Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The White House

Lunch tadi, a couple of mat salleh took my bozz and I out to lunch and as we walked, we passed the belakang of the White House. Mumsie sungguh teruja!!

Hopefully i'll have time to see the front part....hehehe...

teeny: Mumsie mungkin dah tak sempat ke factory outlet. Kalau kat High Street punya shop may be can tapi harga cam USD 200 above time, K (chewah...macam la akan dihantar for more meetings ke sini! ).

Iks: nak DVD apa? itupun mak teh cannot promise, OK. My meetings last until late everyday but hopefully i'll have some time on Friday before flying home, OK!

p.s. I had an interesting conversation petang tadi. This guy came up to me and asked: Puan, were you a magistrate before? I said yes la, of course and as I had suspected, he said: you know...i pernah kena marah by you dulu...masa i chambering and doing legal aid matters kat court!

hahaha...small world kan! That guy is now a diplomat here in DC...tomorrow must find out his name. tadi lupa nak tanya.

I also saw George York at his office. Remember last Ramadhan I wrote that I went to his farewell party kat Geneva? was good to meet someone that has that Geneva connection. Both of us was going on and on and on about how much we miss Geneva and the people back there!

But you know what...right now Mumsie is aching from missing my girls.....and Abah....rasa dah lama nya tak jumpa diorang....sob sob.....

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Zulaikha said...

If you have time, try Walmart. This DVD. About $20.

Thank you.