Friday, December 19, 2008

Berita Norman untuk Zetty

So Zetty...surely you read about how the court had to tangguh proceeding to allow for Norman "tenangkan diri"...what do you think!

Mumsie rasa nak bergolek golek ketawa...komedi terbaik mengalahkan los dan faun!!! siap rasa macam nak jalani hukuman mati lah konon...oh puhleeeeasssse!!!

tapi siang tadi Mumsie terdiam. SOmeone was telling me about his boss who has taken long leave to take care of her ailing husband. So I go and say..."see...pompuan siap amik leave nak jaga husband...if situation is reversed, would the husband the same?" that someone said...what about erema yang mintak cerai from seri bayu tu??? but me thinking...Mr bangkai sure happy Mumsie kena tanya that question!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Edward Cullen

Mumsie went to see Twilight last nite. Had to see what the fuss is all about! I went with MakSu, K.Ngah and Sarah. The others would rather be with their cousins kat MokTeh's place. take on Twilight? Okkkeeyyyyy laaaaaaa...must admit that i didn't know what to expect coz I have not read any of Stephanie Meyers' books (tries to get a copy kat MPH Alamanda but its sold out!) I thought citer vampire bunuh bunuh orang and the love story is only the sub plot. Rupanya, the love story is the main theme! sweet story that develops as time goes. eventually it did make me go aawwwwwww.....especially the part where Edward Cullen took Bella to his house and up a tree overlooking this MAGNIFICIENT view...oh..and the part where Edward went to Bella's house and they talked until Bella fell asleep...aaaaawwwwwwww....

my take on Edward Cullen...first impression was not great. Me wondering apa yang hensem sangat mamat ni? too pale and too much gel in his hair! but the lipstick they put on him was of a great shade! wonder what they call that colour?! but must the love story proceeds, he becomes sexier and sexier...not the sex kind of sexy but like yummylicious kind of sexy...soooooo brooody and sexy! hhhmmmmm...mumsie rasa macam a teenager all over again! i just love the way he "protects" the girl...sooo the romantic and deeeeep!

hmmm...i think i'll get k.ngah to put up a poster of him in her room ...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Berita Pilihan Tertinggi

You can tell the state of the society you live in when you find that Berita Harian's Berita Pilihan Tertinggi is...jeng..jeng..jengggggg...Norman sekeluarga kunjungi rumah Memey!!! Like...what the **&&%%??? tapi...Mumsie not passing judgment...far from it. Sebab...Mumsie pun baca gak citer tu!!!! hahahahahaha....alah, macam lah kita ada berita lain yang lebih menarik, kan. between news about Norman and Zaid Ibrahim, I choose Norman. Sorry folks. that may render me shallow to some people but i'd rather be fooled by Norman's flimsy denials (saya melawat kubur kakak which happens to be near Memey's house which happens to have a birthday party going on? yeaaahhh, right!) than Zaid's accusations di aniaya UMNO management. Bukan i tak percaya...tapi zaid and the rest of them tu 2 kali 5 least citer pasal Norman tak sakitkan hati i!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Super Buzzy Day...

Mumsie took the day off yesterday. Plan nyer nak catch up with and maybe, just maybe...kemas my room! Tapi seme tak jadi..kita hanya merancang...hehehe...saspen tak?

Jangan saspen...Mumsie had a VERY nice day semalam, albeit a super buzzy one! I bangun early enough. Woke K.Ngah and asked her whether she wants to go for a hair wash or to the bookshop in Amcorp Mall. K.Long was at Mok Teh's place so, it was just me and Ngah. She preferred the bookshop so off we went. Jauh gak laaa Amcorp Mall from Putrajaya rupanya campur ngan minor traffic jam here and there.

We spent quite a while pilih-pilih buku. I think many people know of this bookshop which sell books farrr cheaper than the normal bookshops. Mumsie was looking for Stephanie Myers. Wanted to know what the hype about her is all about. But unfortunately the shop does not have any. yet, apparently. But I don't think i can wait so, Mumsie need to make a trip to MPH soon. I ended with books by Dean Koontz and Du Mercier. they cost me RM9.90 each when other bookstores would easily charge me at least RM45 for each! K.ngah also enjoyed herself choosing books and reading some whilst Mumsie went about picking some books for sarah and soraya.

Mak Su came to join us for breakfast/lunch at this place called Seri Melaka. Food, ok-ok jer but dessert - Sago Gula Melaka was da bomb!!

Then, Mumsie thought...alang-alang ada kat PJ must make full use of the time so i got MakSu to take us to the DigiMall kat Section 14. Pegi beli CDs. We bought quite a bit - Greys Anatomy Season 5, Desperate Housewives Season 5, CSI Season 8, Friends Seasons 1-10, and about 8 movies! best, best! then alang-alang kat situ Mumsie pi shopping for portable CD player for my triple-e PC and a wireless mouse. Pastu, on our way out, teringat Abah has agreed to get K.Ngah an MP3/4 for her birthday. A quick call to Abah to confirm budget and we started looking for one. So, K.Ngah dah dapat lah birthday present dia...a red samsung MP4 ....muccchhhhhh to K.Long's dengki-ness!!

On the way back, Abah call kata he's taken half the day off and dia dah beli tiket to watch Antoo Fighter kat GSC Alamanda. at 4.45 we went beramai-ramai, with the girls and 4 of their cousins. Have you guys heard of this movie? Its a local product - the latest fantasy movie starring Awie as Drakulat and Radhi OAG as Poh Jee the hero. it was good, i must say. Worth supporting. The jokes are funny and the actors can act!

We didn't think the movie would be very long but it was. Almost 2 hours. We went home at about 7pm and had to rush to pray and get ready to go watch Sinbad, the Kiddies Musical in Istana Budaya. Sent the cousins home and off we went. Nasib baik no traffic jam and the show started on time. Another pat on the back for our local entertainment industry. The Musical was very entertaining. Starred by about 80 kids and Raja Azura as the lone adult acting as Dewi Bencana. She was hilarious! Mumsie bought the cheapest tickets (RM20 each) and we found ourselves on the FRONT row! Mula-mula rasa tak selesa but it turns out that it was a blessing coz there was parts in the musical where there were interaction with the audience so, boleh la kitorang jerit lebih2! And there were part when the actors were right in our face! Anyways, the girls enjoyed themselves and so did Mumsie, Abah and MakSU. Seronok tengok the children. They are so talented! and cute!

We sampai rumah almost midnite. Ingat nak tengok movie on PC tapi tengok-tengok...i need to install something dulu baru leh pakai the portable CD player. download gambar jer laaa. went to bed thinking it was a weekend but woke up this morning, upset upon realising it is only Thursday...i have to wear batik and go to work....siggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, November 27, 2008

tengok wayang

one thing we missed masa kat geneva dulu was wayang. I think i've written about how expensive tengok wayang was over there. SO we hardly went. I think in the 2.5 years we were there we went about 3 times. but we kept abreast with the movies...via downloaded versions courtesy of uncle arm and via the pirated VCDs supplied from kampung! hehe! anak2, especially adik, thought of malaysia via those movies...their favourites includes those made for CD movies. those yang orang malaysia pun tak pernah Cik Ton Wanita Besi...hehehe...and they loved zombie kampung pisang and man laksa! pathetic gila!

All that, of course is well in the past. Kat Malaysia, kami selalu tengok wayang. It's affordable and best of all, the nearest panggung is a mere 5 minutes away from home - GSC Alamanda! So, whenever we decide to go for movies, Mumsie will buy the tickets awal2, then go home for dinner and pick up the rest. We will go to the cinema in time to buy popcorn before the movie starts.We'll park the car illegally (alhamdullillaaahhh so far belum kena saman lagi!) right outside the cinema so all is hunky dory. Convenient giler! There were times when the gang even split into 2. Abah and kakak2 pegi tengok citer hantu. Me, sarah and Soraya pi tengok citer bukan hantu. Or me and the girls go watch girly movies, abah go see boy/manly (?) movies!

BUt of course, GSC Alamanda tu kecik jer. So, there were times when the movie we wanted to see is not showing kat situ. tapi tak der hal. there is TGV the Mines or the IOI Mall or the Sunway Pyramid or Midvalley which is 15, 20 minutes away from Putrajaya. Ni lah antara nekmat nya duduk kat malaysia ni...

actually, when i started writing this, i wanted to write reviews about the movies we've been seeing. Tapi sekarang dah ala-ala malas lah pulak! but's a brief review as to what i think about some of the movies we've been watching of late -

Mamma Mia - Best ever. I want to see it again and again tapi now only showing kat Midvalley at 5 pm. rather an inconvenient time. So, am waiting for the CD version. tak kira lah ori ke pirated!

High School Musical 3 - Boooring (sorry Tipa!)! I fell asleep in the middle of it! tak der jalan cerita..unlike the 1st (and the best of HSM, in my view)and 2nd one. lagu2 pun tak best.

Madagascar Return 2 Africa - Funny nak mampos! Especially King Julian! Long live the King!

Igor - we saw this last nite. Funny gak laaa...good enough to entertain the girls.

I have not read nor heard any good reviews about the latest Bond movie so macam tak de rasa terpanggil to watch that. But am looking forward to go see some local products - Antoo fighter..los and faun...will write about them kalau Mumsie rajin ye.

OKlah..Mumsie gotta go do homework. Ciao dulu. You guys be good now...i like to move it move it.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mumsie is feeling sorry...

