Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hidup Biar Berkat

I believe, firmly, in keberkatan...not just directly from ALLAH swt but also indirectly through ibubapa kita and niat hati kita. therefore i believe, firmly, banyak kejadian and tragedies today adalah akibat tiada keberkatan.

Contohnya, generally negara kita tak boleh maju sebab tak berkat...ditadbir oleh orang yang tak amanah. The couple who ended living under the bridge sebab marriage diorang tak berkat...they married without the parents' blessing. But now that they've patched things up, insyaALLAH all will be well.

So I believe, firmly, setiap yang berlaku...kita mesti sentiasa muhasabah diri and strive for keberkatan.

Amacam, can?

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Mumsie tengah rajin nih. I tengok a few people puts up their pixes in photoblogs so I pun tiru! hehehe...problem is, i don't have nice pictures like they do (Yes, Nin, i do envy your pictures!!).

But I'm thinking...tak per...slow-slow laahh, kan?! So, if you want, pi-lah visit Baru ada 2-3 gambar. am going through old albums and starting with favourites of mine. hope you'll enjoy them...feel free to leave comments, especially those that can help improve my pix-taking, OK.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Minta maaf..i telah buat tuduhan melulu...

the girl did ask the parents to break off the engagement...parents dia yang tak, how? lari lorrrr! :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lost girl found

Did you guys read about the girl who went missing after shopping with her fiancee? she was found safe in Bukit Bintang. kononnya she ran away coz she no longer wants to marry the guy and she's too scared to tell her parents.

wow, i'm thinking. why couldn't she tell the truth to her parents? to her mom? kesian dia. tapi kesian parents dia jugak...kesian tunang (or soon to be EX tunang) dia...and kesian polis yang free-free kena spend time and resources to find her all the way sampai ke KL when they should spend all that energy protecting us from real crimes and criminals yang makin hari makin berani menggugat keselamatan kita.

As a mummy, i wouldn't want my girls to ever feel that they cannot talk or discuss things with me. So, to anak-anak Mummy yang membaca blog ini, whatever problems you think you may have - be it about boys (yes, am sure this is/will be one of the MAIN problem)...friends in don't think twice about coming to me or Abah. We can always deal with whatever it is together...You know we love you and we will always be there to guide you through life...even bila you all da besar, da kawen and da beranak pinak nanti. Deal? Don't ever do what that stupid girl did, OK?!

Sigghhh...tiba-tiba I miss Bapak all over again. I ALWAYS go to him for my problems....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


wow...lama betul tak masuk blog ni although blog orang lain i still masuk regularly, almost daily! but i've been too lazy to write!

macam mana boleh rajin pulak tonite ek? not sure, actually. its not that i have anything in particular to write about. nothing particularly exciting and/or interesting to report and/or record here.

Ah well...i'll think of something to write about soon. this entry is just to "break the silence". can?