Sunday, March 1, 2009


A colleague of mine died last the young age of 26. He had heart problems..which i think was taken lightly coz he's young and seemingly healthy. He collapsed after a badminton game and died...senang jer. Macam tu lah kita selalu kata...orang yang baik-baik ni senang mati nya. Arwah memang budak baik.

But my posting ni is not a tribute to him. Mumsie sebenarnya tak kenal sangat arwah. So, beyond knowing that dia budak yang baik, i don't know much else about him. Kami tak pernah chit chat pun.

I just want to reflect on mortality and what it means to the people left behind. Like i said, arwah budak baik. So, when he died, those yang pergi melawat cried buckets katanya (I tak pergi melawat coz my handphone was not on that time...another story!). Bosses pun nangis lah, of course. I know Boss No 1 must be broken hearted coz dia memang sayang anak2 buah dia (i would like to believe lah).

Then i heard his desk at the office was cleared by Monday (he died the Saturday before). I was not in office then but i remembered thinking - cepatnya! but i also thought maybe his close friends tak nak tengok tempat dia in the condition as if he is still around. Plus katanya his brother was coming to get his personal stuff. So, OKlah i thought.

then, when i got back to the office, on friday i heard his cubicle is already occupied by a new officer!! Since Tuesday!! and i'm thinking...OOHHH MY GOD!! that fast?? that fast that management cari ganti and moved on???

I think i've said before that i love my job...but bosses is making it so damn difficult to see why it should matter and why i should bother! We are, obviously dispensible...