Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Losing Our Children

Nothing is sadder to Mumsie than hearing/reading about deaths of children. Nothing is more heart breaking for children to pre-decease their parents. It is simply not right. Tapi itulah kuasa ALLAH swt. Mati is decided upon you, tak kira usia....

My condolences to the parents who lost their children in the recent dragon boat tragedy. Sedih baca that most are harapan keluarga. Very much loved by family and friends. Especially kisah the only child who was conceived only after the parents have been married for 12 years!

Hari ni pulak ada a 3-year old chubby little girl died lepas kena hempap ngan TV!

Ohhh...i don't paranoid should we get? as it is, I've hardly ever allowed my girls to go off on their outings/camps/trips have been minimally allowed. Itupun only after I've ascertained there'll be NO activities relating to water...i know the accompanying teacher(s) -whom i will be calling and sms-ing at an annoying rate !

I know...orang selalu kata anak-anak ni pinjaman. Amanah dari Allah swt. For us to nurture but not for us to own. But to girls ARE my own. I always imagine that i will die if any of this were to happen to me!

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Desert Rose said...

Hi Mumsie,
Angguk2...couldnt agree more wth u.
It breaks my heart thinking of that poor lil one , yesterday yg jatuh tu 5 yrs ol baru and yg kena hempap tv tu baru 3 yrs ol, baya anak I ... i die if it were me