Friday, May 31, 2013

17 Years

Thats how old my marriage is today. Alhamdulillah. 

Sofian and i married because we want to be. We are the kind of people who had looked to settle down the traditional way. Graduate, kawin, have children, grow old together. So, kuasa ALLAH swt put us together. Alhamdulillah.

We barely knew each other when we started. Again, because of the similar needs and wants out of this life, we loved  and lived. We have adventures together, we have four beautiful girls, we dream the same dream. We still do. Alhamdulillah.

I thank ALLAH swt everyday for giving me my soul mate. I pray we will always be together coz everything i ever wanted in a husband, is within this man who is my husband.


P.s. and i thank my dear dear friend Haida ~ the woman responsible for us finding each other!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Working from Home

I've signed up for this 3 month project whereby i get to work from home. And so far it has been great! 

The way it works, i don't really have to go into office ( well...duhhh! ). All work carried through emails, phone calls, sms, whatsapp, wechat, facetime...whichever works best and most efficiently. And the end of the day, i am to submit a report an 8 hours worth of work. Of course, i will still physically attend meetings wherever and whenever required.

Alhamdulillah, its been a week and it has worked wonderfully for me. Abah and the girls! I think people at the office are secretly happy too coz, lets face it, without the boss physically bossing you around, they basically get some freedom too!! But they've been great and supportive. So work output remains, i promise!!

I find myself practising time management,   I believe that work, life balance is much more achievable this way. I am of course, always reminded that kita mesti usahakan rezeki yang halal so i find myself working harder to ensure that my daily report are done earnestly and honestly. 

I wish i can do this for longer than 3 months...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Where did everybody go?

Been reading my old oldd posts...such memories! Made me realize that blogging can be good. 

Also pictures of the kids when they were ... kids! They were such cuties!! Oh how they have grown today... No longer babies, but young ladies! But still quite the cuties. Cuties with mood swings! 

In reading the posts, i had also read the comments from my blogsphere friends... But where are they today? Have they moved on to facebook and twitter as well?

Hey guys... Come back! Nin... Zetty ... Mr  Bangkai ... Kak Puteri ... Kak choc-a-blog ... MrsN! Update your blog please ... Hehehe. 

Ceh mentang mentang laaaa i da start balik kannn...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fardhu kifayah

A cousin lost her husband last thursday and we only managed to visit yesterday. 

When i heard of his passing i had just reached the office. The girls were at school and 3 of them were having exams. Abah pun would probably had just arrived at his office. I was on MC the day before so there was much to catch up with.

Why am I listing all this down?  Because i feel bad. Because i believe in karma. When i die nanti .....?

Alfatihah to Abang Awi. May he rest in peace.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hellooo helloooo echoooo

Well hello there... I left this space more than a year ago? time flies, huh.

Ok. Now that i have this thing called iphone and kakngah had nicely installed blogspot in it, i have the good intention of continuing my journal here...insyaAllah.

I blame Facebook for this!

Friday, December 2, 2011


I must declare that it is the best Malay movie I've seen in a lonnnnggg time!! Kudos to the producer, director and of course the actors and actresses! The kind of love story that has been missing for a long time!!

I've been following the making of this movie since the beginning through the gossip forum Mula-mula tu because I've read and enjoyed the book and its 2 sequels. So, i was interested in the casting of the main characters. Dalam forum tu ramai doubted the casting of Maya Karin as Izzah since Izzah ni is supposed to be a really kampung girl. Some also doubted that Aaron Aziz should be the match for Maya. They had wanted the remy-tiz combination or fahrin-fazura. I, of course would vote for remy-tiz for all the chemistry between them..on and off screen!

Anyhoo..Maya, Aaron and even Lisa Surihani proved the critiques wrong! they were superb!! Maya is such an accomplished actress, i tell you. Lakonan dia sangat berkesan! So was Lisa...her screaming scenes made an impact and not easily forgettable. Aaron...too gorgeous for his own good!! Babak-babak dia all jiwang and menangis was like ohhh-emmmm-jeeeee!! And there were chemistry flying alll over the place between alll of them! Ok, i exaggerate but memang matchinglah depa tu...

As for the story line...i know the novelist was a bit upset coz she was not consulted for the adaptation but to be fair i think they tried their best to stick to the book. tak der lah lari jauh sangat...

It was a love story yang i think Malay film producers has forgotten about until now. Ye lah, semua ghairah nak make violent movies based on hantu or mat rempits and gangsters. This was about boy meets girl...they fell in love but family status got in the way...there was tragedy...misundertanding...but the ending was of the fairytale kind...the kind that makes you go, the recipe is complete if you ask me. Tapi i bias laaa buat dek Aaron Aziz tu! hahaha...