1. for face Tan Sri Rafidah as a foe...Mumsie does not wish that on my worst enemy (well..maybe on the bosses!). TSR is one mean lady when she's challenged! But...why arrr she doesn't want to let go? Mumsie not a follower of politics so i'm wondering coz i really don't know! Apa lagi yang dia nak? she's no longer a minister. she's waaayyyy over 60 years in age and am sure wealthy beyond my imagination. so apa lagi that she's hoping to gain? More power? More wealth? is that possible? Kesian Shahrizat...she's being called so many quite a few people. Of course most of the names are called by TSR laaa, the old bitch that she is! Mumsie not sure whether she deserves the names she's being called or not but i do think the woman is trying to do what she genuinely thinks is right so Mumsie is silently praying that she will win this fight. For her sake and also Mumsie thinks Malaysian politics should get rid of TSR. She's had her time...sudah sudah lah tu...

2. for Pak LAh...for all his weakness he does not deserve the disrespect of the people around him. Kita ni ada adab tapi Mumsie rasa orang-orang yang gila kuasa out there dah lupa (ye lah..Melayu mudah lupa!).

3. for Tun M. Kesian for the fact that he kept choosing to yak and yak and yak! apalaaaa yang dia tak puas hati lagi tu?? betul ke dia sayang sangat Malaysia ni?? betul ke dia sayang sangat kat bangsa melayu ni? somehow...mumsie yang tak berapa tahu pasal politik ni doubts that, somehow.

4. for Mumsie. I wish to go for Hajj tapi hajat ni belum kesampaian.

5. That model and his pregnant wife who got the boot from sehati berdnasa. But seriously...the pregnant wife should not be made to make the moves that she make. tak senonoh nampaknya! So, although I feel sorry for them, i'm also glad!

6. of course, last but not least, for abby abadi although i know she's one strong lady that does not need the pity of another. hehehe...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its gonna be Monday again...

Time flies..whether or not you're having fun! For Mumsie, malasnyyaaaaa nak gi keje ...kerja banyak kat office tu tapi tak der motivation langsung! Bozz No 1 has gone for Hajj and will not be back until next year. In the meantime we're stuck with her Deputies and helpers who thinks they're the greatest leaders born this century when in fact they're driving people crazy..making people spend precious hours moaning and bitching about them. Mumsie included and Mumsie is thinking...sampai bila nak macam ni?? I miss Bozz No 1 already. She's the only sane one in the top management section! Zue, if you're reading this : please don't turn into "them" when you come back! Please!

On the home front, its the school holidays, as you know. So the girls are at home 24-7!! But Oklah..they've been entertaining each other. Tu lah nikmatnya anak ramai, i suppose. tak delah diorang lonely duduk rumah. We've been trying with the entertainment bit. One Saturday we took them to Cosmo World. The indoor theme park in Berjaya Times Square. Last Wednesday we took them to see Madagascar. And on Friday Abah took them back to Melaka. They came back with 2 cousins. So, we now have 9 girls in the house and Abah is the lone boy...siannnn dia! hehe..last weekend we went to stay kat Marriot Putrajaya where the girls spend allllll the time in the pool!

As you know, MUmsie dah ada maid. hopefully for the next 2 years. So, nowadays Mumsie sangat bahagia..come home to a clean house, and especially to a clean kitchen where I spend time cooking nowadays! So much so that the girls are claiming they're bored eating home cooked meals! ada ker?? tak syukur, kan? My laundry baskets pun are only filled with clean laundry nowadays. So...i really pray that she will stay for the full term of her contract, at least!

Oklah...tu jer..boring update on the going ons in my life. Sebenarnya tak der mood nak menulis sebenarnyer....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mumsie is....(again posting ala facebook)

1. Recovering from last nite's outing. The whole gang went to see the preview of Impak Maksima The Musical (thanks to Mak Tam and her connections for the ticket!). It was fun, as it always is when we get together with MakTam, MakDe et al. The Musical itself...lets just say its a good effort by Ahmad Idham and his actors. One thing I must say...the Zulhuzaimy (I hope its him) is damn cute when he danced!!!

2. sooo the malas nak pack for this Lumut trip! You see...the place I work in is organizing this Special Project kat Lumut. Nak gi tolong orang susah kat situ...Management says kononnya nak bring us back to our roots sebab ramai orang kaya kat Division we all tu yang dah lupa asal usul apparently. Sapalah orang2 tu gamaknya? Anyvays...will post on that another day...sementara menolong orang kampung tu, we'll be staying at Damai Laut Resort. That, i loike!!

3. still rooting for Abby Abadi! hehe...kita pompuan must stick together! I say to h***lll to Norman Hakim!

Oklah..gotta go fetch the dry cleanings...later!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Note to Mr

You know who you are...

it is now November...very the near end of the year...have yet to see/hear/witness change to situation you have put us (i.e. you, your family, my family...) in. Are you trying hard enough?

PLEASE...make up your blardy mind! Or shall i marry her off to someone else? DON'T under estimate my power over her! CAN?

Mumsie is....(post ala facebook)

1. Feeling really sorry for Abby Abadi. Kesian dia kan!? Am sooo rooting for her to get rid of that no good SOB who had the cheek to say things like "I need Abby sebagai pembakar semangat saya and I need Memey sebagai penyelamat hidup saya!" PENYELAMAT??? PENYELAMAT??? Ladies and gentleman, if you ask me..inilah dia contoh terbaik lelaki thinking through the brains in between his legs!

2. Feeling guilty coz i'm yet to put up a post on Kak Long and MAksu's birthday. It was last week - 28 October. We had a couple of celebrations but malas nak write about it and very the laze to post pixes..can?

3. finding out that she doesn't care that Obama is the new President. Boleh ker rimau belang menukar belangnya?

4. beginning to get back the feeling of dread..bitchy bozz is coming to work tomorrow! Its been bliss the last 3 days without her!!

5. signing off...wanna go watch CSI!

Ciao good!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The end of Sea of Dreams

Mumsie managed to see the ending on my way back hari tu (boring jer MAS had the exact same selection of movies for the trip back!)...

The ending...the town was in danger of flooding coz Grace (thats the girl-whose-soul-belongs-to-the sea's name) was going to marry the narrator of the movie and leave the town to escape the villagers' wrath. But her godmother (acted by Sonia Braga - i think she was one of Mick Jagger's exes) told her of her asal usul and asked her to do the right thing to save the village. Needless to say, she did...she ran to the sea and continued running until she disappeared into the sea...Poor narrator was left brokenhearted by the beach....end of story!

I'd say its a good movie...dah lama tak tengok citer macam tu...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Correction to earlier ramblings about santiago

Just to add - Mumsie saw 4 movies in the plane heading to Sydney. The other one was Hancock. OK-OK jer cerita nya with a very disappointing ending. Merapu sikit ending nya.

And my plan didn't work. Although I was tired in the plane from Sydney to Santiago, I couldn't sleep dengan aman. As a result, I arrived in Santiago REAAALLLLLLLYYYYY tired!

Anyways, today finally get to jalan2 a bit. We were taken to this bazaar called Santa Lucia yang banyak jual local handicrafts. Tapi mahal laa barang2 kat sini so i only managed to buy some t-shirts and sling bags that KakLong and Sarah asked for. Have not managed to get anything for adik. But there's still tomorrow. My flight home is in the late evening so i'll have the day to roam santiago....

oklah...kalau ada lagi apa-apa interesting to update, i'll write some more then. In the meantime...gambar2 i dah upload kat facebook. Azian, you have FB account?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mumsie in Santiago, Chile read that right!! Mumsie is in Santiago, as we speak! Tapi tak yah lah nak kata wow, glam nyer...

Let me tell you there is nothing glamorous about my travels of late...its all about meetings and reports! Boring babes!! Coming to Santiago took 26 hours! First leg - from KL to Sydney was OK. Ye lah...dapat naik MAS, Biz Class pulak tu! I had a plan.. i wasn't going to sleep that whole 8 hours so as to make myself tired for the 2nd leg. So, i stayed up and watched 3 movies! I saw Get Smart (hilarious!), Sumthing, sumthing the American Girl (OK OK jer), and this i think a Latin American English speaking movie called Sea of Dreams (damn interesting - about a girl whose soul belongs to the sea! So sapa-sapa fall in love with her will die coz the sea will get jealous! Pelakon-pelakon seme lawa-lawa and hensem-hensem! Unfortunately, i didnt get to see the end coz we arrived in Sydney by then! Altogether now..laaaaaaaaa).

Sydney singgah jap jer then the travelling began! We naik Chilean Airline called LAN. Its a teeny weeny plane and we had to travel economy for the next 15 hours!!!!! Sakit pinggang....sakit tengkuk...dah lah makanan tak halal!! Menderita babes!!!

Tapi alhamdulillah sampai Santiago dengan selamat...bag pun selamat! So far belum sempat explore Santiago coz sibuk ngan meeting. But insyaALLAH meeting is scheduled only for half a day tomorrow, so lepas tu boleh la jalan-jalan!! Weather kat sini panas. Its spring but its been very warm and sunny spring days since I arrive. I dunno...i tengok cam Mesia jer tempat ni! Very dry and Langkawi pun ada! Tadi sempat amik gambar kat depan the Presindential Palace which is in front of the place where we have the meetings. Nanti bila2 i will paste the pixes K...

so...what have you guys been up to??

Thursday, October 16, 2008

of internet and blogs

Mumsie ni selalu ketinggalan zaman...i only became interested with internet and e mailing about 5 years ago...when i was transferred to this current place of work, where emails are the main form of communication. From then on i was hooked! Tapi itupun limited to emailing and googling...

