Friday, November 7, 2008

Mumsie is....(again posting ala facebook)

1. Recovering from last nite's outing. The whole gang went to see the preview of Impak Maksima The Musical (thanks to Mak Tam and her connections for the ticket!). It was fun, as it always is when we get together with MakTam, MakDe et al. The Musical itself...lets just say its a good effort by Ahmad Idham and his actors. One thing I must say...the Zulhuzaimy (I hope its him) is damn cute when he danced!!!

2. sooo the malas nak pack for this Lumut trip! You see...the place I work in is organizing this Special Project kat Lumut. Nak gi tolong orang susah kat situ...Management says kononnya nak bring us back to our roots sebab ramai orang kaya kat Division we all tu yang dah lupa asal usul apparently. Sapalah orang2 tu gamaknya? Anyvays...will post on that another day...sementara menolong orang kampung tu, we'll be staying at Damai Laut Resort. That, i loike!!

3. still rooting for Abby Abadi! hehe...kita pompuan must stick together! I say to h***lll to Norman Hakim!

Oklah..gotta go fetch the dry cleanings...later!


zue said...

sooo did you have a good time doing the "community service"??? dengar ada orang sampai menangis kat sana betui ka??? kenapa dramatic sangat division you tu..he!he!

Zetty said...

emo tau last note to norman hakim tu. hahahhaa. tapi memang padan la ngan muka dia kan.