Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making bread

A couple of months back Mumsie beli breadmaker yang macam dalam gambar nih! It is sooooo cool! I first got the idea when i found this blog - - a blog owned by this person who calls himself Mat Gebu. He has a lot of yummy recipes, including various recipes to make bread which he makes easy by suggesting the use of breadmaker to deal with the dough.

It is indeed! you just dump all the ingredients in the breadmaker and an hour and a half later...voila! bread dough is alllll ready for you to shape into shapes you want! not much effort nor khudrat needed! hehe.

Cuma, bread takes a long time to make. after the 1.5 hours in the breadmaker, you'll spend about 10-15 minutes to shape them..then you have to let them be for another 1 hour to allow the dough to rise...lepas tu baru boleh bakar for about 20 minutes. So all in all lebih 3 jam!

Anyways, i've made a few batches of this roti naik - apparently its johor's version of plain roti manis. Sometimes i tabur gula and sometimes i tabur shredded cheese on top of them buns before i bake them. THe children loves them either way!

and i've made sausage rolls too!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. while blogwalking through other blogs, suddenly your blog popped up. wish you happy blogging ok

mumsie said...

Thank you, Anonymous. Kembang i...first time ada orang kata they like my blog!

Anonymous said...

makteh next time i come over i want that sugar bread ok...