Thursday, November 27, 2008

tengok wayang

one thing we missed masa kat geneva dulu was wayang. I think i've written about how expensive tengok wayang was over there. SO we hardly went. I think in the 2.5 years we were there we went about 3 times. but we kept abreast with the movies...via downloaded versions courtesy of uncle arm and via the pirated VCDs supplied from kampung! hehe! anak2, especially adik, thought of malaysia via those movies...their favourites includes those made for CD movies. those yang orang malaysia pun tak pernah Cik Ton Wanita Besi...hehehe...and they loved zombie kampung pisang and man laksa! pathetic gila!

All that, of course is well in the past. Kat Malaysia, kami selalu tengok wayang. It's affordable and best of all, the nearest panggung is a mere 5 minutes away from home - GSC Alamanda! So, whenever we decide to go for movies, Mumsie will buy the tickets awal2, then go home for dinner and pick up the rest. We will go to the cinema in time to buy popcorn before the movie starts.We'll park the car illegally (alhamdullillaaahhh so far belum kena saman lagi!) right outside the cinema so all is hunky dory. Convenient giler! There were times when the gang even split into 2. Abah and kakak2 pegi tengok citer hantu. Me, sarah and Soraya pi tengok citer bukan hantu. Or me and the girls go watch girly movies, abah go see boy/manly (?) movies!

BUt of course, GSC Alamanda tu kecik jer. So, there were times when the movie we wanted to see is not showing kat situ. tapi tak der hal. there is TGV the Mines or the IOI Mall or the Sunway Pyramid or Midvalley which is 15, 20 minutes away from Putrajaya. Ni lah antara nekmat nya duduk kat malaysia ni...

actually, when i started writing this, i wanted to write reviews about the movies we've been seeing. Tapi sekarang dah ala-ala malas lah pulak! but's a brief review as to what i think about some of the movies we've been watching of late -

Mamma Mia - Best ever. I want to see it again and again tapi now only showing kat Midvalley at 5 pm. rather an inconvenient time. So, am waiting for the CD version. tak kira lah ori ke pirated!

High School Musical 3 - Boooring (sorry Tipa!)! I fell asleep in the middle of it! tak der jalan cerita..unlike the 1st (and the best of HSM, in my view)and 2nd one. lagu2 pun tak best.

Madagascar Return 2 Africa - Funny nak mampos! Especially King Julian! Long live the King!

Igor - we saw this last nite. Funny gak laaa...good enough to entertain the girls.

I have not read nor heard any good reviews about the latest Bond movie so macam tak de rasa terpanggil to watch that. But am looking forward to go see some local products - Antoo fighter..los and faun...will write about them kalau Mumsie rajin ye.

OKlah..Mumsie gotta go do homework. Ciao dulu. You guys be good now...i like to move it move it.....


zue said...

ooi cik kak...salam apa khabar, eh how come you didn't see that james bond movie eh? i nak tau baguih ke tak...and please go and see "twilight" yang baru main tu, I heard it is good - let me know your review if you go. So..boss No.1 dah gi haji ye? It must be difficult with her gone, I can imagine...and don't worry I don't think I can ever be in the same league as "them"...siapa la saya...

ina bes said...

ala2 "funny nak mampos!" gitu