Until i discovered! that opened a whole new window for me!! Seronoknya baca the writings of others...i can't really recall how i found out about these blogs but find them I did. I started reading blogs of people I don't know...then link here link there, i found family and friends! I found Teeny..Ika...Haq...Shila...Ina's and Yati's fotopages..i felt connected with them...knowing what they are up to in their day to day lives...then link some more, i found their friends. And of late I've made some new friends through their comment boxes. I don't comment much but i would whenever i rasa "terpanggil" to do so, especially when the writer seems particularly friendly, even in their writings. People like Zetty ..Mrs Goodthings@home...

But not all blogs are enjoyable to read. Some concentrates too much on our oh-so-happening political blogger wrote only about the good stuff in her life. She's too ceria to the point of annoyance!! I cannot tahan so i've deleted her from my reading list! Life can't be that good alllllll the time, okeyyyyy...

Of late i've discovered story Mr Bangkai, Puteri Kamaliah and Kak Teh Choc-a-Bloc. They write with such eloquence sampai i macam shy pulak. Shy sorang-sorang jer laaa...I feel my own writings are soooo boring and tak creative langsung! Tapi i don't know how else to i suppose i should just be me..this is my own blog kan?!

I just want to mention the blog of Superwoman's friend who calls herself MrsNordin. I really admire her writings coz she bares all...she writes to her heart's content. Tak kira sapa baca and tak kira if orang yang baca will get upset by what she writes...Mind you, she doesn't write bad things about people...she just writes exactly what she thinks of people and things happening around her!

Me...i started this blog last year...konon nak tulis pasal kitorang gi jalan-jalan kat europe dulu tapi dah banyak melencong ni! but still i dare not write too much! i dare not take the risk of "upsetting" people! So i write about "safe" things...can arr? can lah ooh! My blog waaattttt... maybe one day..i'll write about how i really feel about things and about people around me (would love to bitch about bosses!!).

Now Mumsie dah jumpa facebook pulak! Don't you just luurrveee all these internet thingies!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ramadhan Rendezvous

Been meaning to write about our experience berpuasa kat malaysia after spending the last 3 Ramadhans in Geneva. Let me say on the outset ( nak buat statement kat WTO jer!) that I missed fasting in Geneva. I missed the "pasar ramadhan" that we used to have...

But Ramadhan in Malaysia ... good, of course. Berpuasa di samping sanak saudara... and Mumsie did not have to cook alll the time. Penting's a list of ways we berbuka this time (in no particular order):

1. Mumsie masak some lauk, Abah top up with lauk and kueh from Pasar Ramadhan

2. Mumsie masak nasi jer, Abah buy loads of lauk from Pasar Ramadhan.

3. Mumsie tak masak apa-apa, Abah beli nasi kerabu/nasi beryani/nasi tomato/nasi lemak/ kuetiaw goreng/mee sup and loads of kueh from Pasar Ramadhan.

4. Abah gi kedai dekat-dekat rumah, tempah food and come home to fetch the rest of us. We will go back to the shop in time for buka. Makan and quickly balik rumah for prayers. This is Mumsie's favourite way of buka coz I don't have to kemas and basuh any pinggan mangkuk! We did this about 3 times. Anak-anak pun suka coz they get to order the food they want to eat...e.g nasi goreng ikan masin laaa...ikan sweet sour laaa...all freshly cooked! Not like the lauk from the Pasar Ramadhan. Once gi Secret Recipe, tapi food tak best and service was bad so we never went back...

5. Go for buffet buka puasa..once kat Penang Village tu and once kat Ancasa Hotel, Mak De belanja. Must say that I really enjoyed the one at Ancasa, not merely because Mak De belanja but also tempat tu very nice. Food was VERY good (we get fresh apam balik which was da bomb! teringak lak zaman buat apam balik sendiri dulu....) and tak ramai sangat orang. So tak de lah berebut2. Company was of course laaaaa VERY gooodddd... here's some pixes:

6. Balik weekend tu we went back to Melaka, where Mumsie did absolute bugger all in terms of preparing food. Mumsie biar jer all the in-laws masak. They are good cooks anyway! Mumsie took the job of going to the Pasar Ramadhan to buy drinks and kueh-mueh. The badak berendam kat Pasar Ramadhan Duyung was out of this world punya sedap!!
Other weekends, Mak Su will join us kat Putrajaya. Dialah yang melayan budak-budak gi Alamanda before buka...beli Starbucks frapuccino laaa...Baskin Robbins laaa...yum yum!

7. For sahur 90% of the time Mumsie will bangun and cook. The rest I would just panaskan lauk lebih from buka time and once we went to McDonalds! Best jugak tu. Ingatkan tak ramai orang at 4 a.m tu tapi rupanya ramai yang beratur dah! and then ingatkan we all jer bawak bebudak at that godforsaken time tapi ramai families bersahur kat situ! Tu lah ..orang Mesia dah senang sekarang ni...

So, all in all, Mumsie had a good Ramadhan. I even managed to ikut Abah for terawih kat Masjid Putrajaya for at least half of Ramadhan. Good, eh? time i citer pasal raya plak!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Am sooooo dreading tomorrow!!

Mumsie starts work again tomorrow and am sooooooo not looking forward to it! Boring betul nak mengadap kerja yang tak pernah habis and bitchy bosses yang tersangatlaaa insecure nye itu!

But i had a good day today...hari yang aman. I spent most of it on my own since the girls were at school and Abah went to work. First I go tabung haji...simpan duit bonus Pak Lah kasik and yang i tersangatlah deserve nya itu. I got cita-cita to go Mekah, you see...Punyalah ramai orang but good to note most people were depositing money. i.e. signs that orang tengah berjimat cermat sekarang ni.

Then Mumsie decide nak gi tempat yang Abah tak suka pergi so I better grab the chance to go on my own so I went to Midvalley. Nak gi IKEA jauh sangat. Nanti tak sempat balik to fetch the children from school. Had breakfast at Toast Box then jalan2 kat The Gardens. Vaaahhhh..posh nyer that place. Tak de maknanya nak spend too much time kat situ but i bought what i set out to buy from there (i don't believe in window shopping!). i.e. a couple of M&S jeans yang tersangatlaaa sesuwei dengan tubuh badan Mumsie yang cun melecun ni! hahahaha....

On the way back i singgah Carls Jr to buy the children's lunch. Kononnya nak kan kelainan coz we haven't had Carls Jr since balik but then Mumsie tersangatlah terkezut when i had to pay RM52 for 3 burgers!!! waliao!! mahal nya!! cekik darah bebs!! I think we'll stick to Burger King and McD from now on!

Sambung citer...after hantar anak2 ke sekolah ugama (budak-budak tu tension nak explain their 1 month absence during Ramadhan but turns out the ustazahs don't really care...oh well!) I went to lepak kat Alamanda pulak. Tapi kejap jer sebab tak der aper nak cari. Then balik and watched drama Pondok Buruk with Sarah. This is a repeat. The first time I saw this when it first came out a couple of years ago i cried like a baby throughout the movie! Tapi hari ni cam tak sedih lah pulak. I think I dah overdose on Rashid Sibir's dramas this past couple of days. Aiyooo..he makes depressing dramas okeyyyy...allll about anak derhaka and dying parents!! and balik-balik pakai lagu Sudirman about ayah ibu tu. You know..the one that goes..ayah dan ibuuu...ayah dan ibuuu..itulah permulaaan kitaaaa....Sampai Sarah pun dah asyik hum that tune jer!

My day pretty much ended with me cooking Abah's buka puasa meal. Sedap Mumsie masak hari ni! about angkat bakul sendiri!! I cooked udang masak lemak (Abah's request. ada masuk tempoyak sikit so ada rasa terangkatlah!)...udang goreng sambal (Sarah's request! tak sampai hati nak say NO so i bahagi dua supply udang so dapatlah sikit-sikit between masak lemak and the sambal). Kangkung goreng tauchu which was nice enough to prompt Kak Long to makan sayur tonite! yeay! and ayam goreng tersangat garing!

Okeyla peeps. Penat arr puji-puji diri off to gosok baju pulak. Have i told you i'm dreading tomorrow???

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I know...i'm a bit late...but not too late kannnn...

So friends..Mumsie nak ucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN...I hope everybody had a good break. One that is well earned, I'm sure.

Mumsie and brood sure had a good Raya. Mumsie enjoyed the makan-makan and alllll the drama Melayu..Abah enjoyed the reunions and anak-anak....enjoyed the duit raya!! Kami balik Melaka and Pahang. Anak2 finally knows Mummy also has a lot of sedara mara...more than just Mak Tam, Mak De and Mak Ngah!! haha!

OK....details later. Dah malam ni...but here's us on pagi raya this year...

Monday, September 22, 2008


I got 15 minutes before punching out time... i just want to tell alllllll of you to go watch Mamma Mia!! The best movie ever! Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Christina Baranski were hilarious. they are real performers! I'd never would have guessed that Meryl Streep could sing so well!

But Pierce Brosnan should just concentrate on acting. He can't sing!

We went to see the movie yesterday..we, as in Mumsie, Maksu and the girls. Amidst Abah's disapproving looks saying "aperlaaa puasa-puasa ni gi tengok wayang pulak!" Tapi dia tetap izinkan so kira okey lah tuuuuu...

