Friday, September 25, 2009

Seminggu Ber Hari Raya

Mumsie and brood is finally home in Putrajaya after a week of ber-hari raya sakan! Mumsie sangat seronok this Syawal because setelah sekian lama we beraya in Lipis/Raub first! Since balik from Geneva we have gone through 1 Raya Puasa and 2 Raya Haji before this and alllll of them was spent and celebrated in Melaka!! Tak aci, kan?!

Anyways, this time we balik beraya ke kampung Mumsie. Pagi Sabtu we balik Lipis. Silly us thinking by that time everyone would have gone back to their kampung so leaving the highway to us! Boy we were mistaken!! A trip that usually takes 2 and a half hours took us 6 hours!! Crazy, kan?! I blame it on the Kelantanese. Bukan apa...its like they are the only ones nak cepat balik kampung. they were cutting queue nak masuk bandar Bentong and Raub tu kiri dan kanan! Jalan 1 lane boleh jadik 3! And i bukan tuduh melulu...the jam only occured for as long as we were sharing the route with them. Lepas bandar Raub towards Lipis there was no more jam coz they had their own route terus ke Kelantan! Shissshhhh!! After that day it was difficult for me to feel sympathy for victims of road accidents coz after that day i kinda believed 90% of those victims deserved what was coming to them! When they cut queue, they not only put themselves in danger, they put the rest of us too at risk! Betul2 they didn't think that! And police also did not do their part....they did NOT do ANYTHING to ease the traffic! kira dah lari topic dah ni! Rest assured that was the only downside to my raya celebration! After that I had good plain fun catching up with cousins and aunts and uncles yang i tersangat jarang jumpa. Here...let the pixes tell the story...

Petang Raya, among others, we made these..

Orang Melaka took charge of the ketupat

Kanak-kanak riang

Anak2 IT di petang raya!!

Mumsie's complete family

The lovely ladies in my extended family!

Our gracious hosts...terima kasih laa bebanyak!

OK..dah malas nak upload more. Must Raya is still not complete. I have not visited Bapak!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sembang Mak Ngan Anak

Alkisahnya...anak ikut mom and dad pegi fetch kueh raya then for teh tarik session malam semalam. Anak tanya mak: "Miii...betul ker dolphins tu baik?"

Mak (wants to concentrate on her roti telor+bawang): "yeap"

Anak: Like how?

Mak (wants the sembang to end coz she'd rather sembang with Abah): Like if there is a shark coming after you, the dolphins will come and save you.

Anak: Like how?

Mak (OMG..this is not gonna end now, is it??): They'll carry you on their back and run away.

Anak: then what will the shark do?

Mak (siggghhh...): It depends. If it's not hungry, it'll just let you go. If the shark is'll come after you and eat the dolphins and you!

Anak pause with mata widening and narrowing. Then : Miiii...what about crocodile??

Mak (allaaaa apa lagi ni??): what about crocodile?

Anak: what should we do if they are near us?

Mak (seriously??): you should be very still so that dia tak perasan you are near.

Anak: what happens if i move?

Mak (this is never gonna end, is it?): It'll nggggaaaappppp you!!

Anak: Miiiiiii!!!! Adik, Jom gi tido ngan Wan. I'm scared!


My kids need to watch more Discovery Channel and Animal Planet rather than Astro Ceria!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sembang Suami Isteri

Adalah sepasang suami isteri nie...pada suatu hari (OK...Monday baru ni!)..selepas selesai mengerjakan solat Maghrib bersama dan lepak2 kat sejadah sambil menunggu Isya' (almaklum makan-makan lepas buka puasa..Maghrib pun lanjutlah sikit!), sang suami telah berpaling ke arah isteri seraya berkata:

"Jom kita ada anak sorang lagi nak?"

Isteri: "Kenapa? Yang 4 tu dah cukup laaa"

Suami: "Alaa..diorang tu dah besar laaa..tak best! (isteri starts frowning!) kalau ada baby best boleh golek golek, main main..."

Isteri: "Alaaa...nanti i gemuk arrr..i baru buat banyak baju.."

Suami: " Alaaa..sekarang pun you memang dah gemuk!!"

Isteri dalam hati: "hellooooo...that is soooo NOT the thing to say to get what you want!!!"

Isteri: " I think we should concentrate on the ones we have. KakLong and KakNgah demands more of our attention sekarang ni..."

Suami: "We need to try for a son...otherwise nanti hilang nama kita...coz their children akan ber-bin-kan bapa yang ber-bin kan bapanya, etc, etc"

Isteri: "Alaaa..bila mati nanti, talkin kita kena bin-kan mak juga...tak der ke mananya nama bapak tu...Also what if we have another one, keluar perempuan juga? Plus, kalau dapat anak lelaki macam abang i tu pun lagi tak guna!!"

Suami: "Well...kalau macam tu kira rezeki kita lar...tapi i can imagine in years to come i will be one to share stuffs with."

Isteri: "Why not? The girls are more than happy to share stuff with you! Or just get a hobby to keep you occupied!"

Suami: "But i cannot take them to watch football games ... kat mesia ni bukan boleh orang pompuan pegi. bahaya!!"

Pause coz azan Isya' berkumandang kat TV. Tunjuk gambar Mekah.

Isteri: "I have another reason - i betul betul nak pegi umrah hujung tahun ni. I cannot go laa kalau mengandung!"

Suami : "okeyyy laaaa...taknak sudah.."

demikianlah sikit lebih kurang sembang suami isteri itu...konklusi-nya si isteri saspek, with that conversation si isteri no longer can tell whoever yang suruh we try for a boy : "I tak kisah..dia (pointing to suami) yang taknak!!". So now..suami can use that answer laaa...very crever my husband, kan?! ooopss!!! Ne-mind...asal dia bukan nak cari sebab!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cucu Tok Mummy

This is my cucu...cucu sedara laaa...nama dia Fakrul Radzi (am not quite sure how it is spelt). Am not quite sure as to how old he is tapi dia dah ada adik. This little guy is interesting coz he has a baby squeeky voice and is afraid of a LOT of things! Dia takut orang gemuk...takut belon ...takut Barbie dolls...he's even afraid of gambar Cookie Monster on his aunt's T-shirt!
Couple of months ago I taught him to say "mangkuk hayun"! I swear it is soooooo cute when he says it!! Later i taught him to point to his dad whenever we ask him "siapa mangkuk hayun?". dia dah pandai. He doesn't need to point anymore. He'll just say in his cute squeeky little boy voice "Abah!" whenever anyone ask him about the mangkuk hayun!
One of his uncle taught him to say "pergi jahanam" (we're talking Melaka people here...these words mean nothing to them okeyyy). So, whenever we ask him "Radzi nak pergi mana?. He'll say "pegi Nyahanamm.." Cute giler, okey! We will ketawa tergolek golek with the free entertainment!
Yeap...right now Radzi is our entertainment. He is adorable...and the adults around him are terrible teachers!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Sarah!

For the second time, Sarah's birthday falls in Ramadhan. So, once again, it was a low key celebration. Mumsie made her favourite dish - ketam masak lemak and baked her cupcakes - black bottom cupcakes with cream cheese topping.

Wan made pulut kuning and rendang dendeng (yang ni terlupa nak amik gambarnya!). After makan nasi, we nyanyi lah happy birthday for her...