Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I so need to Diet

I always ingat kata-kata Garfield...DIET is die with T! How true...

Mumsie's been trying to go on a diet. I need to lose some weight..nothing fits anymore! On good days, i succeed but more often than not, I succumb to the calling of carbs and fried food!! how laaaaa?

Reminds me of a conversation I had with the girls after i met a lady who used to go to school with me wayyyyyyy back in 1970s.

Girls: Sapa tu Mummy?
Mumsie: believe it or not, that lady and I used to go to sekolah rendah together!
Girls (not sure which one): and she still can recognize you?
Mumsie: yeap! goes to show I haven't changed much!
Kak Ngah: you mean...you were fat then as well??????

end of story...so, can you see the dilemma i'm in? i so need to diet...i so need to diet...i so need to diet............

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Zulaikha said...

fwahahahahahahahahahahahah xD