Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mumsie is....(post ala facebook)

1. Feeling really sorry for Abby Abadi. Kesian dia kan!? Am sooo rooting for her to get rid of that no good SOB who had the cheek to say things like "I need Abby sebagai pembakar semangat saya and I need Memey sebagai penyelamat hidup saya!" PENYELAMAT??? PENYELAMAT??? Ladies and gentleman, if you ask me..inilah dia contoh terbaik lelaki thinking through the brains in between his legs!

2. Feeling guilty coz i'm yet to put up a post on Kak Long and MAksu's birthday. It was last week - 28 October. We had a couple of celebrations but malas nak write about it and very the laze to post pixes..can?

3. finding out that she doesn't care that Obama is the new President. Boleh ker rimau belang menukar belangnya?

4. beginning to get back the feeling of dread..bitchy bozz is coming to work tomorrow! Its been bliss the last 3 days without her!!

5. signing off...wanna go watch CSI!

Ciao good!

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Anonymous said...

Muzal, I pun kesiaaann kat Abby tu, dah le baru habis pantang, nasib tak meroyan. I also think they should divorcelah..Because there are men like these, I'm telling my daughters that they have to study hard so that they can be financially independant in the future.

Obama is a damn good public speaker, I had goose bumps just listening to him.

Have a good day!