Thursday, September 18, 2008


Why, you ask?

1. Mumsie's kitchen is clean and almost 80 % organized the way Mumsie wants it organized! Nooo...i didn't do it myself! Rather, Seri the cleaner came today so, Mumsie mengarah ajer laaaaa...

2. Tengok kitchen dah clean, terus tak nak masak! hehe..sayanggg...nanti messy balik, kan! So, Mumsie berjaya pujuk Abah to berbuka kat Penang House kat Alamanda!! First time kitorang buka kat kedai! Teruja la jugak. Buffet for 39++ for adults. Kak Long cost me 29++ whilst adik-adik dia dapat makan free coz the Manager recognized us as regular customers!! Bless her! Makanan nye..OK-OK jer. Nothing to shout about. But the Penang Fried Kuetiaw was da bomb! Syiok beb!

3. Semalam Nuzul Quran. So, Selangor cuti. So, Abah tak keje. So, Mumsie pun took leave. And we partake in our favourite pastime whilst the girls were at school! We went furniture shopping!!! I can almost hear Mak SU sighing...hehehe. Anyvays...we bought this:

Yup! Its a recliner comfy and soft! Idaman kalbu bebs! Da lama Mumsie mengidam this chair! Its now parked in our bedroom, facing the TV! yeay!! Never mind that it means that it is smacked in the middle of the room! We told the kids, they have to pay if they want to sit on it. RM1 each time. So far, only Sarah has paid and sat. HAHAHAHA!!! doesn't take much to make Mumsie damn happy!

p.s. the girls got a new cat. A kitten called Spot. Picked him (yes, according to them its a "he". Mumsie's taking their word for it. I'm not gonna check!) up kat rumah Nek Busu in Melaka...anyways, here's Spot who is not spotty at all...

Apparently we're not supposed to take picture of cats. It shortens their life. Apparently thats one of the reasons why Koko ke???


muzakiah said...

HONesssssssssstttttttly..there's still space to walk in the house meh..

bangkai said...


Your recliner looks really super comfy.

ina bes said...

mamsie awat kejam do'oh kena bayar nak duduk situ. tsk *sedih*