Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its been 19 days...

into 2010...so?

So...nothinglah! haha...routine macam biasa..hantar anak-anak gi sekolah...pegi keje...balik..makan...tidur...sembahyang in between, but of course! :-)

Updates on school going small people -

KakLong is in secondary school already! She pakai tudung - it makes her look 17! She seems to enjoy herself. Macam-macam cerita about her new teachers and new subjects. Nampak macam banyak homework coz she's always writing...haha!

KakNgah...am not quite sure how she's doing. I know she damn frust tak dapat jadi Head Prefect or Assistant Head. She voiced her disappointment in her FB status - her teacher saw it and apparently she got ticked off. hmm..i'm not acting on that although i rasa the teacher should take it easy lah kan. KakNgah was merely expressing her feelings. Apa salahnya, kan?! But then...sapa suruh KakNgah berFB ngan cikgu-cikgu dia, kan?!

Sarah - has been made Pengawas Pusat Sumber!! wooohooo! she looks damn cool in the uniform! so the responsible looking! My Sarah is slowly but surely growing up to be a young lady!

Soraya - where do I begin? Generally she's enjoying school. I think. We discovered a week after school opens that she can't write properly! her handwriting is soooooo buruk! Rupanya selama ni in all her cleverness to write and communicate with people was via the computer's keyboard!! We never imagined that she couldn't write! haha! and last nite to this morning she nangis tak nak gi sekolah. I asked why. She said coz "Cikgu Jabarali marah adik..*sob*sob*coz adik conteng meja....*sob*" So, i told her to calm down and that its a small matter but she sobbed even more coz "conteng tu banyak!!!" haiyyyaaaaaaa...apparently the crying continued in school sampaikan alllll her friends kena tolong dia bersih kan meja dia. But she later proudly told me: "Adik dah explain kat Cikgu Jabarali that most of the conteng was already there before i sat at the table!"

Habis satu episode....

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