Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Interesting that there is no english word for merajuk. Why arr? Omputih tak pandai merajuk ker?

Well...I'm a kuat-merajuk-kinda- person. For as long as I can remember. Masa kecik-kecik, i would merajuk to make sure Bapak would get me the things I want. I recall one occasion we jalan-jalan dalam kereta (Bapak does that alll the time - take us on spins in the car - going nowhere in particular). I wanted candyfloss but Bapak said it was out of our way. So, i merajuk. refused to speak until he made one mega turn towards the shop that sells the candy!!

When I was bigger - working in KL - living on my own - I would merajuk if Bapak makes too much (according to my standard) fuss about my so-called social life. I merajuk by not calling him and not going back to visit. In the end, Bapak wrote to me - apologising - explaining why he said the things he said - how he will not repeat them if it angers me so. I cried buckets reading that letter and went home soon enough!

Unfortunately I married a man who doesn't understand the concept of merajuk. siggghhhh...A man who treats silent treatment with another silent treatment. A man who would make fun of the merajuk wife in front of the children. Apparently his style of memujuk! hampessssss! Lagi stress dibuatnya!

Oh, but i still merajuk. I still rasa jauh hati when people doesn't seem to notice me...doesn't invite me to gatherings and get togethers...doesn't send me nice greetings on FB when they send it to others...when kawan-kawan from Geneva balik Malaysia and for some reason did not even call...when husband dear doesn't remember our anniversary...doesn't remember to give me duit raya...bila anak2 tunjuk sangat they prefer to balik Melaka than Pahang....

hehehe...banyak pulak sebabnya, ek?!

yes, i still merajuk but now, i pujuk diri sendiri...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Again...i spoke too soon about sarah

I'm bored. kerja kat ofis tengah tak banyak. Bosses are behaving themselves (hehe). Found out today that we 're re-connected to FB at the office. OK lah sikit. Tak lah rasa macam katak bawah tempurung!

Baru jer puji...Sarah buat perangai this morning. takut pergi sekolah sebab homework tak siap. shissshhh! the thing is she has to be contoh to adik nowadays. If i simply bagi dia ponteng, then adik will be asking the same soon. Semalam for the first time Sarah stayed back in school for Co-co. Akibatnya, she came home tired and grumpy. I didn't have the heart to harass her. She was fast asleep before 9. Sian lah pulak. So, I asked Kngah to explain to her teacher. Rasanya cikgu OK kut coz she was alright when i picked them up from school. Macam-macam lah depa ni, ek.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Losing Our Children

Nothing is sadder to Mumsie than hearing/reading about deaths of children. Nothing is more heart breaking for children to pre-decease their parents. It is simply not right. Tapi itulah kuasa ALLAH swt. Mati is decided upon you, tak kira usia....

My condolences to the parents who lost their children in the recent dragon boat tragedy. Sedih baca that most are harapan keluarga. Very much loved by family and friends. Especially kisah the only child who was conceived only after the parents have been married for 12 years!

Hari ni pulak ada a 3-year old chubby little girl died lepas kena hempap ngan TV!

Ohhh...i don't paranoid should we get? as it is, I've hardly ever allowed my girls to go off on their outings/camps/trips have been minimally allowed. Itupun only after I've ascertained there'll be NO activities relating to water...i know the accompanying teacher(s) -whom i will be calling and sms-ing at an annoying rate !

I know...orang selalu kata anak-anak ni pinjaman. Amanah dari Allah swt. For us to nurture but not for us to own. But to girls ARE my own. I always imagine that i will die if any of this were to happen to me!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its been 19 days...


So...nothinglah! haha...routine macam biasa..hantar anak-anak gi sekolah...pegi keje...balik..makan...tidur...sembahyang in between, but of course! :-)

Updates on school going small people -

KakLong is in secondary school already! She pakai tudung - it makes her look 17! She seems to enjoy herself. Macam-macam cerita about her new teachers and new subjects. Nampak macam banyak homework coz she's always writing...haha! not quite sure how she's doing. I know she damn frust tak dapat jadi Head Prefect or Assistant Head. She voiced her disappointment in her FB status - her teacher saw it and apparently she got ticked off. hmm..i'm not acting on that although i rasa the teacher should take it easy lah kan. KakNgah was merely expressing her feelings. Apa salahnya, kan?! But then...sapa suruh KakNgah berFB ngan cikgu-cikgu dia, kan?!

Sarah - has been made Pengawas Pusat Sumber!! wooohooo! she looks damn cool in the uniform! so the responsible looking! My Sarah is slowly but surely growing up to be a young lady!

Soraya - where do I begin? Generally she's enjoying school. I think. We discovered a week after school opens that she can't write properly! her handwriting is soooooo buruk! Rupanya selama ni in all her cleverness to write and communicate with people was via the computer's keyboard!! We never imagined that she couldn't write! haha! and last nite to this morning she nangis tak nak gi sekolah. I asked why. She said coz "Cikgu Jabarali marah adik..*sob*sob*coz adik conteng meja....*sob*" So, i told her to calm down and that its a small matter but she sobbed even more coz "conteng tu banyak!!!" haiyyyaaaaaaa...apparently the crying continued in school sampaikan alllll her friends kena tolong dia bersih kan meja dia. But she later proudly told me: "Adik dah explain kat Cikgu Jabarali that most of the conteng was already there before i sat at the table!"

Habis satu episode....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making bread

A couple of months back Mumsie beli breadmaker yang macam dalam gambar nih! It is sooooo cool! I first got the idea when i found this blog - - a blog owned by this person who calls himself Mat Gebu. He has a lot of yummy recipes, including various recipes to make bread which he makes easy by suggesting the use of breadmaker to deal with the dough.

It is indeed! you just dump all the ingredients in the breadmaker and an hour and a half later...voila! bread dough is alllll ready for you to shape into shapes you want! not much effort nor khudrat needed! hehe.

Cuma, bread takes a long time to make. after the 1.5 hours in the breadmaker, you'll spend about 10-15 minutes to shape them..then you have to let them be for another 1 hour to allow the dough to rise...lepas tu baru boleh bakar for about 20 minutes. So all in all lebih 3 jam!

Anyways, i've made a few batches of this roti naik - apparently its johor's version of plain roti manis. Sometimes i tabur gula and sometimes i tabur shredded cheese on top of them buns before i bake them. THe children loves them either way!

and i've made sausage rolls too!