Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Mumsie was reading Madam desert rose's blog - www.lifeisbydesertrose.blogspot.com - and she opened my mind to the this whole concept of Qurban. It is indeed beyond those who goes for Hajj...beyond those who partakes in the sembelihan and agihan of lembu, kambing and unta...

Qurban is for everyone...at all times...dengan ganjaran yang dijanjikan ALLAH swt...mungkin sebab itu some finds it hard untuk berqurban.

Mumsie is actually simply thinking of my life situation. how I must "qurban" anak2 and suami demi kerja by going far away from them for a long period of time...and how anak2 and suami must berqurban by being independent to support Mumsie's qurban...insyaALLAH...

dan qurban kami is simply through sabar...

Monday, November 15, 2010


so, result UPSR came out last week. Alhamdulillah, my KakNgah scored the As she wanted. with her, in fact with all my children, to me its not about the As. Its about ensuring they get what they want. KakNgah in particular puts herself up there somehow. Mesti nak do better than everyone else...sigghhhh...tapi usaha tak nak lebih! yes Ngah, you know Mummy is right, kan?!

I think i've written before that am not that perihatin kinda mum when it comes to the girls' academic life. Like i told Sarah's teacher when he was trying to comfort me about Sarah kena turun class last year - its OK, cikgu. asalkan anak saya happy and besar nanti dia jaga saya dan tak lari ke lombok, saya sangat bersyukur. turun naik kelas is VERY small matter. hehe...you should have seen the teacher's face!!
So, me not one of those moms yang hantar anak tuition ke hulu hilir. well, simply because we cannot really afford it and because i do not have the patience and energy to send them ke hulu hilir. hehe...am also not one of those yang sit and study with them. I just nag, told them to switch off the TV (but apparently KakLong and KakNgah needs to have the TV on whilst studying!) and study. then i'll go and do whatever it is that i have to do. whether depa really belajar or not after that, i cannot tell. well.... i know they do a little bit, at least.

Anyhoo, thanks to our experience in geneva, i continue to believe academic achievements are not everything. Of course, it makes me damn proud that my girls do well in school but i meant what i said to Sarah's teacher...i just want them to be happy and healthy. Jadi anak2 solehah who will always respect and love Mumsie and Abah!