The music makes you want to menghayati the movie...makes you cry with the characters...dahla scenery was outstanding... cantik Malaysia ni!

Hmmm...have run out of nice things to say about it...part tak best: too much kissy kissy scenes...tapi bukanlah yang berat-berat so maybe boleh di terima laa...wardrobe is horrid alhtough Maya pulled off looking sexxay in kain batik lepas! Aaron had this horrible looking white shoes which distracted us from his face! and Lisa kept on wearing really wide belts which makes her look out of fashion rather than trendy, actually...and that lady who acted as Aaron's mum - that Azizah Mahzan - her makeup was so horrible that she looked like hantu half the time! hehehe..

Oklah..pegilah tengok and judge sendiri, kawan-kawan. I went with my sister, my dear cousin KakDor (who had doubts but eventually enjoyed herself! hehe) and my two elder daughters who has fallen head over heels for Aaron! they even cried during the touchy-feely scenes!! KakNgah also declared that it was the BEST Malay movie everrrr...until the next one comes along lah!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things I do not Want to Forget

Blog ni dah usang....sigghhh...

I just want to jot down my latest thoughts...just for my own record. I don't think anyone reads this anymore...siggghhh

A lot has happened in the past year...we moved to our house...our own! a cute single storey bungalow at the edge of Putrajaya! this is it...this is where I will live till the rest of my life...insyaALLAH...

***After so long, i have forgotten my password into this blog! and i've forgotten even the gmail password!! jenuh i menggodak sana sini...went into recovery system and back in!! i hated the thought of "losing" this blog. I have no interest to make a new one...ah well...all is good. i managed to save the blog!

sambung balik..the story of my life...i feel like i have finally grown up since we moved here...difficult to explain but i finally rasa apa yang mak-mak kita rasa, i think. Since the house is tiny i've been baking and cooking quite a bit. and my children, ALLAH swt bless them always...are my profound supporters, enjoying every bit of the dishes i serve them. half the time they refused to eat out and insisted i cooked the meal they want to eat...some of them had even announced that they feel like heaven when they smell my bakings!! all together now...awwwww...

last Aidil Fitri was the highlight of my that i will replay in my mind over and over again for a long time to come, i'd think. You (whoever you are who may be reading this) see, we celebrated Raya eve and morning in our own house. It was made sweetest when all my siblings decided to congregate here the eve of Raya tu. and Abah brought home the group from Surau to takbir in our house!! first time ever! first time in my WHOLE life!! orang datang bertakbir! oh, i feel so grown up then! i didn't exactly know what to do when they came but Abah helped and we managed. I was ever so proud...kesian I kan, umur dah 40 lebih baru nak experience all this!insyaALLAH..this is hoped to be an annual event for us from now on. Lepas sembahyang Raya baru balik kampung. Penat memang penat..the cooking and trying (with minimal success) to put the house in order...tapi tersangaaaaat lah worth it! tersangaaaat la puas hati!

to be continued...hopefully not too long from now! :-))

p.s. this post was completed on 31 October 2011...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Of places and airplanes...

Sejak BossBesau make the ruling that his officers no longer to travel using M$$ but instead fly the cheapest airline on commercial rate, Mumsie finds herself using Qatar Airways quite often...mula-mula dulu macam depress lah jugak sebab no longer travel biz class. But of late Mumsie redha kan point complaining. Kerja tetap kena buat and BossBesau tu tetap kena diikut cakap dia selagi dia belum pencen.

So, today (p.s. am now in Doha Airport, waiting for my flight home after a sojourn to Ankara), I find myself appreciating Qatar Air a bit more. It's quite convenient, really. We are checked in through to final destination, so tak worry about luggage at transit points. Airport dia pon ciput jer so no worries about having to walk miles and miles from one terminal to another. Surau dia selesa and clean. Toilet pun selesa and clean. Ada paip air in every cubicle. Air panas pulak tuh. Hehe.

Only one complaint ~ things here are expensive. Burger meal bodo aje pon can cost about rm50!! On certain trips, the connecting flite is hours away (like today ~ I have 5 hours to kill!), so the ciput airport does not help! kalau besar sikit macam Dubai airport tu seronoklah jugak...can cuci mata kat kedai duty free! Hehehe...

Oklah peeps...will now go back to my people watching activity. Macam-macam jenis orang ada!