Wednesday, July 7, 2010


every working day i'll obsess about the coming weekend...especially those weekends where we have no particular plans...

i'll think about about going to out-of-our-way restaurants that i've been reading about in the newspapers...about getting together with my cousins...about cooking lunches and dinners for everybody...baking cakes, cookies...about watching movies after movies after movies...and watching TV all day long...inter alia.

Alas...there's only 48 hours in a weekend!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've been VERY lenient. I've let the girls watch alllll the TV they want. TV... the the car...yes, i've not been a good mommy.

But today I came home and declared a no-TV evening. KNgah fell asleep not 5 minutes after i impose the ban...KLong is just walking around mindlessly, playing with the kittens every now and then. Sarah is with the computer. Soraya is the only one reading...but reading her sisters' novel! sigghhhh...

Maybe its good for UPSR and PMR be done away with! Good for me...

Monday, July 5, 2010


Volunteered to go hear the PM this morning...apparently "transformasi" is the in thing in public governance today...PM was impressive enough though...he spoke off the cuff and all gung-ho about transformation and high performance. and i'm all...yeah, whatever!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

its just me...

wanting to say hello...wanting to just put something in this blog...

i had a good weekend. Dah lama tak dapat weekend macam ni..where we just chill around the house. i wished i had bothered to bake. i bought Golden Churn Butter coz Kitchen Guardian said it is good for baking. but that was the extent of it. Butter is still in the fridge.

actually i also bought cornflakes. Coz i had a crazy thought that i want to make cornflake cookies. so...thats on the agenda as well. next weekend...maybe.

actually watched a football game - Argentina vs Germany. simply because KNgah showed interest to watch that game. turns out she has a crush on Messi, the argentinian player. and turns out we enjoyed it. KNgah MEGA upset with the result, though. Haha..

actually, i get to watch quite a bit of TV this weekend. I loike...