Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I wrote this review in facebook:

I love the movies. Who doesn't, eh. People who knows me would know my entire family is a fan of malay movies and dramas. I proclaim to be a penyokong industri filem melayu. hehe...tapi i pick and choose laaa...tak der lah i nak menyokong citer-citer like Jin Notti or Sifu dan Tongga yang sah-sah akan memperbodohkan minda kita.

Anyhoo. when i heard that my dear friend Man actually produces a movie. I was all excited. And he (and Gina the wife) has been promoting this movie - Lembing Awang Pulang ke Dayang - for the longest time. We were enticed with beautiful posters and barisan pelakon yang menarik - the likes of Farid Kamil, Zulhuzaimy, Kuswadinata, Mustafa Maarof, Rosnani Jamil, Uji Rashid and Hattan. For those yang tak minat citer melayu other than P.Ramlee movies may not agree with me but i consider them good Malaysian actors.

JAlan cerita - simple enough - Awang and Dayang are in love. Awang pinang Dayang but Dayang's dad imposed conditions - hantaran of considerable amount, kain apa entah yang masa tu susah nak dapat serba sepersalinan plus selendang and he has to merantau for 3 purnama to supposedly educate himself. So, off he went and whilst he was gone, bad guy Bachok kacau daun. The movie was basically about Awang's adventures and BAchok's attempts to win over Dayang. After almost 3 years, Dayang's dad decided he couldn't wait for Awang anymore and married Dayang off to Bachok. On their wedding day, Awang came home with some magic lembing he won at a chess game with a King somewhere. Ending...ha you go lah see the movie! hehe...
Man and Gina invited me last Saturday to a special screening of the movie. So, i dengan excitednya pergi-lah. I brought KakLong, my cousin KTam and her daughter Ika with me. Excited coz first time i know a film producer personally and sangat teruja to show him support. And excited coz i thought i'll get to meet some of the pelakon! Nope. None turned up. Only Man and GIna was there! haha.My take on the film? OK laaaa...tapi ok-ok jer laaa. My main complaint is the heroine. An actress called Siti Elizad. Sorry folks but the girl CANNOT act and she's not pretty enough! There's just no chemistry between her and the men who wooed her! and no connection to me as an audience. I just don't feel sad when she's sad and am not happy when she supposedly is. Know what i mean? Banyak adengan sedih for her - among others when Awang left on his adventure and when she was forced to marry Bachok - tapi she did not shed any tears!!! (which reminds me of Erra Fazira in Kabhi Kushry Kabil Igam - she was sooo good that i cried with her sampai bengkak mata, okeyyy!!).

Flow cerita pun kurengg lah sikit. Ada parts are lost on me...like when orang kampung thought Awang was dead. Why they thought that, i'm not sure. Also, what happened to the characters of ORang KAya and that Ketua Kampung?

But i love the costumes!! they were glorious! Although a bit over the top laa when the actors are immaculately dressed ALLLLL the time! hehe...

I may not rasa that i should rush back to GSC for another round of the movie (like i feel after i watched PAPADOM) but i would like to recommend those yang belum tengok to give this movie a chance. You may like it, you may not but hey, it can be the case with hollywood movies too, kan? SO..pergilah tengok. Sokonglah industri filem melayu!!

mumsie with mr and mrs producer