Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cameron Highlands

Ni cerita yang dah agak basi...the weekend before I left for US, the gang and Maksu plus Wan went to Cameron Highlands! Not bad...we stayed at T$B banglo for their execs, courtesy of Maksu. Nice place..too bad we only stayed for a night!

We bertolak early2 (by Mumsie's standard!) Saturday morning. Singgah Burger King kat Sungai Buloh R&R for breakfast before heading straight to CH. Perrrggghhh...jauh rupanya CH ni! We arrived almost 5 hours after we left Putrajaya!!

After checking in (sesat a bit before that coz of missing signboards!). Then off to find food at a pasar malam close by. That was fun! We went ga-ga over the fresh vege...and bought loads of fried food...fried mushroom..fried shrimps...fried sotong...more fried mushroom...and of course, strawberries! Including those dipped in chocolate sauce. And we ate everything whilst walking around!

Pas tu we decided its still early so we went off looking for this Teh Boh shop that sells tea and scone. That was gooodddd...sipping masala tea (that started off great but became too masala-ish as it gets cooler...) and ate scones with cream and jam by the tea trees...nice.....

Balik..penat so terus tidur! hahaha....ok...ok...i'm sure maksu wants me to tell what really happened...Balik the banglo, Abah and Mumsie went straight to bed whilst Maksu and Wan had to layan the kids, including making them dinner coz they became hungry again before going to bed!! hahahahaha....oopsss, ok, not funny!

Esoknya ...we lepak2 and left for home by about 11 am. Singgah beli t-shirts for everyone then singgah another Boh shop for another round of teh (this time we stick to good old teh tarik!) and scones. Then singgah Lata Iskandar..wajib for the girls...its a waterfall, by the way! Wajib because we promised the girls and wajib coz adik muntah all over me minutes before we reached that place! eewwwww!!

Then singgah Tapah for lunch and terus balik Putrajaya...phew!! I leave this posting with gambar Kak Long and Mak Su enjoying scones and homemade choc cake on our way home...


Abah and his Obama T-shirt from Washington

Abah turned 40 today!! Happy Birthday Abah...Sarah suns it up for the sisters when she wrote on the card : "I'm glad I have you as a father...." haiyya...so jiwang one my kids!

According to Abah, today has been his best birthday ever! Waaaa...we try...
Pagi was spent with Mumsie...pegi breakfast at our favourite tosai shop..then went to Serenity Spa for some pampering...then OldTown White Coffee kat cyberjaya for some yummy curry mee for lunch. The girls ponteng sekolah ugama, using the emotional excuse nak celebrate Abah's birthday lah kononnya...
Anyways, Abah bought their plea..and we spent the rest of the day kat Sunway Pyramid...just jalan2 coz no dough to spend (belum gaji laaa...so Abah's birthday present had to wait! hehe..sedih jer!) but we did have dinner at Abah's fav place - TGI Friday! We had the staff singing for him when they bring out the desert! hehe...
All in all... a day well spent, i thought. Its a working day for everybody else so we didn't have to queue for nothing...Sunway was as good as deserted. There wasn't a single person queueing at J-Co!!
So...happy brithday my sweet baby! Hope we'll share many more days like this!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Abe Lincoln

On the last nite Mumsie was in DC, I went to see Abe. Awesome!

On my way home...

Yeay!! Mumsie now kat airport Taipei. Donno what its called officially. Who cares! point being, in about 5-6 hours Mumsie will get to see my babies!! Double yeay!

It has been a loooonnnngggggg week! Meeting the Americans have been particularly taxing! Diorang ingat kita gullible. Unfortunately, there are Members in our delegation who gives them justification to think so! sigghhhh...

So far travel home is OK. FLite from DC to LA was on time although Mumsie macam orang giler mengangkut bag coz i kept getting into the wrong lanes to check in! Rasa da nak nangis takut terlepas flight!

LA to Taipei ni of course la OK..naik MAS and as government official dapat naik Biz Class. So tersangatlah comfortable nye...well, as far as comfort in travelling laa..I mean, how comfortable can you get in a plane, right?! and I also believe, bcoz the trip this time took sooooooo long (siket lebih kurang 24 jam tak termasuk waiting time kat airports!!) Mumsie has somewhat overcome my fear of flying! I remember thinking tadi when the plane bergoncang-goncang: hiyya...nak jatuh, jatuhlaaaaa...its probably the penatness+i- sooo-need-a-shower spur of the moment kinda thoughts laaaa...

After all that is said and done...must admit that i liked Washington. Wouldn't mind living there, actually! hehe... jom pindah, Bah!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dresses from India

My anak2 dara melaram....

Message for Superwomanwannabe

Just to wish you SELAMAT MAJU JAYA in your new adventure....and much CONGRATULATIONS for the brave and very smart move.

Can apply keje kat you tak?

The White House

Lunch tadi, a couple of mat salleh took my bozz and I out to lunch and as we walked, we passed the belakang of the White House. Mumsie sungguh teruja!!

