Friday, April 4, 2008

Missing the Gang

Mumsie has 2 hours to kill before lepak baca blogs...looked outside - its sunset and the beach is beautiful! Make me miss Abah and my girls even more! So was going through pictures and am reminded of recent event - Kak Long won second place in interschool badminton girls' doubles! How about that, huh!

The girls are doing really well at school...all 4 of them. Academically as well as in their co-curriculum activities. Kak Ngah is chosen to enter story telling competition. Don't know when as yet. Even Sarah has settled down. Last month's tests, Sarah got all As. Chewah...macam lah anak i sorang jer score As...but paham-paham ajerlaa...after what Sarah went through in the beginning and after what she put me through, Mumsie damn lega and damn proud, okeyyy! Next get her to attend sekolah ugama again!

Ok..i want to go call them lah!

p.s. Kak Dor, K.Tam and Mootz...i've been good tau! eat fruits before meals...small portions of main course..and loads of mineral water!! It helps that Secretariat put my room very near the conference room so very the senang to ulang alik to p?ee!! And it certainly helps that the fruits are alllready cut and ready to be eaten!!!

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Anonymous said...

kak tam responds :
hope that you'll be good even when you're back at home and not be in a hotel that has every fruits and water prepared and served in front of you! goodluck!