Monday, June 16, 2008


Sorrylah lambat sehari but....Happy fathers day...
To the best dad in the whole wide world!! To quote Sarah..."I love you from the bottom of my heart!" And to quote K.Ngah..hooray for:

S - so slim
O - only 40 years old
F - fun forever
I - In love with Mommy
A - A finance Manager
N - Never mad (sometimes!)

But the one done in Geneva was better:

S - sweet to his children
O - Of course bald
F - Funny all the time
I - Incredible father
A - A great husband
N - Need for a shave!!

So, Abah...we thank you for you...for all your patience and kindness..for taking care of alllllll of us...May ALLAH swt bless you always! Mumsie luurrrrvvveeees you!
And Bapak...I miss you...always!

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