Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wasted day...

I did bugger all at work today!! Spent the whole day doing a bit of this..a bit of that...a lot of reading on-line papers...a lot of blog hopping and a lot of cari.comming!! All because of 2 phone calls this morning!

Phone call #1 goes sikit lebih kurang cam ni..."you cannot go to Singapore. Sapa suruh you pegi? We have better things to do at the office!"

Phone call #2 - "You're going to Singapore and thats it!"

SYMP jer...saya yang menurut perintah...tapi 2 bosses tak bersependapat...i yang free-free kena, consider i tengah mogok la ni...hehehe!

So, am off to Singapore next week. To attend some meetings I know nothing about. Tak per...saya yang menurut perintah. And am sure sooner or later i akan pandai jugak on the substance of the meeting. Oklah tu...and i get to go to Singapore. Last time I was there was many MANY years ago..when we used to live in JB. Back in early 1980s.

And Kak Yah and I get to meet!! Wooohhoooo!!

OK...dah habis waktu off to fetch the girls. Tonite Mumsie has plans to cook! Macaroni soup!! wish me luck! hwahwahhuaaaaaa


Ina Noor said...

nak ikut?

presint 9! said...

makaroni soup.
sgt laa syedapp..
lama tak mkn!