Saturday, May 3, 2008

Am in the mood...

to write...but am not quite sure what to write about...

About the girls? They're OK. Life has fallen into a comfortable routine...except when Mummy has to travel. But we still have not managed to get a maid! Bummer, really! So far, we're managing by getting some part time help from 2 Indonesian ladies (not at the same time) who comes and clean the house whenever I S.O.S them. Abah says they are sufficient as he is no longer used to have a "stranger" living with us. But Mumsie is still hoping for a permanent live-in maid. It makes a difference...coming home to a clean house and a messy house! It makes a wholllle lot of difference!

And I kesian the girls...Mumsie has not been all! I so malas to clean the kitchen! Excuse, I know..but i really get put off when I have to work in a kitchen I'm not in charge of..when I don't know where things are, etc. You see...Wan spends a lot of time in the kitchen and her standards (whatever that is) is much lower than I'd rather not cook for my family and let her rule in that space than going in there only to get irritated..know what i mean? No? Nevermind...people who knows the kind of relationship that I have with my own Mom would know...for those yang tak tahu..well, you're better off not knowing, believe me!

So, for a long time now, I've been rushing to buy lauk for the girls for their lunch (Wan masak nasi!) and dinner would also be at some shops/restaurants somewhere. Efficient, although not always cheap!

To be fair, I do cook on weekends...roughly about once a month! Coz, we are hardly at home during weekends. Ada-ada jer program nye!

But the other day, Kak Long said she wanted to eat cake and asked Mummy to bake one! I said I cannot be bothered and we have Secret Recipe in Alamanda which is practically 5 minutes away from home! She did continue complaining about me not cooking and baking anymore but finally agreed to Secret Recipe coz she can have 3 slices of different cakes at the same time! Again, efficient but not cheap!

By the way...the girls had just finished their monthly test. Sarah is proving that despite still facing difficulties to fit in, her studies are not affected. Alhamdulillah...Yang interesting nye..Kak Long claims she got first place in sekolah agama's tests...but she failed 1 or 2 papers. How laaaa? She's not in the last class, mind you! So, I wonder laa..bebudak yang dapat nombor over 10 or 20 tu camana laaaa markah diorang ek!

Ok...its wayyyy past midnite. I have a loooong day planned for tomorrow. Need to take the girls for a movie..been promising them since Labour Day (but Mummy was away at a course that day..but thats another that is not worth telling!). Then, need to iron 5300 pairs (sure feels like it!) of school uniforms and locate 300 pairs of matching socks! and kalau rajin (highly unlikely) will cook dinner!


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