The girls enjoyed it as much as I did. they had the lyrics on the screen so everyone could sing along, Sarah did a tad louder than others prompting Kak Ngah to nudge her ever so often! hehehe...After the show we went to two record shops in Midvalley tu but in both the soundtrack for Mamma Mia was sold out!! Last-last jumpa kat Alamanda..yeay!

OK then..altogether now...see that that scene...diggin' the dancing queen....lalalala...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Watcha doin'?

hey y'all...wattcchhaaa doooin'??

Me? Mumsie's killing time before I have to wake everybody up to go for their tuition so that lepas tu Mumsie can pay Sandra a visit!! Sandra who? Sandra is my tailor..who has been sewing Mumsie's clothes since Mumsie muda remaja lagi! and she's also responsible for causing the main dent in my pockets most months!!

Anyway...Mumsie nak gi fetch baju raya la ni...and for the first time, we asked Sandra to make baju for Kak Long. A lacy kebaya. Harap-harap it will be nice.

Mumsie agak teruja ni..iyolah, dah tiga tahun tak beraya kat Malaysia ala-ala excited menempah dan membeli baju for Mumsie and the girls. Cuma Abah jer cool. He's insisting that he will only shop for his baju raya bila dah balik kampung nanti. Apa-apa je lah Abah oiiii..

Tapi Mumsie tak delah going overboard. Dun vorry. The girls gets 2 new baju kurungs and a new dress each. Complemented dengan baju beli kat US and India, walaupun dah pakai a few times...voila! their Raya wardrobe is ready. Cuma tinggal nak beli kasut Raya for Sarah and Soraya. The rest seme dah dapat. Speaking of kasut...we have discovered that Kak Long now wears adult size 9!!! Waliao! Tak lama lagi kena tempah la gamaknya kasut-kasut for her!! How did she manage to grow like that??

Kueh raya? Pun Mumsie tak beli banyak. Sapa yang datang tunjuk sample, Mumsie will order one balang, simply to support his/her effort to berniaga tu. Tak ramai yang tunjuk sample puunnn so Mumsie has less than 10 balangs of kueh raya. Once I distribute to my in-laws...the ladies who clean my house...i should be left with one or 2 for my own. Oklah tu, kan! Ingat nak buat juga sikit...biskut nestum ke...biskut cornflakes ke...but so far ala-ala malas la pulok!

Been thinking about Geneva of late. Went to my previous posts where I told of our Puasa activities last year in Geneva....I miss those days..they were good fun! buka ramai-ramai...makan macam-macam...teringat lengat si Yati...kueh koci si Aishah...karipap sadin si Ita...apam gula hangus Auntie..and of course, nasi kerabu at TYT's residence....hmmmmmm...

well...puasa kat sini oklah jugak...tapi tak delah meriah berkomuniti...seme orang sibuk...and pasar ramadan makes it tak personal...know what i mean?

OK lah peeps...lain kali plak cerita!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Why, you ask?

1. Mumsie's kitchen is clean and almost 80 % organized the way Mumsie wants it organized! Nooo...i didn't do it myself! Rather, Seri the cleaner came today so, Mumsie mengarah ajer laaaaa...

2. Tengok kitchen dah clean, terus tak nak masak! hehe..sayanggg...nanti messy balik, kan! So, Mumsie berjaya pujuk Abah to berbuka kat Penang House kat Alamanda!! First time kitorang buka kat kedai! Teruja la jugak. Buffet for 39++ for adults. Kak Long cost me 29++ whilst adik-adik dia dapat makan free coz the Manager recognized us as regular customers!! Bless her! Makanan nye..OK-OK jer. Nothing to shout about. But the Penang Fried Kuetiaw was da bomb! Syiok beb!

3. Semalam Nuzul Quran. So, Selangor cuti. So, Abah tak keje. So, Mumsie pun took leave. And we partake in our favourite pastime whilst the girls were at school! We went furniture shopping!!! I can almost hear Mak SU sighing...hehehe. Anyvays...we bought this:

Yup! Its a recliner comfy and soft! Idaman kalbu bebs! Da lama Mumsie mengidam this chair! Its now parked in our bedroom, facing the TV! yeay!! Never mind that it means that it is smacked in the middle of the room! We told the kids, they have to pay if they want to sit on it. RM1 each time. So far, only Sarah has paid and sat. HAHAHAHA!!! doesn't take much to make Mumsie damn happy!

p.s. the girls got a new cat. A kitten called Spot. Picked him (yes, according to them its a "he". Mumsie's taking their word for it. I'm not gonna check!) up kat rumah Nek Busu in Melaka...anyways, here's Spot who is not spotty at all...

Apparently we're not supposed to take picture of cats. It shortens their life. Apparently thats one of the reasons why Koko ke???

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Death of a Cat

Yes...Koko Vanilla has died. Whilst trying to give birth to her babies...its tragic and very, very sad. We don't know exactly when she died last night but we discovered at sahur this morning. KakLong cried like she has lost her best friend and I suppose to a large extent, she did. Abah is feeling all guilty for not taking her to the vet and is very sad as well.

Koko V has been a part of our family for a while already. The girls would definitely miss her. They have been very good in taking care of her...feeding her, cleaning her and of course, playing with her, even masa dia dah sarat...

Even I am sad...i never really cared for her but somehow, as a Mummy I know she was having a hard time during the pregnancy and the labour. So, I was worried and did ask the girls to harass their Abah to take her to the vet. I can somehow imagine the pain she was in but i never thought she would die....

So long Koko in peace...may you find eternal happiness with your babies (they never left her womb) in cats heaven...

Friday, September 5, 2008


one more story!

petang tadi Mumsie attended a meeting which was also attended by 14 Ministers and Deputy Ministers!! Mumsie so teruja to be in such close proximity with them!! Meeting was chaired by the YAB Deputy Minister. He did make a little joke about hoping that they will still be in business by this 16 September! hahaha...but i must say that my perception of him has changed somewhat. I think he can be quite smart, if he wants to. I mean, he showed that he understands what people were telling him just now, even the technical stuff and he showed that he can actually make some sound decisions. hmmm...must give him benefit of doubt from now on...

I was duly impressed that the Ministers speaks very good English! All that was there tadi although the Deputy Human Resource Minister tried to speak more Malay than English. I don't understand why since everybody else speaks mostly in English and her English was not bad at all.

But this I must say...the man who impressed me the most is the Finance Minister II. That man is sooooo smart...he so knows what he is talking about!! mind blowing, i tell you!! Minister of Agriculture was not so bad either...

Yang lain-lain bozz comment!

an interesting point to note...everyone was referring to DPM as "Sir". waaaa...


its been a while huh! Bukannya tak der idea...Mumsie ada banyaaaaakkkk idea to blog about tapi the procrastinator that I am (ya..ya..blame it on the disease!).'s pretty much what we've been up to:


Sarah turned seven on Wednesday, 3rd September! Dah besar dah Domok Abah ni!!

Since it fell on the 3rd day of puasa, we didn't celebrate much (but we will this weekend, Insya ALLAH). First we allowed her to skip school (not politically correct, i know but its a damn economical birthday present, i tell you!!). But she slept so much that she woke up with a headache. So bad apparently that Wan made her buka puasa (she has been so good! with the exception of that day, she has been fasting! we are soo proud!!). Then, petang Abah bought a couple of cupcakes. Abah beli 2 aje, takut tak habis. True enough, the 5 of them could not even finish one! Satu lagi pass kat Angeli sebelah rumah!

So Sarah my baby, here's Mummy wishing you all the beautiful things in will always be my baby ... and of course, Abah's Domok!

2. Soraya

Baby Mumsie yang satu lagi ni dah pandai baca!!! yeay!! she is sooooo cute when she reads! she pronounced every "pa-pannnn", "i-kannnn", "da-tukkk", "ba-tukkkk". get what I mean?

3. Trip to Kuantan

Last weekend we finally made the trip back to Kuantan. Mainly, to visit my Bapak. Its been more than 3 years since we last visited him. Anak2 pun dah lupa. we went on a rainy Saturday to Kuantan. Convoy ngan Mak Su. Siap lumba-lumba lagi on the hi-way...dangerous, i know but it was fun! and bukanlaa lumba macam F1 tu...tak de cilok2 sesapa pun...masa tu it was just us during the stretch and we were within the speed limit!! And at one point of time, we saw the rainbow...cantekkkk...

Sampai Kuantan dah petang, we went straight to Cousin Zizi's place to rest and spend the night. Yang interestingnya, Abang Zizi ni ada 4 sons, ages between 14 to 7 years old! lambat la the girls nak "connect". In fact, esok nye dah nak balik barulah ada tegur sikit-sikit! Malu lah konon! But at least, they complied bila kena "paksa" amik gambar togeder-geder!

After the photo session and yummy nasik lemak, we took off to Bapak's resting place. GOD, I miss him! Couldn't stop my tears for all the guilt of not visiting hin often enough. Silently spoke to him, hoping that he would understand and hoping that he can somehow share the "kesenangan" of our lives and somehow wishing that he could see my girls coz, if he can, I'm sure he is very proud of them...come 13 Syawal, it would be 8 years. Such is life, huh. Dari Allah swt kita datang, and to HIM we return to...But it doesn't mean I miss him any less...Moga roh Bapak aman dan ada bersama roh orang-orang yang beriman. ALfatihah...

