Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the last day

2009 dah sampai ke penghujungnya....tapi tak der rasa apa-apa pun. Rasa dah tua ajer. I've said that before, haven't I?

Anyhoo...rajin pulak meng-hap-det dua tiga hari ni. Just nak corat coret about today thus far -

FB kena block today kat office ni. I wonder if its just for today or is it blocked permanently. Boring arrrr kalau permanent. How to start the morning on working days like dat! I'm so used to logging into FB first thing to find out how people and friends they are feeling...what they have been doing the last 24 hours prior....what they plan to do...then barulah aman nak start buat keje! hehe! FOr the record, i don't play the games on FB tau. Not Farmville, not Cafe WOrld, not MAfia World either! Bangga! Memang I use FB purely to kepochi about other people's lives and to brag about my bakings! :-)

Adik pergi "orientation" kat sekolah. Dah nak masuk Darjah 1 dah baby Mumsie! Sigghhhh...She was excited so she was up and ready by 7.30 am. Orientation tu start at 8.30. Abah kata she fell asleep masa taklimat! hahaha!

Was reading Utusan Online. There's a report that Zizie Ezzete and her 50-something politician husband has gone to Europe for their honeymoon and will be back next week. Haiyya...itupun masuk suratkhabar? Ada orang kesah ker? Reporters dah tak der citer sangat ker?

Semalam berita pasal Sultan Kelantan's second wife's revelations. Was thinking: Wow! I baca dalam, the first wife very the garang and very in control within the Istana. Pun boleh terlepas laki kawin lain?! Not good for womankind!

Oklah. I should go and earn my living. DO real work. dah seminggu makan gaji buta!

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