Friday, September 25, 2009

Seminggu Ber Hari Raya

Mumsie and brood is finally home in Putrajaya after a week of ber-hari raya sakan! Mumsie sangat seronok this Syawal because setelah sekian lama we beraya in Lipis/Raub first! Since balik from Geneva we have gone through 1 Raya Puasa and 2 Raya Haji before this and alllll of them was spent and celebrated in Melaka!! Tak aci, kan?!

Anyways, this time we balik beraya ke kampung Mumsie. Pagi Sabtu we balik Lipis. Silly us thinking by that time everyone would have gone back to their kampung so leaving the highway to us! Boy we were mistaken!! A trip that usually takes 2 and a half hours took us 6 hours!! Crazy, kan?! I blame it on the Kelantanese. Bukan apa...its like they are the only ones nak cepat balik kampung. they were cutting queue nak masuk bandar Bentong and Raub tu kiri dan kanan! Jalan 1 lane boleh jadik 3! And i bukan tuduh melulu...the jam only occured for as long as we were sharing the route with them. Lepas bandar Raub towards Lipis there was no more jam coz they had their own route terus ke Kelantan! Shissshhhh!! After that day it was difficult for me to feel sympathy for victims of road accidents coz after that day i kinda believed 90% of those victims deserved what was coming to them! When they cut queue, they not only put themselves in danger, they put the rest of us too at risk! Betul2 they didn't think that! And police also did not do their part....they did NOT do ANYTHING to ease the traffic! kira dah lari topic dah ni! Rest assured that was the only downside to my raya celebration! After that I had good plain fun catching up with cousins and aunts and uncles yang i tersangat jarang jumpa. Here...let the pixes tell the story...

Petang Raya, among others, we made these..

Orang Melaka took charge of the ketupat

Kanak-kanak riang

Anak2 IT di petang raya!!

Mumsie's complete family

The lovely ladies in my extended family!

Our gracious hosts...terima kasih laa bebanyak!

OK..dah malas nak upload more. Must Raya is still not complete. I have not visited Bapak!


Zetty said...

i pun bila tgk org kurang ajar atas jalan, cepat jek mulut ni nak kata "ha, kot accident depan tu kang padan muka".

tension ok tgk org potong queue. mcm dia jek ada kampung. lain kali kita kena letak speaker atas kereta supaya dapat sound drivers yg mcm tu.

Anonymous said...

Meriahnye!! Happy for you for beraya in your kampung this year yeay!! :-D

ladymarko said...

5 girls mumsie?? u are so lucky!

mumsie said...


Mana ada 5..i have 4 girls jer...yang sorang lagi tu my maid!! haha...but you are right, i am lucky..alhamdulillaaaaahhhh

ladymarko said...

Ehhh 4... I silap kira! Terkira mummy nye sekali as anak... coz mummy so awet muda ;-)