OK..ok..enough sentimental know (of course you don't so i tell you K), on our way out from the tanah perkuburan, I saw a man collecting earth from the top of a kinda new grave into a bottle. Curiousity got the better of me that I had to approach him to ask what exactly was he doing. Dia sempat cerita itu kubur father dia who just passed away. Since the passing of his dad, apparently he suffers from "semput", especially when he talks about arwahnya. So, ada orang (donno la bomoh ke, sapa) suruh dia mandi air and tanah from the grave!! Can you believe that?? For the water, he kept a bottle of water by the grave overnight. He came that morning to pick up the water and earth. Wow...kan?

Anyhooo..for us, from the grave we went to our old house. Its in a sorry state since it has been "abandoned" for a good number of years. Mak SU has plans for the house apparently. Since it is hers now, we'll just have to trust her...but I must say that the lawn is very well maintained coz MAk SU hires people to clean up the outside once a month. Even the old buai is still around. Kak Long and Kak Ngah still remember the time they spent on that swing....ahhh..precious memories!

From there, we went off to look for lunch and settled at a makan-makan corner by the river...

We drove back to Putrajaya that same afternoon. It was too short a visit. We didn't get to enjoy Kuantan. We didn't even get to go to Teluk Cempedak!! So, definitely must go back for longer time soon. And I did promise Bapak, I'd come and visit him more regularly after this....

We balik cepat coz Abah insisted on welcoming Ramadhan in our own home, katanya. He wants to start terawikh kat tempat sendiri katanya. Teruja to sembahyang terawikh kat masjid after 3 years katanya....ok lah tu...

Speaking of Ramadhan...its been OK for us. The girls, this time Sarah included, are fasting. and bangun sahur without much complain although Sarah makes some sobbing noise masa mula-mula tu! hehe..

Waktu buka pun OK-OK jer...Wan will cook 1 or 2 lauk. Mumsie also tries to cook at least 1 dish and Abah got the duty to go to the Pasar Ramadhan to find kueh and the likes. So far, tak delah membazir sangat coz we cook and/or buy small portions and budak2 pun tak delah mintak macam2. Except maybe masa 1st day. They followed Abah to the shop and came home with kueh and murtabaks. Then Kak Ngah followed Mak SU to pasar ramadhan and came back with yong tau foo and ice blended coffee!!! we had to throw away quite a bit of left over the next day!

Semalam i took the girls to McDonalds. Sarah ordered Fish burger and bubur nasi! and in the end she couldn't finish the burger! geram betul! tapi i teringat last year we berbuka kat McD Geneva. Spent CHF100 on fish burgers and fried shrimps and apple pies! thats almost RM300!! semalam I spent RM30 on a double cheese burger, 2 fish fillets, 3 bubur nasi and chicken nuggets! Betapa laaa mahalnya McD kat Geneva tu, ek!

What has Mumsie been cooking? Nothing exciting...masak lemak udang...masak assam ikan...and 2 days ago i made kerabu mangga, made from mangga plucked from the pokok depan rumah Kuantan! ok gakk Mummy's kerabu (thanks to myperiukbelanga's recipee!) but tak leh challenge lagi kerabu si Yati!!

Tomorrow we're inviting Mak Tam and some cousins to buka puasa and celebrate Sarah's birthday. Am still thinking about the menu...and tengah tunggu Abah balik from masjid so that we can go to Pasar Borong Serdang to get supply! best..i love shopping for food!

Oklah...dah panjang lebar ni...Oh, last story..Koko V is pregnant!! and i think dah menunggu hari nak beranak!! She is sooooo large and could hardly move, except when she's hungry!! SO, i leave this posting now with the latest pix of Koko...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Just wanna quickly wish everyone Selamat Berpuasa...moga kita semua dapat berpuasa dengan Superwoman said: kita mesti bersyukur that we dapat sambut another Ramadhan...

Will write another time of our Ramadhan in Malaysia once again!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is a VERY rare picture...4 beradik in the same room...can't remember the last time we were all together macam ni...


Remember I told you a lot of people from Geneva is back for a holiday? Well, we met most of them and sangat terharu that they made the point of contacting and meeting up with us!

First, it was with Shidi and Ita's little sister's wedding! tapi tak der amik gambar coz tak bawak camera! But Yati did, so we hope to see them kat her fotopages. Of course lah we met up with Ita and Azwa as well tapi tak leh borak lama with them coz they're tuan rumah so banyakla kena layan orang lain as well...

Then a couple of nites ago, Abang Y called to say they are coming to Putrajaya! Excited giler! Since rumah we all not fit to receive visitors (messy giler ...siggghhhh) we asked them to meet us kat Alamanda...and we lepak kat Penang Village! It was a great reunion. They girls met up with their best friends Nisa and Kak Min and it was as if they were never separated this past 9 months!

Mak ngan ayah depa tak yah citer laaaaaaaaa....

Tadi Ita and Azwa came by...and it was also like old times...never ending borak! ada-ada jer topic nyer! and another couple of best friends reunited Khaireen Noor and Soraya!! Seronok tengok depa kawan-kawan...

make me miss the good old days kat Geneva...the lepak2 and makan2 sambil main terup sessions....

Hmmmm...i hear Inabes is also in laaaaaaarrr.....and KakYah..where are you?? Why so the quiet one????

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cameron Highlands

Ni cerita yang dah agak basi...the weekend before I left for US, the gang and Maksu plus Wan went to Cameron Highlands! Not bad...we stayed at T$B banglo for their execs, courtesy of Maksu. Nice place..too bad we only stayed for a night!

We bertolak early2 (by Mumsie's standard!) Saturday morning. Singgah Burger King kat Sungai Buloh R&R for breakfast before heading straight to CH. Perrrggghhh...jauh rupanya CH ni! We arrived almost 5 hours after we left Putrajaya!!

After checking in (sesat a bit before that coz of missing signboards!). Then off to find food at a pasar malam close by. That was fun! We went ga-ga over the fresh vege...and bought loads of fried food...fried mushroom..fried shrimps...fried sotong...more fried mushroom...and of course, strawberries! Including those dipped in chocolate sauce. And we ate everything whilst walking around!

Pas tu we decided its still early so we went off looking for this Teh Boh shop that sells tea and scone. That was gooodddd...sipping masala tea (that started off great but became too masala-ish as it gets cooler...) and ate scones with cream and jam by the tea trees...nice.....

Balik..penat so terus tidur! hahaha....ok...ok...i'm sure maksu wants me to tell what really happened...Balik the banglo, Abah and Mumsie went straight to bed whilst Maksu and Wan had to layan the kids, including making them dinner coz they became hungry again before going to bed!! hahahahaha....oopsss, ok, not funny!

Esoknya ...we lepak2 and left for home by about 11 am. Singgah beli t-shirts for everyone then singgah another Boh shop for another round of teh (this time we stick to good old teh tarik!) and scones. Then singgah Lata Iskandar..wajib for the girls...its a waterfall, by the way! Wajib because we promised the girls and wajib coz adik muntah all over me minutes before we reached that place! eewwwww!!

Then singgah Tapah for lunch and terus balik Putrajaya...phew!! I leave this posting with gambar Kak Long and Mak Su enjoying scones and homemade choc cake on our way home...


Abah and his Obama T-shirt from Washington

Abah turned 40 today!! Happy Birthday Abah...Sarah suns it up for the sisters when she wrote on the card : "I'm glad I have you as a father...." jiwang one my kids!

According to Abah, today has been his best birthday ever! Waaaa...we try...
Pagi was spent with Mumsie...pegi breakfast at our favourite tosai shop..then went to Serenity Spa for some pampering...then OldTown White Coffee kat cyberjaya for some yummy curry mee for lunch. The girls ponteng sekolah ugama, using the emotional excuse nak celebrate Abah's birthday lah kononnya...
Anyways, Abah bought their plea..and we spent the rest of the day kat Sunway Pyramid...just jalan2 coz no dough to spend (belum gaji Abah's birthday present had to wait! hehe..sedih jer!) but we did have dinner at Abah's fav place - TGI Friday! We had the staff singing for him when they bring out the desert! hehe...
All in all... a day well spent, i thought. Its a working day for everybody else so we didn't have to queue for nothing...Sunway was as good as deserted. There wasn't a single person queueing at J-Co!!
So...happy brithday my sweet baby! Hope we'll share many more days like this!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Abe Lincoln

On the last nite Mumsie was in DC, I went to see Abe. Awesome!

On my way home...

Yeay!! Mumsie now kat airport Taipei. Donno what its called officially. Who cares! point being, in about 5-6 hours Mumsie will get to see my babies!! Double yeay!

It has been a loooonnnngggggg week! Meeting the Americans have been particularly taxing! Diorang ingat kita gullible. Unfortunately, there are Members in our delegation who gives them justification to think so! sigghhhh...

So far travel home is OK. FLite from DC to LA was on time although Mumsie macam orang giler mengangkut bag coz i kept getting into the wrong lanes to check in! Rasa da nak nangis takut terlepas flight!

LA to Taipei ni of course la OK..naik MAS and as government official dapat naik Biz Class. So tersangatlah comfortable nye...well, as far as comfort in travelling laa..I mean, how comfortable can you get in a plane, right?! and I also believe, bcoz the trip this time took sooooooo long (siket lebih kurang 24 jam tak termasuk waiting time kat airports!!) Mumsie has somewhat overcome my fear of flying! I remember thinking tadi when the plane bergoncang-goncang: hiyya...nak jatuh, jatuhlaaaaa...its probably the penatness+i- sooo-need-a-shower spur of the moment kinda thoughts laaaa...

After all that is said and done...must admit that i liked Washington. Wouldn't mind living there, actually! hehe... jom pindah, Bah!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dresses from India

My anak2 dara melaram....

Message for Superwomanwannabe

Just to wish you SELAMAT MAJU JAYA in your new adventure....and much CONGRATULATIONS for the brave and very smart move.

Can apply keje kat you tak?

The White House

Lunch tadi, a couple of mat salleh took my bozz and I out to lunch and as we walked, we passed the belakang of the White House. Mumsie sungguh teruja!!

Hopefully i'll have time to see the front part....hehehe...

teeny: Mumsie mungkin dah tak sempat ke factory outlet. Kalau kat High Street punya shop may be can tapi harga cam USD 200 above time, K (chewah...macam la akan dihantar for more meetings ke sini! ).

Iks: nak DVD apa? itupun mak teh cannot promise, OK. My meetings last until late everyday but hopefully i'll have some time on Friday before flying home, OK!

p.s. I had an interesting conversation petang tadi. This guy came up to me and asked: Puan, were you a magistrate before? I said yes la, of course and as I had suspected, he said: you know...i pernah kena marah by you dulu...masa i chambering and doing legal aid matters kat court!

hahaha...small world kan! That guy is now a diplomat here in DC...tomorrow must find out his name. tadi lupa nak tanya.

I also saw George York at his office. Remember last Ramadhan I wrote that I went to his farewell party kat Geneva? was good to meet someone that has that Geneva connection. Both of us was going on and on and on about how much we miss Geneva and the people back there!

But you know what...right now Mumsie is aching from missing my girls.....and Abah....rasa dah lama nya tak jumpa diorang....sob sob.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Washington DC

Yeap...Mumsie's in DC! After berjam-jam berada dalam aeroplane! I've never hated travelling so much! maybe orang kata " nyer..asyik dapat jalan2 jer...." (ada ker orang kata cam tu?) tapi sebenarnye kan...walaupun best tapi agak menyeksakan! Dahla sebelum nak pergi tu kena berhempas pulas prepare all kinds of opinions and position papers, then kena naik plane berjam-jam (to get to DC, I flew 18 hours to get to LA, kena tunggu kat LA airport almost 10 jam sebab too tired to keluar jalan2 then another 5 hours plane ride ke DC ni! I was lucky weather was OK. Some colleagues sangkut their plane cannot land in DC yesterday due to very bad storm so their plane had to turn back to New York! kalau i dalam plane tu sure dah panic station!), then balik nanti kena prepare report berjela-jela!! so..tak derlah glamer sangat sebenarnye!!

But OK laaa...lets be gak laaa dapat datang DC ni. This is my first ever trip ke US of A ni. So, teruja gak laa. I like DC. Very cosy...trees lined the streets so its really redup. Rumah2 dia pun cantik-cantik...just like we always see on TV.

I arrived on Sunday morning DC time. Lepas freshen up i joined rombongan to this factory outlet called Leesburgh Corner (rasanya laa) where allllll the women went on a frenzy buying COACH handbags!! Too cheap apparently! Am proud to say that I was NOT one of those women. I was thinking my handbags yang i beli masa kat Geneva dulu tak habis pakai lagi. And thinking COACH is not all that great coz semua and I mean SEMUA orang pakai COACH ...ori or not is another story ...but it is sooooo common even in Malaysia. So instead, I went to buy OshKosh stuff for Soraya, Tommy Hilfiger and GAP Tees for K.ngah and Sarah and Guess Jeans for K.Long and Lacoste for Abah (they are soooo gonna love me!hehe!). Ohhh and some Aigner stuff (read: a work bag and a pair of shoes!) for me (mucccchhhhh cheaper than COACH okeyyyyyy! eh, why am I justifying me-self???). Now, tinggal nak cari some Hannah Montana stuff for the girls.

Today start meeting...with bullies, if i can say that! siggghhhhh...penat arr...
Oklah..gotta go back to doing my daily report (see...banyak keje tau!!).
Will write again soon!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Taj Mahal

Mumsie went to India last week and guess what? what? Abah came with me this time!!! Yeap...

My meeting was in New Delhi so we went 2 days early to jalan-jalan honeymooning..hehehe...

we went to Taj Mahal of course!

But must tell you that the trip to Agra was like taking part in the Amazing Race! We were booked with this tour bus but they gave us an olllllddd bus! So old that it leaked when it rained in Agra! Then, it was so old that a 4 hour trip took 7 hours for us!! Penat gilerrrr! Kinda took the excitement of seeing Taj Mahal away for a bit!

About 5 minutes before we reached Agra, it rained like its never rained before (well..apparently it never rained like that in summer before! Apparently this is India's coolest summer ever! hmmm...). So much so that the bus had to go through a minor flood and we had to jump on boxes from the bus to get to a restaurant for lunch!!

Alls well that ends well, i suppose. After Agra, we went back to Delhi (arrived at 2 am!!) and spent the next day saree shopping!! yeay! happiness is restored! The shop we went to is in the middle of this famous place called Babu Market in Sarojini Nagar. The shop is so familiar with Malaysian shoppers that the owner and helper could speak Malay and they accept RM! Cool, eh! So cool that i spent my entire month's salary in that place!!!

Then, my meetings started and Abah balik Malaysia...end of story...hehehe!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ayat-Ayat Cinta...

I read Dad-of-Four + 1's review on the book a while back and I actually went to MPH to get it for myself. After reading it, i thought that it was the "softest" love story that i've ever read! I don't know how else to explain it. It was an "Islamic" love story book. Every story told was based on some Islamic principles and teachings...right down to how the hero met his he saw her face for the first time (naturally, in public she pakai purdah!) he married her...their first was alll so sweet and errrmmmm...soft!

So, when they turn the book into a movie and its showing in Alamanda, naturally I would want to see it, right! and i did. Just now. and no...abah did not watch it with me! Me and Jue went for Ayat-ayat Cinta, while Abah and Khairul, Jue's boyfriend went to see Incredible Hulk! All's fair in love and movie preference, is all i can say!

Now, about the movie...macam ok-ok jer although the last 1 hour was good! an exaggeration of the book itself but powerful! Wished the hero was handsomer and macho-er. The guy was potrayed like a real kampung boy! Kinda make you wonder why the girls (about 4 of them) were falling all over themselves over him!

Shall i tell you about the end? In the book, the end was about his second wife. She's a Christian who fell in love with him. She learned and knew all about Islam, most probably because of him but they didn't outrightly say so must be politically correct jugak kan...Anyways, she was dying of broken heart coz hero married someone else but she also turned out to be key witness in the case of hero was charged for raping a woman (another angle to the book..lets not go there). So, to save her and himself, hero converted her and married her. She saved him from death sentence and eventually she died but not before having this dream of trying to get into syurga tapi tak boleh. The doors wouldn't open for her. So, hero and first wife get her to pray with them and mengucap and finally the last door opened and she dies peacefully.....

Dalam movie..pretty much the same tapi they also showed that the three of them shared good and bad times before the second wife hits the dust. First wife was having a hard time to accept the second one although she's the one yang insist the hero marry the second one tu. hero pulak terlebih suka kat the second wife sampai lupa nak berlaku adil. But all things being Islamic, they worked things out and managed to share good times. The part the second wife meninggal tu simple jer...she asked for forgiveness and minat nak sembahyang together...then she died whilst mention of the dream...tapi sedih gak laaa...

Mumsie tetap nangis.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I so need to Diet

I always ingat kata-kata Garfield...DIET is die with T! How true...

Mumsie's been trying to go on a diet. I need to lose some weight..nothing fits anymore! On good days, i succeed but more often than not, I succumb to the calling of carbs and fried food!! how laaaaa?

Reminds me of a conversation I had with the girls after i met a lady who used to go to school with me wayyyyyyy back in 1970s.

Girls: Sapa tu Mummy?
Mumsie: believe it or not, that lady and I used to go to sekolah rendah together!
Girls (not sure which one): and she still can recognize you?
Mumsie: yeap! goes to show I haven't changed much!
Kak Ngah: you were fat then as well??????

end of, can you see the dilemma i'm in? i so need to diet...i so need to diet...i so need to diet............

Story for Auntie di Geneva

We went to see Kung Fu Panda last Sunday. Best! The girls really enjoyed it. After the movie Abah said : Doesn't the Panda remind you of Abang Amir in geneva? he's called Panda too!

All the girls said ...yeeeaaaaahhhhhh...ho hum!
Mumsie asked Soraya : Adik ingat ker sapa Abang Amir tu?
Soraya : Ingat laaaa...anak Ustazah and Atok Berahim!!

Her exact words tau! You see Auntie...i hope you're reading this coz it means to tell you that you, Atuk and Abg Amir are very much remembered by us here...
You don't miss us meh??

Monday, June 16, 2008

More pixes at PRTM

Rombongan Cik Kiah at the show! Pats on my back for successfully bringing 13 people together! Helped by the fact they are family!
Slight scare when Abah confidently drove to Jalan Ampang, thinking Istana Budaya is there. Nasib baik we were early, so after Mootz said in her most innocent voice possible - "I think IB is in Jalan TAR..." she called Kak Dor and confirmed, so Abah drove like mad and we arrived in time to collect the tickets! Mujur tak der traffic jam along the way! We told the others what happened, and Abang Mat dengan seposen nya said: "You wanted to meet the real P.Ramlee izzit....? Haha..very funny! the late P.Ramlee was buried in Jalan Ampang cemetery!

Mumsie and Teeny with Mr Director...

Mizan and Myra with Datin Seri Producer

Post Mortem...