Hopefully i'll have time to see the front part....hehehe...

teeny: Mumsie mungkin dah tak sempat ke factory outlet. Kalau kat High Street punya shop may be can tapi harga cam USD 200 above laaaa...next time, K (chewah...macam la akan dihantar for more meetings ke sini! ).

Iks: nak DVD apa? itupun mak teh cannot promise, OK. My meetings last until late everyday but hopefully i'll have some time on Friday before flying home, OK!

p.s. I had an interesting conversation petang tadi. This guy came up to me and asked: Puan, were you a magistrate before? I said yes la, of course and as I had suspected, he said: you know...i pernah kena marah by you dulu...masa i chambering and doing legal aid matters kat court!

hahaha...small world kan! That guy is now a diplomat here in DC...tomorrow must find out his name. tadi lupa nak tanya.

I also saw George York at his office. Remember last Ramadhan I wrote that I went to his farewell party kat Geneva? Anyways...it was good to meet someone that has that Geneva connection. Both of us was going on and on and on about how much we miss Geneva and the people back there!

But you know what...right now Mumsie is aching from missing my girls.....and Abah....rasa dah lama nya tak jumpa diorang....sob sob.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Washington DC

Yeap...Mumsie's in DC! After berjam-jam berada dalam aeroplane! I've never hated travelling so much! maybe orang kata "waaa...best nyer..asyik dapat jalan2 jer...." (ada ker orang kata cam tu?) tapi sebenarnye kan...walaupun best tapi agak menyeksakan! Dahla sebelum nak pergi tu kena berhempas pulas prepare all kinds of opinions and position papers, then kena naik plane berjam-jam (to get to DC, I flew 18 hours to get to LA, kena tunggu kat LA airport almost 10 jam sebab too tired to keluar jalan2 then another 5 hours plane ride ke DC ni! I was lucky weather was OK. Some colleagues sangkut their plane cannot land in DC yesterday due to very bad storm so their plane had to turn back to New York! kalau i dalam plane tu sure dah panic station!), then balik nanti kena prepare report berjela-jela!! so..tak derlah glamer sangat sebenarnye!!

But OK laaa...lets be honest...best gak laaa dapat datang DC ni. This is my first ever trip ke US of A ni. So, teruja gak laa. I like DC. Very cosy...trees lined the streets so its really redup. Rumah2 dia pun cantik-cantik...just like we always see on TV.

I arrived on Sunday morning DC time. Lepas freshen up i joined rombongan to this factory outlet called Leesburgh Corner (rasanya laa) where allllll the women went on a frenzy buying COACH handbags!! Too cheap apparently! Am proud to say that I was NOT one of those women. I was thinking my handbags yang i beli masa kat Geneva dulu tak habis pakai lagi. And plus...me thinking COACH is not all that great coz semua and I mean SEMUA orang pakai COACH ...ori or not is another story ...but it is sooooo common even in Malaysia. So instead, I went to buy OshKosh stuff for Soraya, Tommy Hilfiger and GAP Tees for K.ngah and Sarah and Guess Jeans for K.Long and Lacoste for Abah (they are soooo gonna love me!hehe!). Ohhh and some Aigner stuff (read: a work bag and a pair of shoes!) for me (mucccchhhhh cheaper than COACH okeyyyyyy! eh, why am I justifying me-self???). Now, tinggal nak cari some Hannah Montana stuff for the girls.

Today start meeting...with bullies, if i can say that! siggghhhhh...penat arr...
Oklah..gotta go back to doing my daily report (see...banyak keje tau!!).
Will write again soon!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Taj Mahal

Mumsie went to India last week and guess what? what? Abah came with me this time!!! Yeap...

My meeting was in New Delhi so we went 2 days early to jalan-jalan honeymooning..hehehe...

we went to Taj Mahal of course!

But must tell you that the trip to Agra was like taking part in the Amazing Race! We were booked with this tour bus but they gave us an olllllddd bus! So old that it leaked when it rained in Agra! Then, it was so old that a 4 hour trip took 7 hours for us!! Penat gilerrrr! Kinda took the excitement of seeing Taj Mahal away for a bit!

About 5 minutes before we reached Agra, it rained like its never rained before (well..apparently it never rained like that in summer before! Apparently this is India's coolest summer ever! hmmm...). So much so that the bus had to go through a minor flood and we had to jump on boxes from the bus to get to a restaurant for lunch!!

Alls well that ends well, i suppose. After Agra, we went back to Delhi (arrived at 2 am!!) and spent the next day saree shopping!! yeay! happiness is restored! The shop we went to is in the middle of this famous place called Babu Market in Sarojini Nagar. The shop is so familiar with Malaysian shoppers that the owner and helper could speak Malay and they accept RM! Cool, eh! So cool that i spent my entire month's salary in that place!!!

Then, my meetings started and Abah balik Malaysia...end of story...hehehe!