last weekend when Mumsie and brood went to PD. We stayed at this place called Ancasa - dapat half rate courtesy of Mak De's power in U*DA!

Busu joined us..

The evening we arrived, konon nak just "stroll" along the beach before dinner..but the girls just could not resist the beckoning sea!

First thing the next morning, we're back at the beach..Soraya was still in her jammy!

Kak Long cari harta karun...

Highlight of the trip..the banana boat!!

And whilst all these people were busy looking for shells and getting wet, Mumsie was with the camera, underneath some umbrella, enjoying this...


Harteeny said...

Mummy, PD again? dari ku kecil hingga dewasa, PD has just been a favourite spot to cuti2 malaysia!

Last time it was the bungalow, now it's the apartment! The power of Makde!!! :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Allo allo Mumsie- waaahduh banyak you jalan ya!! Bestnyeeee....bila nak jalan ke ZOONEGARA ?? Moh la