Friday, December 19, 2008

Berita Norman untuk Zetty

So Zetty...surely you read about how the court had to tangguh proceeding to allow for Norman "tenangkan diri"...what do you think!

Mumsie rasa nak bergolek golek ketawa...komedi terbaik mengalahkan los dan faun!!! siap rasa macam nak jalani hukuman mati lah konon...oh puhleeeeasssse!!!

tapi siang tadi Mumsie terdiam. SOmeone was telling me about his boss who has taken long leave to take care of her ailing husband. So I go and say..."see...pompuan siap amik leave nak jaga husband...if situation is reversed, would the husband the same?" that someone said...what about erema yang mintak cerai from seri bayu tu??? but me thinking...Mr bangkai sure happy Mumsie kena tanya that question!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Edward Cullen

Mumsie went to see Twilight last nite. Had to see what the fuss is all about! I went with MakSu, K.Ngah and Sarah. The others would rather be with their cousins kat MokTeh's place. take on Twilight? Okkkeeyyyyy laaaaaaa...must admit that i didn't know what to expect coz I have not read any of Stephanie Meyers' books (tries to get a copy kat MPH Alamanda but its sold out!) I thought citer vampire bunuh bunuh orang and the love story is only the sub plot. Rupanya, the love story is the main theme! sweet story that develops as time goes. eventually it did make me go aawwwwwww.....especially the part where Edward Cullen took Bella to his house and up a tree overlooking this MAGNIFICIENT view...oh..and the part where Edward went to Bella's house and they talked until Bella fell asleep...aaaaawwwwwwww....

my take on Edward Cullen...first impression was not great. Me wondering apa yang hensem sangat mamat ni? too pale and too much gel in his hair! but the lipstick they put on him was of a great shade! wonder what they call that colour?! but must the love story proceeds, he becomes sexier and sexier...not the sex kind of sexy but like yummylicious kind of sexy...soooooo brooody and sexy! hhhmmmmm...mumsie rasa macam a teenager all over again! i just love the way he "protects" the girl...sooo the romantic and deeeeep!

hmmm...i think i'll get k.ngah to put up a poster of him in her room ...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Berita Pilihan Tertinggi

You can tell the state of the society you live in when you find that Berita Harian's Berita Pilihan Tertinggi is...jeng..jeng..jengggggg...Norman sekeluarga kunjungi rumah Memey!!! Like...what the **&&%%??? tapi...Mumsie not passing judgment...far from it. Sebab...Mumsie pun baca gak citer tu!!!! hahahahahaha....alah, macam lah kita ada berita lain yang lebih menarik, kan. between news about Norman and Zaid Ibrahim, I choose Norman. Sorry folks. that may render me shallow to some people but i'd rather be fooled by Norman's flimsy denials (saya melawat kubur kakak which happens to be near Memey's house which happens to have a birthday party going on? yeaaahhh, right!) than Zaid's accusations di aniaya UMNO management. Bukan i tak percaya...tapi zaid and the rest of them tu 2 kali 5 least citer pasal Norman tak sakitkan hati i!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Super Buzzy Day...

Mumsie took the day off yesterday. Plan nyer nak catch up with and maybe, just maybe...kemas my room! Tapi seme tak jadi..kita hanya merancang...hehehe...saspen tak?

Jangan saspen...Mumsie had a VERY nice day semalam, albeit a super buzzy one! I bangun early enough. Woke K.Ngah and asked her whether she wants to go for a hair wash or to the bookshop in Amcorp Mall. K.Long was at Mok Teh's place so, it was just me and Ngah. She preferred the bookshop so off we went. Jauh gak laaa Amcorp Mall from Putrajaya rupanya campur ngan minor traffic jam here and there.

We spent quite a while pilih-pilih buku. I think many people know of this bookshop which sell books farrr cheaper than the normal bookshops. Mumsie was looking for Stephanie Myers. Wanted to know what the hype about her is all about. But unfortunately the shop does not have any. yet, apparently. But I don't think i can wait so, Mumsie need to make a trip to MPH soon. I ended with books by Dean Koontz and Du Mercier. they cost me RM9.90 each when other bookstores would easily charge me at least RM45 for each! K.ngah also enjoyed herself choosing books and reading some whilst Mumsie went about picking some books for sarah and soraya.

Mak Su came to join us for breakfast/lunch at this place called Seri Melaka. Food, ok-ok jer but dessert - Sago Gula Melaka was da bomb!!

Then, Mumsie thought...alang-alang ada kat PJ must make full use of the time so i got MakSu to take us to the DigiMall kat Section 14. Pegi beli CDs. We bought quite a bit - Greys Anatomy Season 5, Desperate Housewives Season 5, CSI Season 8, Friends Seasons 1-10, and about 8 movies! best, best! then alang-alang kat situ Mumsie pi shopping for portable CD player for my triple-e PC and a wireless mouse. Pastu, on our way out, teringat Abah has agreed to get K.Ngah an MP3/4 for her birthday. A quick call to Abah to confirm budget and we started looking for one. So, K.Ngah dah dapat lah birthday present dia...a red samsung MP4 ....muccchhhhhh to K.Long's dengki-ness!!

On the way back, Abah call kata he's taken half the day off and dia dah beli tiket to watch Antoo Fighter kat GSC Alamanda. at 4.45 we went beramai-ramai, with the girls and 4 of their cousins. Have you guys heard of this movie? Its a local product - the latest fantasy movie starring Awie as Drakulat and Radhi OAG as Poh Jee the hero. it was good, i must say. Worth supporting. The jokes are funny and the actors can act!

We didn't think the movie would be very long but it was. Almost 2 hours. We went home at about 7pm and had to rush to pray and get ready to go watch Sinbad, the Kiddies Musical in Istana Budaya. Sent the cousins home and off we went. Nasib baik no traffic jam and the show started on time. Another pat on the back for our local entertainment industry. The Musical was very entertaining. Starred by about 80 kids and Raja Azura as the lone adult acting as Dewi Bencana. She was hilarious! Mumsie bought the cheapest tickets (RM20 each) and we found ourselves on the FRONT row! Mula-mula rasa tak selesa but it turns out that it was a blessing coz there was parts in the musical where there were interaction with the audience so, boleh la kitorang jerit lebih2! And there were part when the actors were right in our face! Anyways, the girls enjoyed themselves and so did Mumsie, Abah and MakSU. Seronok tengok the children. They are so talented! and cute!

We sampai rumah almost midnite. Ingat nak tengok movie on PC tapi tengok-tengok...i need to install something dulu baru leh pakai the portable CD player. download gambar jer laaa. went to bed thinking it was a weekend but woke up this morning, upset upon realising it is only Thursday...i have to wear batik and go to work....siggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh