Friday, September 4, 2009

Cucu Tok Mummy

This is my cucu...cucu sedara laaa...nama dia Fakrul Radzi (am not quite sure how it is spelt). Am not quite sure as to how old he is tapi dia dah ada adik. This little guy is interesting coz he has a baby squeeky voice and is afraid of a LOT of things! Dia takut orang gemuk...takut belon ...takut Barbie dolls...he's even afraid of gambar Cookie Monster on his aunt's T-shirt!
Couple of months ago I taught him to say "mangkuk hayun"! I swear it is soooooo cute when he says it!! Later i taught him to point to his dad whenever we ask him "siapa mangkuk hayun?". dia dah pandai. He doesn't need to point anymore. He'll just say in his cute squeeky little boy voice "Abah!" whenever anyone ask him about the mangkuk hayun!
One of his uncle taught him to say "pergi jahanam" (we're talking Melaka people here...these words mean nothing to them okeyyy). So, whenever we ask him "Radzi nak pergi mana?. He'll say "pegi Nyahanamm.." Cute giler, okey! We will ketawa tergolek golek with the free entertainment!
Yeap...right now Radzi is our entertainment. He is adorable...and the adults around him are terrible teachers!!


Anonymous said...

Shame on you adults making the kid provide free entertainment!:-p Make you sure allocate a big, fat sum for his duit raya hehehe!

Zetty said...

makcik sentap dia takut dgn orang gemok.

mumsie said...

LadyM, as he is my cucu on my husband's side, his duit Raya is for his TokNdak laaa to give!! I simply want to play with him!! hahaha!!

Zetty, as always, you make me smile!