Thursday, June 12, 2008

P Ramlee The Musical

Yeap...we were among the hip people who managed to go see this oh-so-awesome show!!! Malangnya my camera's batteries decided to die as soon as we got there so, I have only the above picture to share with y'all. Thats me sis with none other than Datuk Zahim Albakri! After i took the photo, i went to shake his hand and told him : "Congratulations, Datuk. We haven't seen it but I'm sure its great! Well done!" He said : "Errr..thanks! Enjoy the show!" Then Mootz the sis said: "He didn't direct it this time lah!!" Laaaaa....patutla the blur on his face! Or rather the 'what-the-fish-is-this-woman-blabbering-about' on his face!!

Anyways, the show....where do i start?? Tersangat-sangat menghiburkan! Make me want to jump on stage and join the dance! Make me want to know P.Ramlee!! Musly Ramlee was so real! I love the way he sang and dance. Sebijik macam P.Ramlee! Everyone said Musly did great in the show but I wonder...will he only be great as P.Ramlee?

The wives...they were beautiful! But honestly, Liza Hanim at some point looked like a bapuk! badan dia cam muscular sikit and rambut dia tak cantik! But her singing...woww! Melissa Saila, her part I thought cam over acting but i love the dresses she wore!

The set...i was totally gobsmacked impressed!! The train...the double decker so impressed! After the show, we hung around and saw Datin Seri Tiara and her husband so, we joined the line to congratulate them. Must say, the Datuk Seri very the charming! very the soft spoken one!

Ohkeyy with all that is said and done..let me confess - I've always thought P.Ramlee is overrated!! Alamak, don't laa marah me..everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right? So, I've always thought his movies wasn't all that great. its no longer funny, except for some scenes in some of the movies. I've never understood why my Bapak and now my Abah are so gung-ho over his movies. I can understand the love for his songs, those are good but his movies?? Abah and his side of the family loves those movies. they would recite the dialogue with the characters and roll around laughing everytime. EVERY time!!

But after watching PRTM, i'm now curious about this man. This so-called Malay genius of all time. perhaps i'll start watching his movies now...i certainly want to watch Penarik Beca!


Anonymous said...

Hi Muzal! I saw the first one yg that half mat salleh jadi P.Ramlee (forgot his name). It was also very good then but I'm sure it's better this time. Dulu, part P.Ramlee dgn Azizah (Siti) macam tak ada chemistry.


ina bes said...

auntiiiiiiiiiii. tu la melissa saila tu haruslah agak over kan kan kaaaan? cam.. eh eh perlu ke? gitu.

Anonymous said...

Know what.. I went again on the extended day ie Sunday nite to accompany Abg Aris who received 2 complimentary tickets.We sat at the lower upper tier so had a great view of the stage esp during the split stage scene....awesome
Strange I still enjoyed the show.Tiara appeared briefly on stage after the PRamlee/Saloma bench scene.,reprising the bench scene as the curtain closed to cheers from the audience

mumsie said...

hey time jom double date! lama tak jumpa you all!

mumsie said...

Kak Dor! Am officially jelessssss..ika and I was actually talking (merely talking tho..) about going again!! her ma shot the idea down!