Sunday, July 6, 2008

Taj Mahal

Mumsie went to India last week and guess what? what? Abah came with me this time!!! Yeap...

My meeting was in New Delhi so we went 2 days early to jalan-jalan honeymooning..hehehe...

we went to Taj Mahal of course!

But must tell you that the trip to Agra was like taking part in the Amazing Race! We were booked with this tour bus but they gave us an olllllddd bus! So old that it leaked when it rained in Agra! Then, it was so old that a 4 hour trip took 7 hours for us!! Penat gilerrrr! Kinda took the excitement of seeing Taj Mahal away for a bit!

About 5 minutes before we reached Agra, it rained like its never rained before (well..apparently it never rained like that in summer before! Apparently this is India's coolest summer ever! hmmm...). So much so that the bus had to go through a minor flood and we had to jump on boxes from the bus to get to a restaurant for lunch!!

Alls well that ends well, i suppose. After Agra, we went back to Delhi (arrived at 2 am!!) and spent the next day saree shopping!! yeay! happiness is restored! The shop we went to is in the middle of this famous place called Babu Market in Sarojini Nagar. The shop is so familiar with Malaysian shoppers that the owner and helper could speak Malay and they accept RM! Cool, eh! So cool that i spent my entire month's salary in that place!!!

Then, my meetings started and Abah balik Malaysia...end of story...hehehe!

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Superwomanwannabe said...

Ohoo honeymoon ye...the pose depan tajmahal is fantastic!

Apa yang borong tu sampai habih gaji tudia!