Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its gonna be Monday again...

Time flies..whether or not you're having fun! For Mumsie, malasnyyaaaaa nak gi keje ...kerja banyak kat office tu tapi tak der motivation langsung! Bozz No 1 has gone for Hajj and will not be back until next year. In the meantime we're stuck with her Deputies and helpers who thinks they're the greatest leaders born this century when in fact they're driving people crazy..making people spend precious hours moaning and bitching about them. Mumsie included and Mumsie is thinking...sampai bila nak macam ni?? I miss Bozz No 1 already. She's the only sane one in the top management section! Zue, if you're reading this : please don't turn into "them" when you come back! Please!

On the home front, its the school holidays, as you know. So the girls are at home 24-7!! But Oklah..they've been entertaining each other. Tu lah nikmatnya anak ramai, i suppose. tak delah diorang lonely duduk rumah. We've been trying with the entertainment bit. One Saturday we took them to Cosmo World. The indoor theme park in Berjaya Times Square. Last Wednesday we took them to see Madagascar. And on Friday Abah took them back to Melaka. They came back with 2 cousins. So, we now have 9 girls in the house and Abah is the lone boy...siannnn dia! hehe..last weekend we went to stay kat Marriot Putrajaya where the girls spend allllll the time in the pool!

As you know, MUmsie dah ada maid. hopefully for the next 2 years. So, nowadays Mumsie sangat bahagia..come home to a clean house, and especially to a clean kitchen where I spend time cooking nowadays! So much so that the girls are claiming they're bored eating home cooked meals! ada ker?? tak syukur, kan? My laundry baskets pun are only filled with clean laundry nowadays. So...i really pray that she will stay for the full term of her contract, at least!

Oklah...tu jer..boring update on the going ons in my life. Sebenarnya tak der mood nak menulis sebenarnyer....

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