Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sembang Mak Ngan Anak

Alkisahnya...anak ikut mom and dad pegi fetch kueh raya then for teh tarik session malam semalam. Anak tanya mak: "Miii...betul ker dolphins tu baik?"

Mak (wants to concentrate on her roti telor+bawang): "yeap"

Anak: Like how?

Mak (wants the sembang to end coz she'd rather sembang with Abah): Like if there is a shark coming after you, the dolphins will come and save you.

Anak: Like how?

Mak (OMG..this is not gonna end now, is it??): They'll carry you on their back and run away.

Anak: then what will the shark do?

Mak (siggghhh...): It depends. If it's not hungry, it'll just let you go. If the shark is'll come after you and eat the dolphins and you!

Anak pause with mata widening and narrowing. Then : Miiii...what about crocodile??

Mak (allaaaa apa lagi ni??): what about crocodile?

Anak: what should we do if they are near us?

Mak (seriously??): you should be very still so that dia tak perasan you are near.

Anak: what happens if i move?

Mak (this is never gonna end, is it?): It'll nggggaaaappppp you!!

Anak: Miiiiiii!!!! Adik, Jom gi tido ngan Wan. I'm scared!


My kids need to watch more Discovery Channel and Animal Planet rather than Astro Ceria!!!

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Cookie Monster said...

i think i know siape yg sembang dgn makteh ni :- SARAH kn ?