Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Nin

i present to you snippets of Istanbul....

Inside Aya Sofea...the church that
turned into a mosque and now its
a Museum.
Aya Sofia...

Apparently this place sells the best baklavas...memang sedap sangat!
Inside Topkapi Palace

Entrance to Topkapi Palace

i think this is Suleyman's the middle of the city

The inside of the famous Blue Mosque!
ENtrance to the Blue Mosque...people are seen leaving after friday prayers

My first impression of the Blue Mosque.

Just to thank you for your support to this blog...its comforting that you are around.

Love is in the Air

14th February came and went...big hoo haa about warning Muslims against celebrating valentine's day. Just as well my other half has never bothered...not since day one and never even cared to justify his tak-kisah-ness with the usual line - "I don't need a specific date to tell you that i love you"! Sedih, kan?! But fortunately for him too that Mumsie accepts this part of him unconditionally since day one. Pasrah ajelah...kalau tidak, tak kawin pulak! hahaha!

but on that day, i was blog hopping as per usual and found many love stories. Ada cerita about a lady finding love with someone who's been in front of her for a while already...that was sweet. She has finally accepted the guy and now is busy planning a wedding, i believe, and planning her migration to Australia (I think) to join him once they've tied the knot. I wish her luck.

Ada cerita yang confusing sikit...about a couple handling long-distance love but it seems the lady doesn't have much confidence that the relationship will lead to anywhere in not sure she's ready to accept that but the relationship has been going on for a while already. I wish her luck too.

Ada jugak cerita about lost loves. sad. I stumbled on a blog which describes the feelings of the writer since losing her husband to an illness last october. Sedih coz she kept writing about how much she misses him still and she has 2 small kids. I really wish her luck and great strength for days to come!

Ada tu writes about her divorce. Hmm...this one susah sikit. I feel for this lady but somehow i just don't think its right for her to be so public about it. whatever she wrote, she should realize it reflects back on her and thats not entirely good. But am not to judge. She'd probably say that its her blog so suka hati dia lah and that i wouldn't know apa yang dia rasa dan lalui. so, i will not judge and i wish her luck...

Last but not least, i really enjoyed reading about Madam Puteri Kama and her daughter saving a mummy cat and her kittens. now, thats LOVE!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Wow indeed!! lama betul tak masuk sini...masuk sekadar nak baca balik post lama-lama and reminisce about the good ole times...hehe.

2011 has been hectic, its unbelievable! we moved house just before the new year so since then its been about the unpacking and us making this house a home. Babah and I bought a bungalow just outside Putrajaya. A dream house as far as Mumsie is concerned coz it is single storey! hehehe....Mumsie dah tua...dah tak seronok duduk rumah dua tingkat!

Anyways...slowly but surely we are settling in. Banyak hiccups but we are managing...and we're having loads of fun! we're almost bancrupt but we're having fun! hehehe...

Anak2 pun bikin Mumsie sibuk. ahhhh... when i look at them now, its hard to imagine how i ever lived without them! 2 of my girls are now in secondary school already and both are just about as tall as I am. they are my worst challenge for now and i can only pray that we've put enough sense into them! I must say that i love their company although am not sure they feel the same way coz half the time look like they wished mummy would just do her own thing and leave them alone!

One thing that is changing is the relationship between the four sisters. they seem to be getting along mucccchhhhh better nowadays...Sarah is less temperamental and KNgah seems to be more patient with her! I daresay half the time they even enjoy each other's company!! wooot wooot, i say! so, nowadays, dinner time is always the best time in our house!

Kerja? hmmm...citer pasal kerja tak jadik kerja lah kita....hehehe....