Quote of the Day

In yesterday's The Star, the Selangor MB was justifying his decision to terminate the service of the State Museum's 60 year old director:

"We do not want the officers to be an artifact in their own museum."



Sorrylah lambat sehari but....Happy fathers day...
To the best dad in the whole wide world!! To quote Sarah..."I love you from the bottom of my heart!" And to quote K.Ngah..hooray for:

S - so slim
O - only 40 years old
F - fun forever
I - In love with Mommy
A - A finance Manager
N - Never mad (sometimes!)

But the one done in Geneva was better:

S - sweet to his children
O - Of course bald
F - Funny all the time
I - Incredible father
A - A great husband
N - Need for a shave!!

So, Abah...we thank you for you...for all your patience and kindness..for taking care of alllllll of us...May ALLAH swt bless you always! Mumsie luurrrrvvveeees you!
And Bapak...I miss you...always!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

P Ramlee The Musical

Yeap...we were among the hip people who managed to go see this oh-so-awesome show!!! Malangnya my camera's batteries decided to die as soon as we got there so, I have only the above picture to share with y'all. Thats me sis with none other than Datuk Zahim Albakri! After i took the photo, i went to shake his hand and told him : "Congratulations, Datuk. We haven't seen it but I'm sure its great! Well done!" He said : "Errr..thanks! Enjoy the show!" Then Mootz the sis said: "He didn't direct it this time lah!!" Laaaaa....patutla the blur on his face! Or rather the 'what-the-fish-is-this-woman-blabbering-about' on his face!!

Anyways, the show....where do i start?? Tersangat-sangat menghiburkan! Make me want to jump on stage and join the dance! Make me want to know P.Ramlee!! Musly Ramlee was so real! I love the way he sang and dance. Sebijik macam P.Ramlee! Everyone said Musly did great in the show but I wonder...will he only be great as P.Ramlee?

The wives...they were beautiful! But honestly, Liza Hanim at some point looked like a bapuk! badan dia cam muscular sikit and rambut dia tak cantik! But her singing...woww! Melissa Saila, her part I thought cam over acting but i love the dresses she wore!

The set...i was totally gobsmacked impressed!! The train...the double decker so impressed! After the show, we hung around and saw Datin Seri Tiara and her husband so, we joined the line to congratulate them. Must say, the Datuk Seri very the charming! very the soft spoken one!

Ohkeyy with all that is said and done..let me confess - I've always thought P.Ramlee is overrated!! Alamak, don't laa marah me..everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right? So, I've always thought his movies wasn't all that great. its no longer funny, except for some scenes in some of the movies. I've never understood why my Bapak and now my Abah are so gung-ho over his movies. I can understand the love for his songs, those are good but his movies?? Abah and his side of the family loves those movies. they would recite the dialogue with the characters and roll around laughing everytime. EVERY time!!

But after watching PRTM, i'm now curious about this man. This so-called Malay genius of all time. perhaps i'll start watching his movies now...i certainly want to watch Penarik Beca!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Best Friend

Meet my current best friend....and the new dress i bought for her in Singapore! so in lurve with my ASSUS EeePC nih! Like it makes me feel sooo connected alllll the time! Cam best giler okeyy...

Am in MAS Golden Lounge in Changi Airport. Time to go home and be with my babies! Yeay!!

Kak Yah and Ina...Mumsie so sorry we did not get to see each other much but Ina...Mumsie so enjoyed our midnite gossips!!! thanks for keeping me company at the hotel! And guys....remember these...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

not much of singapore

Mumsie is in Singapore. Its 5 minutes to 11 pm and i'm still in the meeting!!! aaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh....

I've been in Singapore since Monday nite but has not managed to see much. Of course la me not here on holiday but still....

Meeting started on Tuesday but it lasted till 10 pm. Semalam was not so bad. We were free by 6 pm. So, met up with Kak Yah and Ina but we only managed to go to Bugis Street and this place called Clarke Quay. Highlight was that we were together!! Sorrylah Kak Yah, I couldn't really appreciate those places. Penat and ngantuk!

Hmmm...must come again. As tourist. then maybe can appreciate this country!
The infamous Singapore sale has started, menambah sakit di hati Mumsie, not that i can afford to shop laaaa...but still, it would be nice kalau dapat beli a blouse or 2...

the meeting does not look like its going to end any time soon. poor Ina is alllll by herself in the hotel room! And I donno whether I'll get a chance to say bye bye to Kak Yah tomorrow! Bak kata Ina...OH NOOO!!

p.s. the ICJ decision on Malaysia-Singapore dispute on Batu Putih will be out tomorrow...doakan kejayaan Malaysia, folks!

Friday, May 16, 2008


What a tangled web we weave...found this in Berita HArian..

Suruhanjaya dapati Lingam bercakap dengan Ahmad Fairuz dalam rakaman klip videoKUALA LUMPUR: Bekas Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor dan tokoh korporat, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, secara langsung mempengaruhi pelantikan serta kenaikan pangkat hakim. Ini adalah antara kesimpulan Suruhanjaya Diraja bagi menyiasat klip video yang didakwa mengandungi perbualan seorang peguam dengan hakim kanan bagi mengatur pelantikan hakim, yang mengadakan inkuiri selama 17 hari berakhir 15 Februari lalu.
Suruhanjaya itu, dalam laporannya, juga menyatakan keraguan terhadap keterangan Tengku Adnan dan Tan dalam inkuiri berkenaan kerana mereka sekadar menafikan pelbagai soalan daripada peguam yang mewakili pihak berkepentingan. Hasil siasatan suruhanjaya itu juga jelas bercanggah dengan kenyataan Tengku Adnan dalam inkuiri itu yang menyebut: "Saya tiada kena mengena dengan pelantikan hakim". Tan juga ketika memberi keterangan, mendakwa beliau tiada kaitan dengan pelantikan hakim. Laporan suruhanjaya itu mendapati, peguam, Datuk VK Lingam, menyebut nama Tengku Adnan sebanyak 11 kali dalam rakaman klip video selama 14 minit itu, ketika bercakap dengan bekas Ketua Hakim Negara, Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim.

Sehubungan itu, suruhanjaya berkenaan mencadangkan beberapa individu yang memberi keterangan dalam inkuiri berkenaan disiasat mengikut Akta Hasutan, Akta Rahsia Rasmi dan Kanun Keseksaan. Laporan itu turut mendapati, wujud asas untuk agensi penyiasat membuat siasatan berhubung dakwaan Lingam mempunyai hubungan baik dengan Tun Mohd Eusoff Chin yang menjadi Ketua Hakim Negara daripada 1994 hingga 2000. Pada 1998, adik Lingam, Thirunama Karasu membuat laporan kepada Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) yang mendakwa abangnya mempunyai kaitan dengan Mohd Eusoff tetapi perkara berkenaan tidak diambil tindakan susulan. Dalam inkuiri yang diadakan itu, Majlis Peguam mengemukakan gambar, tiket penerbangan dan jadual perjalanan sebagai bukti menunjukkan Mohd Eusoff, Lingam dan keluarga mereka pernah bercuti bersama ke New Zealand pada akhir 1994.
Sehubungan itu, suruhanjaya berkenaan turut mengesyorkan supaya Lingam disiasat kerana salah laku mengikut Akta Profesion Guaman. Suruhanjaya juga membuat penelitian dalam maklum balas kepada keterangan yang diberikan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan bekas Ketua Hakim Negara, Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah. Dalam laporannya itu, Suruhanjaya berkenaan memetik Dr Mahathir sebagai mempunyai 'tafsiran sempit' terhadap perkataan 'perundingan' berhubung proses pelantikan serta kenaikan pangkat hakim. Ia dibuat sebagai maklum balas kepada tindakan Dr Mahathir yang tidak menerima nasihat Dzaiddin supaya melantik Allahyarham Tan Sri Malek Ahmad menjadi Hakim Besar Malaya pada Ogos 2001. Sebaliknya, jawatan itu diberikan kepada Ahmad Fairuz yang ketika itu lebih junior berbanding Malek. Malek meninggal dunia pada 31 Mei tahun lalu. Laporan media baru-baru ini memetik Dr Mahathir sebagai berkata, beliau sudah membaca petikan daripada laporan suruhanjaya terbabit dan mendakwa wujud usaha mengaitkannya dengan perkara itu walaupun bekas Perdana Menteri itu menafikan mempunyai hubungan langsung dengannya. Dr Mahathir turut mendakwa laporan itu sebagai cuba menggambarkan seolah-olah beliau seorang yang bersikap berat sebelah. Suruhanjaya itu juga mencadangkan supaya kerajaan mengkaji semula keanggotaan Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Guaman dan Kehakiman bagi mengelak salah guna kuasa oleh Ketua Hakim Negara yang berhak untuk mencadangkan hakim yang menganggotainya. Ketika ini, suruhanjaya itu diketuai Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam. Peguam Negara yang juga Ketua Jabatan Guaman, adalah juga anggotanya manakala ahli lain semuanya terdiri daripada kalangan hakim. Suruhanjaya Diraja juga mencadangkan supaya Hakim Besar Malaya dan Hakim Besar Sabah dan Sarawak turut menganggotai badan itu kerana mereka juga bertanggungjawab dalam pelantikan, pertukaran dan kenaikan pangkat hakim serta pendaftar mahkamah yang lebih rendah. Cadangan itu dibuat kerana sebelum ini, berlaku keadaan di mana Ketua Hakim Negara mengamalkan pilih kasih. Tiga lagi cadangan Suruhanjaya Diraja ialah supaya ditubuhkan Suruhanjaya Pelantikan Kehakiman bagi hakim mahkamah yang lebih tinggi; penubuhan Tribunal Aduan Kehakiman serta pindaan Perkara 121 Perlembagaan Persekutuan bagi menghapuskan persepsi bahawa badan eksekutif mempunyai pengaruh terhadap institusi kehakiman. Laporan Suruhanjaya Diraja itu sudah diserahkan kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin pada Jumaat lalu dan salinannya diberi kepada Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi serta Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. Kandungan laporan itu akan dibincangkan dalam mesyuarat Jemaah Menteri hari ini yang akan memutuskan sama ada ia perlu didedahkan kepada umum.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wasted day...

