Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tis Been Awhile!!

hasn't it? many a time i thot of just closing down this blog tapi sayang pulak. And LadyMarko and this person called geeHam who left their comments are proving that people still "visit" me. To them, i thank you.

But i also see a lot of other bloggers are also "slowing down" in their postings. Tak ghairah macam dulu and many are blaming Facebook and Twitter! I ada banyak excuse but malas is the main one. tapi hari ni macam ada mood sikit, so here I am. Am not sure what to tell, though.

Should i tell you about what i think about...

a) malaysian politics? I thinks its the pits. Sangat-sangat tidak bermaruah. The thing is, I think malaysian politics is the way it is now because the politicians are NOT listening to their voters!Yang dah menang, go and tukar2 party lar...resign lar...tak amanah namanya tu, kan? Then, the double standards - you can be an alcoholic and/or a gambler if you're with the pro-gomen side. But once you switch sides, you're deemed un-islamic, or worst - un-melayu! can arr like dat?

b) malaysian social woes - this i don't know what to think. It scares the hell out of me to think about it. kes buang babies...masuk pensil dalam kawan...lari beratus batu ke rumah boifren even when you're only 15...kes dera anak...tuang asid atas bini...S-C-A-R-Y, okey!

c) artis-artis malaysia? i think they are one of the contributing factors to the social woes in this country. All, except anuar zain. he's just too gorgeous to be bad! hahaha....

ok lah. dah masuk bab merepek ni. Nite nite peeps!

p.s. this post is dated 31 March coz i started it then but today is 22 April already! just a useless piece of info, fyi jer...