Thursday, November 27, 2008

tengok wayang

one thing we missed masa kat geneva dulu was wayang. I think i've written about how expensive tengok wayang was over there. SO we hardly went. I think in the 2.5 years we were there we went about 3 times. but we kept abreast with the movies...via downloaded versions courtesy of uncle arm and via the pirated VCDs supplied from kampung! hehe! anak2, especially adik, thought of malaysia via those movies...their favourites includes those made for CD movies. those yang orang malaysia pun tak pernah Cik Ton Wanita Besi...hehehe...and they loved zombie kampung pisang and man laksa! pathetic gila!

All that, of course is well in the past. Kat Malaysia, kami selalu tengok wayang. It's affordable and best of all, the nearest panggung is a mere 5 minutes away from home - GSC Alamanda! So, whenever we decide to go for movies, Mumsie will buy the tickets awal2, then go home for dinner and pick up the rest. We will go to the cinema in time to buy popcorn before the movie starts.We'll park the car illegally (alhamdullillaaahhh so far belum kena saman lagi!) right outside the cinema so all is hunky dory. Convenient giler! There were times when the gang even split into 2. Abah and kakak2 pegi tengok citer hantu. Me, sarah and Soraya pi tengok citer bukan hantu. Or me and the girls go watch girly movies, abah go see boy/manly (?) movies!

BUt of course, GSC Alamanda tu kecik jer. So, there were times when the movie we wanted to see is not showing kat situ. tapi tak der hal. there is TGV the Mines or the IOI Mall or the Sunway Pyramid or Midvalley which is 15, 20 minutes away from Putrajaya. Ni lah antara nekmat nya duduk kat malaysia ni...

actually, when i started writing this, i wanted to write reviews about the movies we've been seeing. Tapi sekarang dah ala-ala malas lah pulak! but's a brief review as to what i think about some of the movies we've been watching of late -

Mamma Mia - Best ever. I want to see it again and again tapi now only showing kat Midvalley at 5 pm. rather an inconvenient time. So, am waiting for the CD version. tak kira lah ori ke pirated!

High School Musical 3 - Boooring (sorry Tipa!)! I fell asleep in the middle of it! tak der jalan cerita..unlike the 1st (and the best of HSM, in my view)and 2nd one. lagu2 pun tak best.

Madagascar Return 2 Africa - Funny nak mampos! Especially King Julian! Long live the King!

Igor - we saw this last nite. Funny gak laaa...good enough to entertain the girls.

I have not read nor heard any good reviews about the latest Bond movie so macam tak de rasa terpanggil to watch that. But am looking forward to go see some local products - Antoo fighter..los and faun...will write about them kalau Mumsie rajin ye.

OKlah..Mumsie gotta go do homework. Ciao dulu. You guys be good now...i like to move it move it.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mumsie is feeling sorry...

1. for face Tan Sri Rafidah as a foe...Mumsie does not wish that on my worst enemy (well..maybe on the bosses!). TSR is one mean lady when she's challenged! But...why arrr she doesn't want to let go? Mumsie not a follower of politics so i'm wondering coz i really don't know! Apa lagi yang dia nak? she's no longer a minister. she's waaayyyy over 60 years in age and am sure wealthy beyond my imagination. so apa lagi that she's hoping to gain? More power? More wealth? is that possible? Kesian Shahrizat...she's being called so many quite a few people. Of course most of the names are called by TSR laaa, the old bitch that she is! Mumsie not sure whether she deserves the names she's being called or not but i do think the woman is trying to do what she genuinely thinks is right so Mumsie is silently praying that she will win this fight. For her sake and also Mumsie thinks Malaysian politics should get rid of TSR. She's had her time...sudah sudah lah tu...

2. for Pak LAh...for all his weakness he does not deserve the disrespect of the people around him. Kita ni ada adab tapi Mumsie rasa orang-orang yang gila kuasa out there dah lupa (ye lah..Melayu mudah lupa!).

3. for Tun M. Kesian for the fact that he kept choosing to yak and yak and yak! apalaaaa yang dia tak puas hati lagi tu?? betul ke dia sayang sangat Malaysia ni?? betul ke dia sayang sangat kat bangsa melayu ni? somehow...mumsie yang tak berapa tahu pasal politik ni doubts that, somehow.

4. for Mumsie. I wish to go for Hajj tapi hajat ni belum kesampaian.

5. That model and his pregnant wife who got the boot from sehati berdnasa. But seriously...the pregnant wife should not be made to make the moves that she make. tak senonoh nampaknya! So, although I feel sorry for them, i'm also glad!

6. of course, last but not least, for abby abadi although i know she's one strong lady that does not need the pity of another. hehehe...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its gonna be Monday again...

