Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog vs. Blog

Was reading the blog of a famous designer. I like it. Ada laa unsur-unsur berlagak but he seems to have a nice life...filled with designer handbags!! hehe...

Apparently he has received some nasty comments from a particular reader. A reader who did not appreciate the way he conducts himself in the TV programme he hosted. So the reader kutuk dia and dia kutuk the reader back! Then semalam I discovered that the reader has set up her/his own blog! It seems to me that blog was specifically set up to kutuk this designer!! waahhh! kacau! Ini macam punya orang pun ada! I bukanlah nak defend the designer...tapi to me, kalau dah you tak suka orang tu, janganlah baca blog dia, ye dak!?

Which reminds me of a "situation" i put myself in some time ago. I wrote in this blog about not appreciating this particular woman's blog coz she wrote as if she's perpetually having the bestest life and times! let me tell you now...i didn't know this woman personally. And i didn't think she knows me either. I found her blog through a friend's blog. I was a silent reader. Never did i post any comment on any of her entries. Yes, initially i put her on the reading list of my blog but that was done without her permission so i assumed that since she doesn't know me, she wouldn't know that. When i wrote that i was deleting her blog from my reading list, i NEVER mentioned the name...neither her name nor her blog's name. If you don't know me, then it could have been ANYONE as far as you're concerned, right?! This is what i wrote:

"But not all blogs are enjoyable to read. Some concentrates too much on our oh-so-happening political blogger wrote only about the good stuff in her life. She's too ceria to the point of annoyance!! I cannot tahan so i've deleted her from my reading list! Life can't be that good alllllll the time, okeyyyyy..."

BUT...apparently she does know. She was allllll upset about what i wrote. After that posting i never went back to her blog but somehow, someone told me that the lady rant and rave in her blog trying to justify her writings and how upset she was with me!!

And I was like....whadddahelllllll????? HOW did she know i was writing about her??? I never told anyone. HOWWWW did she know?? Sampai hari ni i pelik.


en_me said...

ahaha.. woman's instinct tewww..

btw, salamm singgahh jerr mama sie

Mimi HZ said...

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