Monday, April 20, 2009

Girlie trip down memory lane...

If you haunt Facebook on regular basis as I do, then you would also be busy re-visiting your past! Thats what i've been up to of late - catching up with friends from yonder years!!

Through FB, I found friends masa sekolah menengah dulu...those from Sultan Ibrahim Girls' School (famously known as SIGS-JB) and those from SMS Muar.

I was in SIGS in 1981-1983. then halfway through Form 4, i succumbed to social pressure to attend boarding school..hence the move to SMS Muar.

Bapak was a civil servant who gets moved around the country every 5 years or so...hence i grew up in Taiping..Kota Bharu...JB...and Kuantan and so i attended banyak sekolah - i went to 2 sekolah rendah and 3 sekolah menengah!!

But somehow, the best memories are of my days in SIGS. Perhaps thats why i can remember more of my SIGS-friends. SIGS was a happening school back then. It had the best school band which won competitions around the country! Ahhhh...i can still recall the girls twirling in their mini skirts...In Form 2, my classroom was next to the field where the band would practice...needless to say i spent considerable time being told to stand whilst lessons was going on - as punishment for being more interested in the band's moves than the teacher kat depan tu! ahhh...and the crush we used to have on the drum major...i remember Wan Jay...hehe!

Anyway...after months of getting re-acquainted via FB...these friends and I have been "reuniting". I went to JB a couple of weeks back and met up with some of them - Sha, Orr, Nurul and Wan. We even took time to visit the old school...

But the meeting was too short..and there were too few of us...and so another one took place last weekend. Gempaq punya cerita! About 16 of us turned up and most have not seen each other since we left school some 25-26 years ago!! Some brought old photos and Prema brought the old school magazines. Bergolek-golek seme orang ketawa tengok gambar zaman dulu-dulu!! We were all so nerdy and the 80s!!

Of course now most of us are a bunch of 42 year-old mums. Not so nerdy but definitely most of us has grown sideways! hahaha...Some had hardly change at all...some even wears the same hairstyle they've had since schooldays!! Like...OMG!!

Anyway..i'm ever so glad i found these girls again...and i hope this time we'll always be in touch..thank you FB!