Friday, September 5, 2008


its been a while huh! Bukannya tak der idea...Mumsie ada banyaaaaakkkk idea to blog about tapi the procrastinator that I am (ya..ya..blame it on the disease!).'s pretty much what we've been up to:


Sarah turned seven on Wednesday, 3rd September! Dah besar dah Domok Abah ni!!

Since it fell on the 3rd day of puasa, we didn't celebrate much (but we will this weekend, Insya ALLAH). First we allowed her to skip school (not politically correct, i know but its a damn economical birthday present, i tell you!!). But she slept so much that she woke up with a headache. So bad apparently that Wan made her buka puasa (she has been so good! with the exception of that day, she has been fasting! we are soo proud!!). Then, petang Abah bought a couple of cupcakes. Abah beli 2 aje, takut tak habis. True enough, the 5 of them could not even finish one! Satu lagi pass kat Angeli sebelah rumah!

So Sarah my baby, here's Mummy wishing you all the beautiful things in will always be my baby ... and of course, Abah's Domok!

2. Soraya

Baby Mumsie yang satu lagi ni dah pandai baca!!! yeay!! she is sooooo cute when she reads! she pronounced every "pa-pannnn", "i-kannnn", "da-tukkk", "ba-tukkkk". get what I mean?

3. Trip to Kuantan

Last weekend we finally made the trip back to Kuantan. Mainly, to visit my Bapak. Its been more than 3 years since we last visited him. Anak2 pun dah lupa. we went on a rainy Saturday to Kuantan. Convoy ngan Mak Su. Siap lumba-lumba lagi on the hi-way...dangerous, i know but it was fun! and bukanlaa lumba macam F1 tu...tak de cilok2 sesapa pun...masa tu it was just us during the stretch and we were within the speed limit!! And at one point of time, we saw the rainbow...cantekkkk...

Sampai Kuantan dah petang, we went straight to Cousin Zizi's place to rest and spend the night. Yang interestingnya, Abang Zizi ni ada 4 sons, ages between 14 to 7 years old! lambat la the girls nak "connect". In fact, esok nye dah nak balik barulah ada tegur sikit-sikit! Malu lah konon! But at least, they complied bila kena "paksa" amik gambar togeder-geder!

After the photo session and yummy nasik lemak, we took off to Bapak's resting place. GOD, I miss him! Couldn't stop my tears for all the guilt of not visiting hin often enough. Silently spoke to him, hoping that he would understand and hoping that he can somehow share the "kesenangan" of our lives and somehow wishing that he could see my girls coz, if he can, I'm sure he is very proud of them...come 13 Syawal, it would be 8 years. Such is life, huh. Dari Allah swt kita datang, and to HIM we return to...But it doesn't mean I miss him any less...Moga roh Bapak aman dan ada bersama roh orang-orang yang beriman. ALfatihah...

OK..ok..enough sentimental know (of course you don't so i tell you K), on our way out from the tanah perkuburan, I saw a man collecting earth from the top of a kinda new grave into a bottle. Curiousity got the better of me that I had to approach him to ask what exactly was he doing. Dia sempat cerita itu kubur father dia who just passed away. Since the passing of his dad, apparently he suffers from "semput", especially when he talks about arwahnya. So, ada orang (donno la bomoh ke, sapa) suruh dia mandi air and tanah from the grave!! Can you believe that?? For the water, he kept a bottle of water by the grave overnight. He came that morning to pick up the water and earth. Wow...kan?

Anyhooo..for us, from the grave we went to our old house. Its in a sorry state since it has been "abandoned" for a good number of years. Mak SU has plans for the house apparently. Since it is hers now, we'll just have to trust her...but I must say that the lawn is very well maintained coz MAk SU hires people to clean up the outside once a month. Even the old buai is still around. Kak Long and Kak Ngah still remember the time they spent on that swing....ahhh..precious memories!

From there, we went off to look for lunch and settled at a makan-makan corner by the river...

We drove back to Putrajaya that same afternoon. It was too short a visit. We didn't get to enjoy Kuantan. We didn't even get to go to Teluk Cempedak!! So, definitely must go back for longer time soon. And I did promise Bapak, I'd come and visit him more regularly after this....

We balik cepat coz Abah insisted on welcoming Ramadhan in our own home, katanya. He wants to start terawikh kat tempat sendiri katanya. Teruja to sembahyang terawikh kat masjid after 3 years katanya....ok lah tu...

Speaking of Ramadhan...its been OK for us. The girls, this time Sarah included, are fasting. and bangun sahur without much complain although Sarah makes some sobbing noise masa mula-mula tu! hehe..

Waktu buka pun OK-OK jer...Wan will cook 1 or 2 lauk. Mumsie also tries to cook at least 1 dish and Abah got the duty to go to the Pasar Ramadhan to find kueh and the likes. So far, tak delah membazir sangat coz we cook and/or buy small portions and budak2 pun tak delah mintak macam2. Except maybe masa 1st day. They followed Abah to the shop and came home with kueh and murtabaks. Then Kak Ngah followed Mak SU to pasar ramadhan and came back with yong tau foo and ice blended coffee!!! we had to throw away quite a bit of left over the next day!

Semalam i took the girls to McDonalds. Sarah ordered Fish burger and bubur nasi! and in the end she couldn't finish the burger! geram betul! tapi i teringat last year we berbuka kat McD Geneva. Spent CHF100 on fish burgers and fried shrimps and apple pies! thats almost RM300!! semalam I spent RM30 on a double cheese burger, 2 fish fillets, 3 bubur nasi and chicken nuggets! Betapa laaa mahalnya McD kat Geneva tu, ek!

What has Mumsie been cooking? Nothing exciting...masak lemak udang...masak assam ikan...and 2 days ago i made kerabu mangga, made from mangga plucked from the pokok depan rumah Kuantan! ok gakk Mummy's kerabu (thanks to myperiukbelanga's recipee!) but tak leh challenge lagi kerabu si Yati!!

Tomorrow we're inviting Mak Tam and some cousins to buka puasa and celebrate Sarah's birthday. Am still thinking about the menu...and tengah tunggu Abah balik from masjid so that we can go to Pasar Borong Serdang to get supply! best..i love shopping for food!

Oklah...dah panjang lebar ni...Oh, last story..Koko V is pregnant!! and i think dah menunggu hari nak beranak!! She is sooooo large and could hardly move, except when she's hungry!! SO, i leave this posting now with the latest pix of Koko...


yati said...

mumsie.. betulke tak leh lawan my kerabu mangga :) see that u r having a fine Ramadhan time at home. I miss Bazar Ramadhan and those variety of foods that our heart desire... now am craving for ABC... huh..

ina bes said...

panjang gils entry. khusyuk hokeh mak baca. haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! may u get all the happiness in the world, n always be under Allah swt's blessing. kak ina misses yuh!