Monday, April 14, 2008

Golden Lounge

Mumsie am now lounging at MAS Golden Lounge, KLIA International on my way to Bangkok. Best giler tempat ni..macam 5 star hotel! Just been to the loo..its filled with stuff from L'Occitane! Best and Mumsie cam jakun!

Despite having to leave the gang behind, Mumsie is actually looking forward to this trip. Minus the scheduled meetings laa...last time i was in Bangkok was wayyyyy back when I was a student...balik for summer holidays naik Thai Airways. I remember stopping over kat Bangkok for half a day so we could actually take a trip into the city. But thats all i remember...ooh yess..i also remember the blasting heat!! hope it won't be that hot this time around!

Anyhoo, was reading the papers...found this bit of news about this 10 year old boy who has been home alone for almost 2 years!! He doesn't know his dad and his Mom left him almost 2 years ago to fend for himself in an apartment full of rubbish! What the F**ish laaaaa??? The mother got no brains, issit??? Actually this story came out in yesterday's paper and today some long distance aunt has come forward and said that she will take the boy to live with her and she will care for the boy. Pheww!

Funny though how the neighbours doesn't seem to know about the boy being on his own. He lives in an apartment so neigbours should be in close proximity, kan! Poor boy!....But its reported that he goes to school and completes his homework before going out to play. His friends doesn't know of his living condition. I suppose his teachers don't as well. But i'm amazed...amazed that he lasted this long. Dia tak pernah sakit ker? What happens if he was? He goes out and buy his own Panadol?? He said his mom left him a ATM card and would bank in RM20-30 per month! Sadist giler mak dia!! I hope they arrest her and put her away for the longest time for her irresposibility ni! Bodo punyer pompuan!

OKlah...all this ranting is making me hungry! am off to check out the food...

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Ina Noor said...

mumsie akaaaak extend! got 2 more weekends :D