Thursday, May 22, 2008

not much of singapore

Mumsie is in Singapore. Its 5 minutes to 11 pm and i'm still in the meeting!!! aaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh....

I've been in Singapore since Monday nite but has not managed to see much. Of course la me not here on holiday but still....

Meeting started on Tuesday but it lasted till 10 pm. Semalam was not so bad. We were free by 6 pm. So, met up with Kak Yah and Ina but we only managed to go to Bugis Street and this place called Clarke Quay. Highlight was that we were together!! Sorrylah Kak Yah, I couldn't really appreciate those places. Penat and ngantuk!

Hmmm...must come again. As tourist. then maybe can appreciate this country!
The infamous Singapore sale has started, menambah sakit di hati Mumsie, not that i can afford to shop laaaa...but still, it would be nice kalau dapat beli a blouse or 2...

the meeting does not look like its going to end any time soon. poor Ina is alllll by herself in the hotel room! And I donno whether I'll get a chance to say bye bye to Kak Yah tomorrow! Bak kata Ina...OH NOOO!!

p.s. the ICJ decision on Malaysia-Singapore dispute on Batu Putih will be out tomorrow...doakan kejayaan Malaysia, folks!

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