I did bugger all at work today!! Spent the whole day doing a bit of this..a bit of that...a lot of reading on-line papers...a lot of blog hopping and a lot of cari.comming!! All because of 2 phone calls this morning!

Phone call #1 goes sikit lebih kurang cam ni..."you cannot go to Singapore. Sapa suruh you pegi? We have better things to do at the office!"

Phone call #2 - "You're going to Singapore and thats it!"

SYMP jer...saya yang menurut perintah...tapi 2 bosses tak bersependapat...i yang free-free kena, consider i tengah mogok la ni...hehehe!

So, am off to Singapore next week. To attend some meetings I know nothing about. Tak per...saya yang menurut perintah. And am sure sooner or later i akan pandai jugak on the substance of the meeting. Oklah tu...and i get to go to Singapore. Last time I was there was many MANY years ago..when we used to live in JB. Back in early 1980s.

And Kak Yah and I get to meet!! Wooohhoooo!!

OK...dah habis waktu off to fetch the girls. Tonite Mumsie has plans to cook! Macaroni soup!! wish me luck! hwahwahhuaaaaaa

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hope its not too late for me to wish all mothers out there a very happy mothers day...

I had a "low-key" (translated: as good as non eventful) celebration. Abah basically didn't think much of today..perhaps coz he's already said the birthday gift covers a few celebration, so I suppose this is one of them. Which also means I need not look forward to our anniversary, which is around the corner!

We were in PD over the weekend (yes, PD..again!). Abah's Division at work had their family day. Not very exciting, so not going to say anything else about it.

But, once home, Kak Long presented me with roses (no..not the real ones...) and Soraya gave me a "card" (translated: a piece of paper with alphabets written all over it!). Sarah came later and reluctantly (translated: Mummy took her arms and put them around me!) gave me hugs and whispers of "i love you". Nothing from K.Ngah...hmmmm....

But dinner was at Penang Village! yumyummmmmmm....

Missing girls...

No, not my girls...

Since coming back, we've been reading Harian Metro quite a bit, simply bcoz its one of the cheapest newspaper on the newsstand! Abah has refused to spend RM2.50 on papers that provides lopsided news, if -ya- no- what- I- mean, nudge-nudge, wink-wink!!

But HM is depressing, to say the least! Its filled with news of death, accidents, crimes of all kinds, and of late they've even printed pictures of people covered in their own blood after being attacked for one reason or another!!

Of course, there's all those stories about missing girls...Supposedly it is to highlight the happy ending..that they were eventually found by their families (although Sharlinie is still missing...). But the question(s) in my mind is....kat Indonesia tu dah tak der perempuan ker yang boleh di buat bini?? Don't give me all that love is blind crap, OK! In these cases, love was blind, dumb, deaf and stupid!

Tapi I pelik...macam mana diorang boleh bawak lari all those girls all the way to their kampung...what were the girls thinking when they were brought allllll the way to those remote kampungs in Indonesia? That they were taking part in the Amazing Race?? That they're going for their happy ever after?? Buat penat jer mak bapak besarkan. Akal langsung tak pakai! Worst for this girl who was recently rescued but apparently brought back with her all kinds of "gangguan" sampaikan her kakak also kena "tempias". The poor sister is now bedridden and the girl is refusing to speak to her family members! How laaaaa...

OK..ok...i shouldn't say much..i have 4 of my own. I should concentrate on them, right! Ye laaa...its just that all these stories are freaking me out! BIG time!! Tu belum lagi I start on those I-don't-know-what-to-call-them girls who gets caught for tranporting drugs into foreign countries!!

You think I should stop reading Harian Metro? Maybe I should just let my bosses take me into depression....hehehe...
Oklah, have a good week, y'all!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Am in the mood...

to write...but am not quite sure what to write about...

About the girls? They're OK. Life has fallen into a comfortable routine...except when Mummy has to travel. But we still have not managed to get a maid! Bummer, really! So far, we're managing by getting some part time help from 2 Indonesian ladies (not at the same time) who comes and clean the house whenever I S.O.S them. Abah says they are sufficient as he is no longer used to have a "stranger" living with us. But Mumsie is still hoping for a permanent live-in maid. It makes a difference...coming home to a clean house and a messy house! It makes a wholllle lot of difference!

And I kesian the girls...Mumsie has not been all! I so malas to clean the kitchen! Excuse, I know..but i really get put off when I have to work in a kitchen I'm not in charge of..when I don't know where things are, etc. You see...Wan spends a lot of time in the kitchen and her standards (whatever that is) is much lower than I'd rather not cook for my family and let her rule in that space than going in there only to get irritated..know what i mean? No? Nevermind...people who knows the kind of relationship that I have with my own Mom would know...for those yang tak tahu..well, you're better off not knowing, believe me!

So, for a long time now, I've been rushing to buy lauk for the girls for their lunch (Wan masak nasi!) and dinner would also be at some shops/restaurants somewhere. Efficient, although not always cheap!

To be fair, I do cook on weekends...roughly about once a month! Coz, we are hardly at home during weekends. Ada-ada jer program nye!

But the other day, Kak Long said she wanted to eat cake and asked Mummy to bake one! I said I cannot be bothered and we have Secret Recipe in Alamanda which is practically 5 minutes away from home! She did continue complaining about me not cooking and baking anymore but finally agreed to Secret Recipe coz she can have 3 slices of different cakes at the same time! Again, efficient but not cheap!

By the way...the girls had just finished their monthly test. Sarah is proving that despite still facing difficulties to fit in, her studies are not affected. Alhamdulillah...Yang interesting nye..Kak Long claims she got first place in sekolah agama's tests...but she failed 1 or 2 papers. How laaaa? She's not in the last class, mind you! So, I wonder laa..bebudak yang dapat nombor over 10 or 20 tu camana laaaa markah diorang ek!

Ok...its wayyyy past midnite. I have a loooong day planned for tomorrow. Need to take the girls for a movie..been promising them since Labour Day (but Mummy was away at a course that day..but thats another that is not worth telling!). Then, need to iron 5300 pairs (sure feels like it!) of school uniforms and locate 300 pairs of matching socks! and kalau rajin (highly unlikely) will cook dinner!


Karyn White -- Superwoman

i'm no superwoman either....

Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You

Reading Superwoman's latest entries make me think of my UK days...and funny how songs can take you back in's dedicated to all my friends I've known since then...long live memories of MITRE HOUSE!!!

Messages For....

All yang sent me Birthday wishes...thank you..thank you! Yati, I da survey matching gelang..RM23,000 after discount!! So lambat lagi laaaaa....
Glad to hear that ramai orang Geneva akan balik cuti this August..tapi i tak harap dapat jumpa, judging by all the missed dates between Mumsie, KakYah and Ina!! ye laaaa sapa lah i.....

Kak Tam and Ika...please don't be upset..there wasn't any birthday party. Just lunch and cake cutting ceremony, which took place well after 11 that night! Just so happens that Madihah was around...

My girlies..Mummy is TV on school nites from now on except on weekends and school holidays! But we'll go for a movie tomorrow! hehehe...

InaBES...bila nak jumpa nie??????

MPs in Parliament...prove your worth guys!

Tun M...sudah-sudah la tu...

Pak Lah...i SERIOUSLY hope you know what you're doing!

BALKIS ...give it up and return the money laaa...PLEASE!

Malaysians...give the Opposition a chance, will ya!

there! I've said my peace....enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm Officially...

Middle age!! Yeap..Mumsie turned 41 yesterday! All together now...41?? really??But you look so young! hahahahahahaaaaaaa...

Anyhoo...i must say, semalam was the first time i really feel glad that we're back in Malaysia..i had the best birthday ever! Mainly, because we had a celebratory lunch that i don't have to cook myself! and cut a cake that i didn't have to bake myself!

We started the morning with our usual hang out place in Sri Serdang...nothing great...then Mumsie and girlies went off to have our hair washed...and soraya had a hair cut ala Victoia Beckham gitew!

Lunch was at Italiannies in Sunway Pyramid! Best giler OK! MakSU joined us with her "friend" who I'm not supposed to talk about in this blog..yet! Am not even supposed to post pictures of them..yet! But here's our food...the cake came first!

Then shopping kat Marks and Spencer...beli b*ra coz my favourite cotton lace bra I bought kat M&S back when I was still a student in UK finally gave up on me last week. It finally koyak beyond repair! Oooppsss...Too much information?? hehe...Don't worry..I won't post the pictures! Not that I took any, mind you!

Malam tadi the girls and MakSU did a little surprise knowlah, lights out then call Mummy downstairs then lampu back on and the girls screaming "Happy Birthday Mummy!!!". And Mumsie must show (fake) Mumsie's best suprised face! This is something they do for me every year...And I hope they will continue to do for many more of Mumsie's birthdays...

By the's Abah's present...tiny little diamonds but enough for me...i so sayang him! hehe....