Sunday, July 20, 2008

Abe Lincoln

On the last nite Mumsie was in DC, I went to see Abe. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

so, you like WDC...wait til you get to the factory outlets. that leesburg corner tu is nothing compared to the ones an hour or two driving distance away. i can tell you right now USA has the best factory outlets in the world!!
of course, the journey there is way too long...but it was worth it, kan? imagine ika was only 2 mths old at the time when we went there!
anyway, hope you'll get to go there again and perhaps then you'd be able to go to the factory outlets.

if only you had agreed to go to USA when i invited you way back then....kak tam

Anonymous said...

btw, maybe you could have the gals wear their indian dresses for bbq dinner nanti??? we all so much like to see them...kak tam