Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the last day

2009 dah sampai ke penghujungnya....tapi tak der rasa apa-apa pun. Rasa dah tua ajer. I've said that before, haven't I?

Anyhoo...rajin pulak meng-hap-det dua tiga hari ni. Just nak corat coret about today thus far -

FB kena block today kat office ni. I wonder if its just for today or is it blocked permanently. Boring arrrr kalau permanent. How to start the morning on working days like dat! I'm so used to logging into FB first thing to find out how people and friends they are feeling...what they have been doing the last 24 hours prior....what they plan to do...then barulah aman nak start buat keje! hehe! FOr the record, i don't play the games on FB tau. Not Farmville, not Cafe WOrld, not MAfia World either! Bangga! Memang I use FB purely to kepochi about other people's lives and to brag about my bakings! :-)

Adik pergi "orientation" kat sekolah. Dah nak masuk Darjah 1 dah baby Mumsie! Sigghhhh...She was excited so she was up and ready by 7.30 am. Orientation tu start at 8.30. Abah kata she fell asleep masa taklimat! hahaha!

Was reading Utusan Online. There's a report that Zizie Ezzete and her 50-something politician husband has gone to Europe for their honeymoon and will be back next week. Haiyya...itupun masuk suratkhabar? Ada orang kesah ker? Reporters dah tak der citer sangat ker?

Semalam berita pasal Sultan Kelantan's second wife's revelations. Was thinking: Wow! I baca dalam, the first wife very the garang and very in control within the Istana. Pun boleh terlepas laki kawin lain?! Not good for womankind!

Oklah. I should go and earn my living. DO real work. dah seminggu makan gaji buta!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog vs. Blog

Was reading the blog of a famous designer. I like it. Ada laa unsur-unsur berlagak but he seems to have a nice life...filled with designer handbags!! hehe...

Apparently he has received some nasty comments from a particular reader. A reader who did not appreciate the way he conducts himself in the TV programme he hosted. So the reader kutuk dia and dia kutuk the reader back! Then semalam I discovered that the reader has set up her/his own blog! It seems to me that blog was specifically set up to kutuk this designer!! waahhh! kacau! Ini macam punya orang pun ada! I bukanlah nak defend the designer...tapi to me, kalau dah you tak suka orang tu, janganlah baca blog dia, ye dak!?

Which reminds me of a "situation" i put myself in some time ago. I wrote in this blog about not appreciating this particular woman's blog coz she wrote as if she's perpetually having the bestest life and times! let me tell you now...i didn't know this woman personally. And i didn't think she knows me either. I found her blog through a friend's blog. I was a silent reader. Never did i post any comment on any of her entries. Yes, initially i put her on the reading list of my blog but that was done without her permission so i assumed that since she doesn't know me, she wouldn't know that. When i wrote that i was deleting her blog from my reading list, i NEVER mentioned the name...neither her name nor her blog's name. If you don't know me, then it could have been ANYONE as far as you're concerned, right?! This is what i wrote:

"But not all blogs are enjoyable to read. Some concentrates too much on our oh-so-happening political blogger wrote only about the good stuff in her life. She's too ceria to the point of annoyance!! I cannot tahan so i've deleted her from my reading list! Life can't be that good alllllll the time, okeyyyyy..."

BUT...apparently she does know. She was allllll upset about what i wrote. After that posting i never went back to her blog but somehow, someone told me that the lady rant and rave in her blog trying to justify her writings and how upset she was with me!!

And I was like....whadddahelllllll????? HOW did she know i was writing about her??? I never told anyone. HOWWWW did she know?? Sampai hari ni i pelik.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


well...well...well! long time no blog, eh. For many reasons. Malas. Malu (malu?? yes, malu bila baca blog orang lain yang sangat articulate and leading interesting life and very tidak takut untuk menyuarakan pendapat dengan menggunakan bahasa bahasa kesat tetapi menghiburkan!). No time. No idea. Too entertained by Facebook.

hari ni terpanggil pulak untuk menulis. About what?

1. anak-anak - my favourite topic. My girls are ok. Excited about school reopening soon. Adik dah nak masuk Darjah 1. Which means all of my children dah sekolah. I feel old. You think I should another one?

2. the new year - what about the new year? will it bring good things? I sure hope so. Seperti tahun-tahun lepas, I'm not bothered about resolutions. Never have and Insya ALLAH never will. Tapi i nak lebihkan usaha to become a good Muslim. Have not been a good one thus far. siggghhhhhh...

3. the year 2009 - for me, it has been an OK year. Picked up a hobby - photography - when I bought a DSLR. KakLong went through her first of many major exam - UPSR. She survived with a 4A and a B for Science. OKlah but i had secretly thought she could score straight As but somehow I redha because i rasa dia tak rajin study. Things at the office is improving. Bosses are still the bosses so there are still shitty days but I'm learning to cope better. Maybe because we have moved into a new building and I now have my own room where I can just not care.

4. cooking and baking - yeap, i've gone into some kind of baking frenzy. Bought me-self a breadmaker. So, have started baking breads as well. Syok coz my children enjoys my cookings and bakings. Then again, they enjoy most food anyway - home cooked or otherwise! :-)

5. health - OK but not perfect. Am seriously getting old!