Time flies..whether or not you're having fun! For Mumsie, malasnyyaaaaa nak gi keje ...kerja banyak kat office tu tapi tak der motivation langsung! Bozz No 1 has gone for Hajj and will not be back until next year. In the meantime we're stuck with her Deputies and helpers who thinks they're the greatest leaders born this century when in fact they're driving people crazy..making people spend precious hours moaning and bitching about them. Mumsie included and Mumsie is thinking...sampai bila nak macam ni?? I miss Bozz No 1 already. She's the only sane one in the top management section! Zue, if you're reading this : please don't turn into "them" when you come back! Please!

On the home front, its the school holidays, as you know. So the girls are at home 24-7!! But Oklah..they've been entertaining each other. Tu lah nikmatnya anak ramai, i suppose. tak delah diorang lonely duduk rumah. We've been trying with the entertainment bit. One Saturday we took them to Cosmo World. The indoor theme park in Berjaya Times Square. Last Wednesday we took them to see Madagascar. And on Friday Abah took them back to Melaka. They came back with 2 cousins. So, we now have 9 girls in the house and Abah is the lone boy...siannnn dia! hehe..last weekend we went to stay kat Marriot Putrajaya where the girls spend allllll the time in the pool!

As you know, MUmsie dah ada maid. hopefully for the next 2 years. So, nowadays Mumsie sangat bahagia..come home to a clean house, and especially to a clean kitchen where I spend time cooking nowadays! So much so that the girls are claiming they're bored eating home cooked meals! ada ker?? tak syukur, kan? My laundry baskets pun are only filled with clean laundry nowadays. So...i really pray that she will stay for the full term of her contract, at least!

Oklah...tu jer..boring update on the going ons in my life. Sebenarnya tak der mood nak menulis sebenarnyer....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mumsie is....(again posting ala facebook)

1. Recovering from last nite's outing. The whole gang went to see the preview of Impak Maksima The Musical (thanks to Mak Tam and her connections for the ticket!). It was fun, as it always is when we get together with MakTam, MakDe et al. The Musical itself...lets just say its a good effort by Ahmad Idham and his actors. One thing I must say...the Zulhuzaimy (I hope its him) is damn cute when he danced!!!

2. sooo the malas nak pack for this Lumut trip! You see...the place I work in is organizing this Special Project kat Lumut. Nak gi tolong orang susah kat situ...Management says kononnya nak bring us back to our roots sebab ramai orang kaya kat Division we all tu yang dah lupa asal usul apparently. Sapalah orang2 tu gamaknya? Anyvays...will post on that another day...sementara menolong orang kampung tu, we'll be staying at Damai Laut Resort. That, i loike!!

3. still rooting for Abby Abadi! hehe...kita pompuan must stick together! I say to h***lll to Norman Hakim!

Oklah..gotta go fetch the dry cleanings...later!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Note to Mr

You know who you are...

it is now November...very the near end of the year...have yet to see/hear/witness change to situation you have put us (i.e. you, your family, my family...) in. Are you trying hard enough?

PLEASE...make up your blardy mind! Or shall i marry her off to someone else? DON'T under estimate my power over her! CAN?

Mumsie is....(post ala facebook)

1. Feeling really sorry for Abby Abadi. Kesian dia kan!? Am sooo rooting for her to get rid of that no good SOB who had the cheek to say things like "I need Abby sebagai pembakar semangat saya and I need Memey sebagai penyelamat hidup saya!" PENYELAMAT??? PENYELAMAT??? Ladies and gentleman, if you ask me..inilah dia contoh terbaik lelaki thinking through the brains in between his legs!

2. Feeling guilty coz i'm yet to put up a post on Kak Long and MAksu's birthday. It was last week - 28 October. We had a couple of celebrations but malas nak write about it and very the laze to post pixes..can?

3. finding out that she doesn't care that Obama is the new President. Boleh ker rimau belang menukar belangnya?

4. beginning to get back the feeling of dread..bitchy bozz is coming to work tomorrow! Its been bliss the last 3 days without her!!

5. signing off...wanna go watch CSI!

Ciao good!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The end of Sea of Dreams

Mumsie managed to see the ending on my way back hari tu (boring jer MAS had the exact same selection of movies for the trip back!)...

The ending...the town was in danger of flooding coz Grace (thats the girl-whose-soul-belongs-to-the sea's name) was going to marry the narrator of the movie and leave the town to escape the villagers' wrath. But her godmother (acted by Sonia Braga - i think she was one of Mick Jagger's exes) told her of her asal usul and asked her to do the right thing to save the village. Needless to say, she did...she ran to the sea and continued running until she disappeared into the sea...Poor narrator was left brokenhearted by the beach....end of story!

I'd say its a good movie...dah lama tak tengok citer macam tu...